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Business Marketing & Sales
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How to Build a Business While Learning Your Craft

I got some great gems of knowledge from this class, and now I have a much clearer direction in which to steer my time, energy and ultimately my business. Megan is a very knowledgeable and engaging teacher.

— Jodi Dunbar


Optimize Your Online Store

Wow! I bought this class on a whim and didn't expect to get as much out of it as I did. It is to the point, filled with really good information and presented really well. I am so glad I got it. We are about to redo our website and I feel a lot more confident about doing it right now.

— a CreativeLive Student


Set Your Income Goals and Revenue Strategy

As a new seller, I didn't know where to start on planning a revenue strategy. Megan provides simple formulas that help you plan for the year but also for your future big business income goals. She pushes you to see your potential and to make action plans so you will reach your goal!

— Sunim Chambers


How to Build a Successful Creative Blog

Finished this course yesterday and I am feeling enthusiastic about blogging again. April is a wonderful speaker, has tons of insight and knowledge and I'm so thankful that she has shared all of it with us.

— catandraven


Bookeeping for Crafters

Lauren's engaging manner and clear explanations have FINALLY converted me from someone who hides from her business numbers to someone who loves diving in to her business ledger. I have bought apps that claimed to be able to do this but they didn't work for me. This course did the trick!

— Lisa Firke