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Basics of Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with Jason Hoppe

I really enjoyed this class! Jason is an engaging teacher with a clear and concise way of explaining how to use this software. I have been on a mission to teach myself Illustrator and the Illustrator portion of this class really clarified some concepts I was still finding a bit confusing. This class is worth the time and money.

— Amy Sharpe


Color Fundamentals with Mary Jane Begin

I had previously learned basic color theory, but this instructor took my knowledge beyond with layered instruction about value-contrast-complements-hierarchy, etc., and she does it in such a fun way with her own examples of work and great stories! I like her poise and confidence and think this series is a terrific value.

— Robin B.


Thinking Like a Book Designer with Bierut & Helfand

It was a surreal experience! My favorite part of the class has to be when Jessica and Michael interviewed other artists about their books, with a very in-depth analysis on their design choices and process. After seeing Michael explain his design process for his book, I bought it after the class was done. Definitely worth the money for the lesson, and will be back for more!

— Sonny Pham


File Formats Explained: Everything You Need to Know with Jason Hoppe

Amazing amount of industry relevant and practical information! Great delivery.

— Khadijah Abdul-Nabi