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Take risk off the table as quickly as possible.

-James Altucher, on protecting your downside

James Altucher’s story is by turns heartbreaking and inspiring. He’s an entrepreneur, chess master, best-seller writer and host of three high ranking podcasts, but what makes him so compelling isn’t his many successes: it’s his many failures and the candor in which he speaks about them. In a climate where so many of us do everything we can to polish out any chinks in our armor and paint a portrait of ourselves as flawless uber-humans, James presents himself as we all really are-- very human and very flawed.

The best lessons are often learned the hard way, and James shares his many lessons learned on his candid, quirky and personal blog The Altucher confidential (with over 25 million readers), in his 17 books (including WSJ and USA Today best-sellers: The Power of No and the motivational self published WSJ bestseller: Choose Yourself) and on his podcasts "The James Altucher Show" and "Question of the Day" together with Stephen J. Dubner (co-author of Freakonomics).

Chase welcomes James to 30 Days of Genius to talk about the habits that serve us and the habits that stifle us.

About 30 Days Of Genius

In this free video series, renowned photographer and CreativeLive Founder Chase Jarvis joins 30 of the brightest creative and entrepreneurial minds of our time for inspiring and informative interviews.

30 Days of Genius unlocks the big thinking and breakthroughs that allowed these geniuses to break the mold, with the goal of igniting the genius inside you.

You'll hear from Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Levar Burton, Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, and 22 more gamechanging geniuses.

The 4-Hour Life

with Tim Ferriss

Learn how to become world-class
in anything (in 6 months or less)

It’s no secret that today’s economy is moving faster every day. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, if you can’t pick up new skills and put them into practice overnight, you’ll fall behind those who can.

Arguably the most important skill of all is learning how to learn, and Tim Ferriss has spent a decade building a framework for exactly that.

Whether it’s learning a language, cooking optimal meals, or building a business, “The 4 Hour Life” will teach you how to lean ANY complex skill in the fewest possible steps.

If you’ve ever said “I wish I knew how to _____, but I don’t have time” then you need this class!

You'll learn:

  • Tim’s 4-step "Meta-Learning" process that he’s used to master everything from writing to jiu-jitsu to marketing
  • How to become functionally fluent in any language in 90 days (seriously!) by choosing the 1200 words that are used the most often
  • The “4-Hour Body” approach to fitness and nutrition, including workout tips from mobility expert Kelly Starrett
  • Author Neil Strauss’ method for deconstructing and optimizing the creative process (the same method he’s used to write NYT bestsellers with the likes of Motley Crue and Marilyn Manson)
  • A step-by-step framework for learning any physical activity, as taught by Dave Camarillo (trainer of many UFC champions)
  • How to validate your business idea using the techniques Noah Kagan learned at Facebook and honed as the founder of AppSumo

Words of Wisdom

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