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DIY Stamp Making

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Stamp Making

How to Make a Stamp

Stamps are a versatile craft that can be used to accent everything from professional documents, letterheads and envelopes, to scrapbooks and children’s craft projects. Depending on your needs there are a number of ways to make a stamp:

  • Use a Template: If you’re new to stamp making, you can start with a template. Simply find a design you like, or create it yourself in Photoshop.
  • Draw and Carve: Draw something completely unique directly onto rubber and then carve.
  • Mixed Media Stamps: Find unique shapes or textures and use them as stamps. This is a fun way to incorporate stamps into children’s art projects.
  • Design Online: If you’re a graphic designer looking for a refined design with clean edges for your logo or letterhead, you can design your stamp with an online vendor.

How to make a rubber stamp in four easy steps:

  1. Draw or stencil your design onto a rubber carving block.
  2. Refine your drawing by completing lines, creating a defined pattern to carve.
  3. Using a set of linoleum cutters, carefully cut out the lines of your design. Remove negative spaces where you don’t want ink transfer to occur.
  4. Apply ink to your stamp and test. Refine edges and detailing as needed.

How to make a stamp without carving

  1. Buy foam letters, animals and shapes from your local craft store.
  2. Using glue, mount them to any object that’s easy to hold. For small hands, we recommend wooden blocks or empty M&M Mini’s containers.
  3. Apply ink and let the fun begin!