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10 Best Productivity Apps to Organize Your Life

by Alexa Albanese
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Life is sometimes messy. Staying organized and on track with your goals can be a daily struggle.

It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting anything done if all of your information is scattered across different email addresses, notebooks, and online tools.

Luckily, there are thousands (millions?) of apps designed to help you increase your productivity. Productivity expert and CreativeLive instructor Ari Meisel has an incredible system of apps that he uses to streamline just about every aspect of his life.

Ari, a huge fan of using IFTTT (If This, Then That), which allows you to build custom workflows and let your apps communicate with each other, shares, “apps allow you to automate so much of your life, that you can simply set it and forget it.”

Now, finding the right app to help organize your life can be just as stressful and time consuming as the actual organization part.

Our goal is to help you be as successful and productive as possible, so we’ve put together this handy list of 10 apps to help organize your life.


1. EverNote.

EverNote is the reigning king of productivity and its potential runs deep, no matter if it’s just you or an entire team who’s using it. Keep track of to do lists, simple notes, lengthy research, web clippings, photos and drawings, and pretty much anything else. EverNote integrates with all of your devices, allows collaboration, and presents all of your data in one easy-to-navigate digital workspace.

2. Wunderlist.

Do you need to pick up groceries on your way home from work? Use Wunderlist to remind you when you’re leaving work, to stop at the store and pick up what you need. The app has a task and subtask feature, with due dates, reminder alerts, and ability to assign and categorize; meaning collaboration with other users is allowed here as well. You can use Wunderlist for everything from random little tasks to big work projects.

3. Trello.

Trello stands out from the rest with its uniquely useful interface. The app is built around the concept of “boards” and “cards.” Think of it like multiple bulletin boards with sticky notes, except you can assign due dates, color codes, archive and set reminders. You can invite teams to work with, use the calendar feature, and be sure you’ll never miss a deadline because Trello automatically reminds you about anything coming up in the next three days.

10 Best Apps to Organize Your Life for Maximum Productivity


4. Pocket.

Found a great article you don’t have time to read? Pocket it. Pocket is a browser extension that syncs with the app on your phone. When an article (or picture, video, web page) is “pocketed,” it becomes available to view offline in the app, which is SO COOL. You can also tag anything you pocket, making it easy to categorize everything on your to-check-out-later list.


What’s worse than a cluttered inbox? Sifting through it. makes it super easy to unsubscribe to all the junk in your inbox (with one click!) and simultaneously streamline everything you want to keep. With their awesome “round up” feature, you’ll receive all your subscriptions in one daily email- making your morning a little more enjoyable.

Social Media

6. Hootsuite.

Are you a social media pro? If so, Hootsuite is here to help you out. You can schedule all of your social media posts and they’ll be posted for you at a specified time through the app (with the exception of Instagram, their API doesn’t allow third party apps to post but you can still schedule and have a notification sent to you). A cool feature: Hootsuite analyzes your follower data and suggests the best times to post for highest engagement.


7. TripIt.

Traveling is great in theory, but the actual process can quickly become pretty stressful with boarding passes, itineraries, and hotel bookings all over the place. TripIt takes everything you need to travel and streamlines it into one spot. You can name your trips, import all of your travel data, set reminders, and have everything ready at the touch of a button. Fret not, wanderluster!


8. PocketCast.

Podcasts are taking the world by storm… because they’re great ways to listen and learn while you’re on the go. They’re also available in a bunch of different formats. PocketCast has one of the widest selections of podcast shows and also the capability to download, subscribe, delete automatically, and save to collection. The app is simple with a clean design and works beautifully.

Best Apps for Fitness Productivity


9. My Fitness Pal.

If you’re trying to lose weight or just pay closer attention to what you put in your body, My Fitness Pal has you covered. They have an absolutely massive database of foods complete with nutrition information that you can enter in meals throughout your day. You can also create your own recipes, foods, enter exercise, set goals and see your macros. It’s okay if you “forget” to log the day you eat a whole sleeve of Oreos.

10. Fit Notes.

Do you pick things up and put them down? It can be hard to remember how many squats you did last week and at what weight, so Fit Notes makes it easy to track and remember. You can track your progress, see frequent workouts, the last set you did and create custom routines. It’s a no frills app that pairs well as the exercise partner to My Fitness Pal.

The new year is upon us. Make this one a little bit easier on yourself by taking advantage of all the awesome technology out there. These apps will get you started on a path of a slightly more organized, stress-free life in all the most important areas like productivity, travel, and fitness.

Break into the new year with a fresh start!

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