Our Top 16 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram

When you run your own business, you’re always looking up to other entrepreneurs who have succeeded in your field.

You seek them out for guidance, wisdom and inspiration, especially on those tough days when you’re on your sixth cup of coffee and still working on that new exciting/exhausting project.

If you’re looking for the best entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram we have a list that will help you get your creative juices flowing and push you ahead in your career.

Here are our top 16 entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram today:

1. Ashley Stahl (@ashleystahl)

Looking for the best Instagrams to follow? Ashley Stahl made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow in Instagram.
source: Ashley Stahl

Ashley Stahl, the founder of CAKE Publishing and a Forbes columnist, is also a career coach who helps people out via her Instagram page. Scroll through, and you’ll see excellent quotes and fun pictures of Stahl traveling the world. Basically, she’s living every entrepreneur’s dream.

2. Tara Gentile (@taragentile)

Looking for the best Instagrams to follow? Tara Gentile made CreativeLive's list of Top Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Tara Gentile

CreativeLive teacher and entrepreneurial guru Tara Gentile is the founder of CoCommercial, a network of business owners. She takes to her Instagram to post pictures of her climbing mountains in exotic places, showcase her outdoor photography skills and post tidbits of what she’s learned about being a successful business owner.

3. Mascha Davis (@nomadista_nutrition)

Looking for the best Instagrams to follow? Mascha Davis is listed as one of CreativeLive's Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Mascha Davis

Los Angeles-based dietician Mascha Davis has an Instagram full of beautiful food photography, inspirational quotes and healthy recipes. This TEDx speaker and humanitarian worker also showcases the various entrepreneurial conferences she attends. If you’re an entrepreneur in the food or nutrition space, this is a must-follow Instagram.

4. Vanessa Edwards (@vvanedwards)

Vanessa Van Edwards made CreativeLive's list of entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram.
source: Vanessa Van Edwards

Another CreativeLive teacher, Vanessa Edwards, is an entrepreneur who teaches people how to hone their professional social skills. On her Instagram, she posts photos of the huge classes she gives, funny quotes about social interaction and pictures of herself at work. Every entrepreneur can relate to her hilarious memes, like this one.

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5. Gabby Bernstein (@gabbybernstein)

Gabby Bernstein made CreativeLive's list of entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram.
source: Gabby Bernstein

Motivational speaker, life coach and New York Times best selling author Gabby Bernstein posts pictures of her classes and beautiful scenery, and frequently uploads motivational quotes to her Instagram. In a recent post, she said, “There was a windstorm last night and a lot of the leaves fell off the trees. I woke up and thought, ‘I need to take in the last of the foliage.’ The moment I had that thought my husband said, ‘let’s take a walk this morning.’ #theuniversehasyourback.”

6. Simon Sinek (@simonsinek)

Simon Sinek made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram.
source: Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is the best-selling author of three books including “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” and “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t.” His Instagram bio is a little peek of what’s to come on his feed: “Inspire someone to run and jump and laugh and cry and love and hope and imagine – to experience as much as I can all for one purpose: to inspire.” He posts photos of his travels, images of awesome quotes and exciting videos of helicopters in the air and Akon on stage. Follow Sinek now to get in on the action.

7. Chris DeWolfe (@chris_dewolfe)

Chris DeWolfe made CreativeLive's list of entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram.
source: Chris DeWolfe

Chris DeWolfe, former CEO and co-founder of MySpace, along with CEO and co-founder of Jam City, is a technology titan that you may have never heard of. This seasoned entrepreneur posts enjoyable pictures from his adventures on the West Coast, press about his latest start-up and insider photos from the gaming world.

8. Eric Greenspan (@chefgreeny)

Eric Greenspan made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Eric Greenspan

Food Network favorite, LA-based chef and restaurant Eric Greenspan is a must-follow for entrepreneurial foodies. He posts pictures of his mouth-watering dishes over at new venture Fleishiks, exclusive set photos of food shows he’s been on and lots of shots with fellow successful food entrepreneur Guy Fieri. Don’t miss out on Greenspan’s page.

9. Mel Robbins (@melrobbinslive)

Mel Robbins made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins, motivational speaker, CreativeLive teacher and business coach, is all about empowering entrepreneurs, even through her Instagram account. Don’t miss her inspirational quotes – especially the cute and funny ones, like “Anxietea.”

10. Sally Hope (@sallyhope)

Sally Hope made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Sally Hope

Sally Hope, who runs the Wildheart Revolution, is a motivational life coach. Her Instagram includes fun memes, inspirational selfies and lots of pictures relating to meditation. If you’re into the spiritual side of entrepreneurship, Hope’s is an excellent account to follow.

11. Danielle LaPorte (@daniellelaporte)

Danielle LaPorte made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Danielle LaPorte

Another spiritual and entrepreneurial guru is Danielle LaPorte, whose website says she stands “for making money in meaningful, eco-honouring ways.” If you are an entrepreneur seeking a more meaningful purpose, you must follow LaPorte on Instagram. Under a meme of Guru Singh, she posted, “So…greed leads to bankruptcy — of spirit, of resources, of everything that really matters. Greed is the great illness of our culture. Generosity and trust are the cure. xo Danielle.”

12. Cheryl Hunter (@huntercheryl)

Cheryl Hunter made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow.
source: Cheryl Hunter

LA-based life coach and author Cheryl Hunter runs an Instagram filled with lessons in money and motivational quotes that will help you get through those tiring days. When you’re on her page, make sure you visit her blog to find more helpful information on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

13. Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

Jay Baer made CreativeLive's list of Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram.
source: Jay Baer

Are you in marketing or do you need some marketing tips and inspiration? Jay Baer, who runs Convince and Convert and is a best-selling author, is a great marketing leader to follow on Instagram. You can follow Baer as he speaks at conventions and travels around the world, and learn about other influencers in the marketing space in the process.

14. Shane Feldman (@shane_feldman)

If you’re a younger entrepreneur, follow Shane Feldman. He is a motivational speaker and youth advocate, as well as the CEO of Count Me In, the largest youth-run charity on the globe. Watch Feldman as he gives talks around the world and take in some meaningful quotes.

15. Amy Schmittauer (@schmittastic)

CreativeLive teacher and the Boss at Vblog Boss Studios Amy Schmittauer posts beautiful pictures of her world travels, images of her speaking at various marketing and leadership conventions and fun motivational quotes she finds in places like notebooks and on walls. Her latest? “Nothing will work unless you do.” This couldn’t be truer, especially for entrepreneurs.

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16. Carlos Gil (@carlosgil83)

Carlos Gil made CreativeLive's list of entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram.
source: Carlos Gil

By leveraging social media tools such as Snapchat and Instagram, Carlos Gil is able to craft amazing stories that has won him praise on CNNMoney, Mashable, and Inc. Magazine.

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