Learn Visual Design with Parsons at The New School + CreativeLive

Ready to take the first steps to learn visual design? We have the perfect learning path for you.

Our partnership with Parsons School of Design at The New School’s Open Campus offers an exclusive online program for aspiring visual designers. If you want to learn visual design from top-name professors, the Parsons x CreativeLive curriculum is a great place to begin.

The New School, based in New York City, is one of the most distinguished international art and design schools in the world. Guided by renowned faculty and curriculum and a diverse and international community, The New School continues to push the envelope of innovation.

Parsons Associate Director and professor YuJune Park believes “The Parsons x CreativeLive bundle was created to reflect our vision for the 21st century, contemporary communication designer—one grounded in the foundational principles of our field, who works across platforms to create work with awareness and passion. Our strongest hope is that students will leave the course with a robust introduction to Communication Design and the skills, tenacity and curiosity to move forward in their practice as designers.”

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Below are just some of the tips from Park, who helps guide the learning path from start to finish:

The Medium is the Message

How do you communicate a single message across multiple platforms at once? With the increase of communication with smartphones and other technologies, it can be difficult to create a succinct message to the masses. Learn how to organize a story and target the right audiences.

The Design Process: Building Your Portfolio

The myth of the genius tells us that if we’re talented enough, inspiration will eventually hit. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Learn how to strategically develop a strong design process that will help you create strong work.

How to Be Uniquely You

What do you want to share with the world? A strong design concept is what brings a design to life. Learn how to build a strong design concept that highlights who you are and what your message is.


For a limited time, take $600 off our Visual Design Learning Path with Parsons! Learn More.


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