Ways to Stay Inspired + Build a Successful Creative Blog

Get great ideas for your creative blog with tips from CreativeLive!

Finding and developing great content to have a successful creative blog and website will bring in traffic, increase your search engine rankings, and make you money – not to mention engage your readers so they keep coming back. But there are two areas that all bloggers struggle with, even the pros:

  1. Finding something to write about.
  2. Having the motivation to write.

And… sometimes it’s both.

Regardless of your blogging experience, it’s important that you set yourself up for success by choosing content that is fun for to research, write about, and explore. Here are a few ways to feed your inspiration so that blogging continues to be enjoyable, rewarding and effective:

Consider the Medium:

What is your favorite way to share when you publish on your blog? Could it be writing, podcasting, video, images or a combo of one or more of these? Next time you feel stuck, try presenting your content in a different way and see if that shifts your thinking.

Challenge Yourself to Improve:

Finding inspiration doesn’t always have to be groundbreaking; often it comes quietly and all we need is a little change in focus. Try this challenge: take a piece of paper and write down the top 5 things to improve your blog posts right now and work on implementing them.

Be Curious:

What are you most curious to learn? These make great topics for your blog and possibly other things on your site. Use your curiosity to drive your ideas and curate your blog content. Most likely, whatever you are most curious about, your audience will be too!

Remember, blogging should be fun. If it isn’t (and you feel stressed about it), take a step back and give these tips a try.

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