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Intro to 10x Marketing with AI

Lesson 2 from: 10x Your Marketing Efforts with ChatGPT, Midjourney, and More

Mark Hinkle

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2. Intro to 10x Marketing with AI

Dive into the revolutionary world of AI-driven marketing. Understand how AI can amplify your marketing efforts, driving results that are ten times more effective.

Lesson Info

Intro to 10x Marketing with AI

In this class we're gonna learn how to use generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, and Midjourney, to accomplish marketing tasks, to do our work more quickly and efficiently. We'll focus on using artificial intelligence to generate content and images, provide information and research, how to efficiently use prompts the way you communicate with AI, to get the results you need. As business owners, we all wear many hats. Think of the time you spend on your marketing efforts, writing product descriptions, blog posts, replying to emails, and more. What if you could drastically cut that time, and spend time on tasks that are high-value and require deep work rather than busy work? I'm gonna go through how to use AI tools to generate content much more quickly and effectively, so that you can work on those tasks that provide the best results for your business. ChatGPT is the fastest growing consumer app ever, faster than TikTok, with over a hundred million users using ChatGPT in the first nine weeks...

. And why did it grow so fast? It's because AI is accessible to all of us, through our phone, through the web. It understands our natural language all without programming. So let's get started. I'm Mark Hinkle. I'm a technology executive who's spent the last 25 years in emerging tech. I've helped people get connected on the web, deploy cloud computing, led development of software that powers many of the applications you know today. However, the most interesting of those emerging technologies to date, is artificial intelligence, and the real impact it's gonna have on all of us. I've spent the last year going deep on how to use these things, and apply them to the things I already knew how to do in my marketing career. Also, because things are moving so fast, I started to write a book, and it was called, "Marketing Machines." "Marketing Machines" started out as an eight page lead magnet that within a month became a 150 page book. I provided all the knowledge and all the things that I was learning in that book. I started my own newsletter, it's The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise. You can subscribe to it at, and you'll get a copy of the book, as well as other resources that'll help you remain relevant in artificial intelligence.

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I recommend this course. It's really nourishing and I plan to use it in my daily life.

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