Accounting for Photographers


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Bonus Video: 3 Ways to Stay in Business Longer Than 6 Months

Join Craig Heidemann as he unveils the 10 key tax and accounting issues facing photographers today and outlines the information you file your taxes properly. Craig will teach you how to classify your employees and expenses, allocate for insurance premiums, and the hidden secrets of the IRS 20 factor test. Plus, Craig will demonstrate how to handle a sales tax or income tax audit.This 90-minute session will give you a solid working foundation in accounting basics that will ensure your hard work pays off. Don't just survive — THRIVE!



  • I just completed watching this course and to be completely honest, the feeling I have right now is one of not wanting to continue in my photographic pursuits (of being in business). The last slide of information showing what I would need to charge in order to *match* what a hourly worker at Wal-Mart earns was truly a frightening thing to think through. I actually had to pause the video on that slide and work out all the numbers myself to fully grasp the reality of what Craig was saying. The slides were truly chock full of info but be prepared to face the realities of running a business. If anything, this course proved to me that most in this industry are not in it for the long-haul if pricing is any indicator. Thank you Craig for cramming all that you did in an impossible amount of time!