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Adobe Mobile Apps: Adobe Acrobat Capture

Erica Gamet

Adobe Mobile Apps: Adobe Acrobat Capture

Erica Gamet

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1 Adobe Shape Creative Cloud Duration:29:54
2 Adobe Brush CC Duration:18:54
3 Adobe Color CC Duration:19:57
4 Adobe Ink and Slide Duration:09:20

Class Description

Adobe® apps give you the flexibility to create whenever the inspiration hits. In this class, Erica Gamet will help you get the hang of the Adobe Acrobat Capture app series so you can use your smartphone to make interesting brushes, create shapes, and more.

Erika will show you how to Work in:

  • Adobe Shape Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Color CC
  • Adobe Brush CC
  • Adobe Ink and Slide
You’ll learn how to quickly and easily master this exciting collection of Adobe mobile apps so you can create on the go.

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015


Tanya Lillie

I only have one word for this class, FUN!