Adobe® Muse Fast Start


Adobe® Muse Fast Start


Class Description

Dive into creating your first responsive website—without writing code—with this fast paced, step-by-step walkthrough of Adobe® Muse. You'll learn what Muse is capable of and see how easy it is to create a truly unique, expressive responsive website in no time at all. Join author, speaker, and web developer Brian Wood as he takes you through a guided tour of what Adobe® Muse is capable of.

In this Fast Start class Brian will show you:

  • How to set up your fully responsive website.
  • How to add design content like navigation, text, images, slideshows, links, and more
  • An overview of how to ensure your site works across different device sizes
  • Powerful widgets, like slideshows, forms, adding videos, and more
  • The different methods for publishing your project

This class is for you if you’re new to Adobe® Muse or if you want to know about the latest updates to Adobe® Muse CC version 18.0.