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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Adobe Stock for Illustration: A Head Start to Your Project

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Today, I'm really excited 'cause we're gonna be talking about what do you do when you have a design need and maybe you don't have a lot of time on your hands, maybe your software skills aren't totally where you would like them to be yet, maybe you have a tight deadline and where do you turn to make things happen? And we have a solution for you and that is Adobe Stock. And what's great about it is it's a one-stop solution for all kinds of different design problems. So, it's got over 90 million assets and it's really the perfect cure for a tight deadline or slim skills when you're short on time. So, the different types of things that they have. They offer images so that can be photos. that could be illustrations and/or vector artwork. That could also include video which is really helpful. I know whenever I'm making stuff, I never have video files that I need. But they also have templates as well as 3D items and graphics too. So, all in all, they've got over 90 million highly-curated asse...

ts which is really cool because that means that they actually do have an approval process in place so that you can maintain a really high level of quality on their site and what's extra awesome, and not everyone knows, is that you at home, yes you, can be a contributor. So, we're gonna talk about that today too because you don't have to have a portfolio of 10,000 different pieces. You can just start with one and I'm gonna show you how to do that today. What's cool about being a contributor is that you earn royalties when people purchase your files. So, those royalties for most files are gonna be 33% of what the customer pays which is a really good percentage. And for video, you even get more, it's 35% for video and Adobe of course being Adobe has made it very easy to upload and contribute. You can sync, if you work with Fotolia, and you have a whole catalog, you can sync it with a single click. You can upload directly from within Lightroom or Bridge or video files can come straight through Premiere. And of course, you can upload individual files on their website as well. So, I'm gonna show you how to navigate their catalog on the website. We're gonna be looking up some watercolor design assets and I'll show you how to download comp files, add them to a library, create a library, and work with libraries. As well as being able to search their website and work with it right from within your Adobe application. So, in today's class, we're gonna be focused on Adobe Illustrator but of course, Adobe Stock can be used in any number of different Adobe software applications. We're just gonna be taking a look at Illustrator today so I'll show you how you can actually search from right within Illustrator. So, if you're in the middle of a project and you're like oh, I need this quick graphic, you don't even have to leave Illustrator to go find it. So, I think that's pretty cool. Once we figure out how to search everything, I'm gonna show you three different levels of working with the Illustrator files. So, we're gonna start with something really simple. We're gonna create a wedding invitation. That's something a lot of people do, a lot of designers make whole businesses out of that. And we're gonna be working with this file and we're gonna keep it really simple and we're just gonna basically cut some parts of the design and paste in some new parts of the design. So, if you're someone who's really like gosh, I am super intimidated by Illustrator, I don't know how much I can handle this, this is a really great starting place because you don't have to have a ton of Illustrator skills. So, I'm gonna show you how to do that step by step. Then, once we master that, we're gonna take it up a little bit and we'll work with a existing file that's got a lot of different pieces and we're gonna customize it and sort of remix it and turn it into a menu. So, we'll change some colors, we'll change a few things and just really customize it to make something new. Then, of course, one of the things that people use Illustrator for a lot is creating logos and unless you have more of a background as a designer and you create things from scratch, it's really nice when you can start from something. So, we're gonna take this design asset and we'll remix it into a logo for a fictitious maker brand which I think will be really fun and I think you'll be surprised how really easy it is to do all of this even when you don't have over-the-top Illustrator skills or even if you're really pretty new to Illustrator. I'm gonna approach this class as if everyone's really starting at square zero. So, yeah, really at the beginning, very beginner friendly. And then, the last thing that we're gonna talk about is actually being that contributor that we mentioned just a minute ago and I'm gonna walk you through really creating just a simple file and even if you're sitting at home right now thinking I can't do anything in Illustrator. You can, if you can click a mouse, you can contribute. So, I'm gonna prove it to you and we're gonna walk step by step how we create this really simple illustration, it's just triangles of different colors, and we're gonna turn it into a pattern and upload it so that it will become a design asset so that anyone who might have a need for it could purchase it and turn it into packaging or fabric or any item that they wanna put a pattern on. So, the great news is that all of the course files are included with purchase, of course. So, before we begin, before you follow along anyway, you wanna make sure you download the course files and inside that folder, you're gonna find both individual just loose files so a lot of different vector AI files, but you will also find a library file that has those assets inside of it as well. I'm gonna show you how to load the library and work with the library as we move forward. So, you might be thinking okay, so Adobe sounds great, but how do I get onboard with them? Well, they have a couple of different ways that you can use their assets. They have a subscription plan and those come in two flavors. They have a month-to-month plan so no contract, you just month by month sign up for it, or you can sign up for a year and obviously you get a better deal if you do the year. So, it starts at 29.99 a month and then depending whether you do month-to-month or a year, you get a certain number of assets for that 29.99. And then, additional assets, you can buy separately for as low as 99 cents depending on your plan. So, it's a pretty cool, pretty accessible. And it's great too whether you're an individual designer, you might need like a smaller plan or if you're part of an agency, you might need 750 downloads a month. Wouldn't that be something? So, they have options for everybody. And then, the other way that you can get their goodies is through credit packs. So those, you just purchase separately, they're just pay as you go and the nice thing about credit packs is you get access to premium content through credit packs. So, pretty cool and of course, Adobe being Adobe, they have a free trial so you can sign up to do basically a month free. It's a month trial of the yearly plan and then you get 10 free images. So, everything that we'll be doing in class today is included so you can follow along. And then, if you wanna keep going and make your own stuff, you can test out that free trial. And of course, you can find me at and when you make all this great stuff, please tag me, because I wanna see what you're making and see all the cool things that people get out of this class.

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