Embellishing Each of Your Scrapbook Pockets


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Embellishing Each of Your Scrapbook Pockets

So I think that's all the paper I need to work with so we can start adding embellishments instead and I love and we'll work on embellishments and then we'll work on our title work. So the great things about what the great thing about this pocket life collection that I've included in the downloads is that it comes with a whole mess of digital embellishments because I know that even though pocket scrapbooking is supposed to be kind of a quick and easy and simple, we really like to embellish and where would we be without flowers and and all of those goodies? So I make sure to include a lot of digital embellishments in these pocket life collections for the people who really like to embellish, so I have a whole digital embellishment um ah whole digital embellishment project product, and then I have a bunch of add on products as well, so we're just going to start with the digital embellishments first, and I'm going to start I'm still working on the bottom of the pocket lay out so I'm gonna s...

tart with things that would go on the bottom things like paint. So I like this paper shit here, but it's kind of all the same, so I want to add some pains in here is, well, now I'm gonna add this paint to add some color to the pocket now, is everyone following along in the chat room? J cale, I'm more concerned about our ladies because they've got very, very quiet there are absolutely staring in ten ten thing is this and you completely new style for you? You know, you don't talk, you don't never pockets got sick because you don't need it me? Is it because you don't think that you would like pocket scrapbooking or ivan any? I've actually just never really, um, I thought about it like, I guess I've seen it. I've seen a lot of scrappers doing it, but I just never attempted to try, and I think this is really intriguing, so I'm definitely going toe well, what the common misconception about pockets trafficking is that it has to be like I'm doing this entire year long weekly documentation, and so a lot of people get turned off and overwhelmed by pocket scrapbooking because you're like, well, I'm not going to do that that's not the way it's crap, but that's not what I want to dio, but what I want to show is that pocket scrapbooking can be a great addition into your regular twelve by twelve scrapbooking without having to take on a huge project and so it's a great way if you're having an event if you've gone on vacation to add in a ton of photos that you mean you could make that swelled by swell layout for each of these photos or for groupings of these photos but this is a lot faster and a lot more efficient way to scrap book all of those things like that the event journal cards I love how there's so many different um designs and you just like kind of pop it in and right now don't you yeah yeah that is the joy of pocket scrap booking the designers who design it whether it's paper pop pocket scrapbooking or digital we spend so much time trying tio come up with adorable phrases and cute things and so when it comes down to scrap booking it is already all done for you and all you have to do is at your words and your pictures and it's beautiful and if you wanted to believe your pocket scrapbook with just the journaling cars and maybe a title card it would totally be just fine and it would be great but we like to embellish a little bit more so we're going to okay so back to this paint I'm going to put the paint in the background behind the photos on and make sure that again we duplicate the paint and we drag one underneath the paper strip and then clipped the top one two the paper ship so we get that fund shadow and then let's add some paint let's add some over here is well the this pain over the other paint that I didn't use has kind of a frame embellishment and its vertical so I'm going to put it kind of behind an offset this edge of this photo right here and again we want tio look at what I did I'm on the wrong pocket let's undo it because I'm not going to try and find the right pocket make sure we clip her click the right pocket first and then dragging in there we go duplicate and put it underneath just the paper layer and then clinton so what does that do when you have two different layers you mean for the paint well when you duplicate it and you add one underneath the pain it creates the shadow it makes it so that the shadow it looks like you actually painted over the journal in card because of in real life it was the paint wouldn't float on that back so uh it creates the shadow over the portion of the paint that would be under on the bottom card it looks good that's why you clipped the top huh to the diaper ship right and then the bottom layer goes directly over the card you see now we have a problem because because this paper ship is clipped directly to the card when I clipped the top paint it all it's doing is clipping to the entire card so in this when we have to go in and commands click the card and create a new layer from the paper to lead this one and now it's the exact right size it's supposed to be so I don't have to clip it to the card but when I clipped the paint to the card I move this um it will take on that whole shadow effect so it's just so we can see it a little bit better meet the shadow on the card so you can see it creates a shadow over the pain to make it look more realistic. Now the fun thing about paint or you can do this with your journaling as well is if you want your pain toe look sort of distressed um easy if you want your pain to look sort of distressed it would be fun to come in here and you don't have to damage damage the paint you can come in here and just double click on the layer styles and go to the blending options and for the underlying layer if you move this slider this way it's going to start peeling away the paint where ok, this side is going to be wherever it's really dark and this side if you come in from the sites many wherever it's really light so you get a kind of a cool blended effect if you do that it's really effective over things like wood grain it looks you could make it look like the paint is disappearing where the wood grain recesses but it's also just a really cool way to get a more fun and funky blended effect with your pain but this back where it goes ok and I think that's going on painless out some more stuff in here now I like to add some pre designed embellishments make sure you click where you want to go first, okay? So I'm going to use um stickers together the together out in the ocean and I'm going to use some of these other embellishments so in this pocket life collection I have other embellishments out here, so I'm going to grab these digital stamps now these digital sam's could be using so many ways just like we did with our journaling weaken blend them um I'm going tio make sure we pick where we want to go you can see that I obviously forget that a lot I'm going tio use it right here on my photo and I don't really like it black so I'm just going to instead of blending it in I'm just going to double click on it and add a color overlay let's get it out will be I think color overlay I think I'm going to do I'm going to orange because the photo is so blue and orange is the contrast in color for blue so I'm just gonna come in here and I'm going to sample the orange that's in the rest of the layout, you put it right over the top and now you can see that my horizon line is a little bit crooked, so the cool thing about clipping into pockets is you can actually rotate the photo a little bit after the fact and make your horizon line straight little nit picky things, but I like being able to edit my photo while it's still that's another reason why I clip two things rather than cut them out way already we are almost there let's do some dreaded washi tape, washi tape and really and like real life pocket scrapbooking it's used so much so we have to use it on our digital pocket scrapbooking as well he's this gold and I'm not going tio have the whole thing showing I just want to little people, so I'm gonna add something else to it as well and create a little cluster just like I would on a twelve by twelve layout but at a flag and cover up those two extra people just like that and let's go in and dodging burn our washy restaurant is this layer and we learned in the layering class how to dodge and burn our washi, so I'm just going to do it really quick dodge tool mid tones that's me a little bigger so here we go click on one side hold downshift I'm actually gonna go all the way to the end of the washington just in case I am it moving it later do it again with a bit of a smaller brush one two and again with a bit of a smaller brush and then we're going to move to the burn tool to make this a bit smaller and we're going to click on one end and click on the other end so that gets a little bit darker okay that's probably too dark just wanna work okay? So we have washi and I think because we like the rule of threes I'm going to add one more thing there go back to my digital embellishments and just to give it a little bit more depth washi tape and the banner are both like sticker and paper objects so I'm going to add a little heart that has a little bit more dimension to it. So if you hit command t if you can't see something that you wanna move hit command tea it'll give you the we're transforming now instead of moving and it'll be easier to move so let's move it over now if you have this problem and you're constantly it's always going to put things in the middle of your campus and if you don't want to deal with that um instead of when you're clicking and dragging things in instead of just clicking and dragging and letting it drop. If I want to put something on top of this pocket layer you can command. Click the pocket itself. And then when you drag and drop, something in, it will actually drop it to the center of that pocket instead. So it's a good way to not lose things. It will not have a drag constantly to the middle of your leg out. Because you're working with such a big canvas, it causes problems sometimes.

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Traci Reed will teach you how to design a custom scrapbook layout – from start to finish – in Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop.

In this class, you’ll learn how to build layouts from scratch or from a template – you’ll also learn how to create your own pocket scrapbooking layout. Traci will explain the benefits and challenges of each approach and show you how to build a page that fits your individual design sensibility. She’ll also teach you an efficient process for managing your entire layout design project.

Designing custom layouts demands a high level of organization, but keeping track of digital files can feel overwhelming. Traci will help you prepare for the important first step of getting organized. You’ll learn an easy organization system you can use so you can always find the files you need – when you need them.

If you’re ready to create photorealistic pages that reflect your own, unique style join Traci for Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop and learn how to create pages that pop.

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