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Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop

Lesson 17 of 23

Organizing Your Digital Pocket Scrapbooks

Traci Reed

Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop

Traci Reed

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Lesson Info

17. Organizing Your Digital Pocket Scrapbooks

Lesson Info

Organizing Your Digital Pocket Scrapbooks

Pocket scrapbooking it has become so popular in recent years and those people use it to document daily life and to sort of do that but it's not the on ly way that you can use it, so we're gonna be talking about pocket scrapbooking we're going to talk about how to set up your templates. We're going to talk about how to, um, really nail down those layouts and and the quick and easy way to do things and the more complicated way to do things on how to combine those two things and really creates imbalance in your pocket scrapbooking layouts so let's go one more segment we can do this, okay? I'm actually said, okay, so pockets scrapbooking! What is pocket scrapbooking? If we have been looking at all of the scrapbooking that we've done so far in all three courses at twelve by twelve full page layout, pocket scrapbooking is typically a layout that has been divided into different pocket size is not typically, these pocket sizes are three by floors and four by six and aa lot of people use it as ...

a way to document their everyday life on a weekly basis. Though it's not the only way to do it today, we're not going to be creating a weekly pocket scrapbooking page, we're actually going to be creating a pocket scrapbooking page for an event and, um it's a great way to change up your scrapbooking I know that a lot of us have been doing this for a lot of years and sometimes we can feel the need to change up the way that we do things tio adapt to the new times and just maybe try on something new so if you have never pocket scrapbook or you think that you don't like it or anything like that, I just bet you to give me an hour to show you what it can do and how it can just even if you don't want a weekly scrapbook it how you can add a few pocket pages into your scrapbook tio even maybe add on to what you're we're doing ok, so the number one question I get asked before we start is if you're going to weekly document pocket scrapbooking, how do you keep track of everything? How do you organize everything? How do you make sure that you're not forgetting things? So I want to address the weekly pocket scrapbooking first let's talk about how you remember everything, you're gonna have to write it down or you can use aps as well, but I like to write everything down that I'm gonna want to put in my pocket scrapbooking pages because I don't generally pocket scrapbook every week if I'm going to do a weekly documentation I normally can't get to it every week so I need to write things down and now you can do that in a journal you can do it on an app on your iphone you can keep notes that way I like to use I created a planner to d'oh the weekly documentation and it's called the pocket life planner and you can see that it is just a series of places for you to rights free to document your photos you can have what week number it is what dayton um what days that week number spans and the number of photos you took and then right here and all of these you can write down what you did and now I can carry this with me it's a little planner actually use it as my day planner on and that's a really easy way for me to do it but you don't have to have a planner you don't have to have a fancy shmancy system to do it you can just write it down that is the main key to being able to document on a weekly basis. Now as far as organization there's two different things that you're gonna have to organize when your pocket scrapbooking and number one is your photos and I know that if we look at the way that we, um the way that we organize photos earlier photo organization um this can be kind of difficult in a folder schism if you have all of your your photos and divided up by month well what we need is them to be divided out bye week instead because all of your photos are going to be clumped together if you divide them out by month and it can be overwhelming if you're looking at the photos this way to figure out what went in what week so instead of putting them all together by month we're going tio have a monthly pay a monthly folder and then break those folders down in two weeks as well so um in february we have week six and we have all of the photos from week six all of the videos from week six as well now if this bugs you to have this many folders you can also after you're done scrapbooking week six you just put him in the february folder and then pull them for the long term storage you don't have to keep them subdivided by folders always so that's how I organize my photos for weekly documentation now if you have been pockets crap looking for any length of time you have a ton of journaling cards you have a ton of templates you have a ton of everything and well we can have a pocket scrapbooking layout or a journal card layout sometimes are not lay out I'm sorry pocket scrapbooking folder or journal car folder sometimes it's not enough sometimes I really want to specifics style of pocket scrapbooking card that I cannot find just by scrolling through every single journal card I have so I actually take my pocket scrapbooking supplies and I, um, organize them in categories and as their whole separate entity. So I have a scrapbooking kits folder and I also have a pocket scrapbooking folder and I actually pulled this in here and I break apart my journal cars by what they are. So I have all of my birthday journal cards. Well, not all of them, obviously, but have a birthday, a journal cards and I have christmas journal cars all pulled out into their own separate folders. I also have basics, so these are all the sort of cards that you would like journal on the things that don't necessarily have a theme um I have love the ones I have photo cards, that kind of thing, and this is going to really speed up my pocket scrapbooking because I have organized it in the same way that I have organized my regular scrapbooking kids, but I really customized it towards pocket scrapbooking. I've broken at my journaling cards and made it work for me. So if you have in pocket scrapbooking and you're not doing these things that you want to keep all of your cards together it's not working for you, you might want to think about organizing in that way instead

Class Description

Traci Reed will teach you how to design a custom scrapbook layout – from start to finish – in Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build layouts from scratch or from a template
  • Create your own pocket scrapbooking layout
  • Build a page that fits your individual design sensibility
  • Manage your entire layout design project

Designing custom layouts demands a high level of organization, but keeping track of digital files can feel overwhelming. Traci will help you prepare for the important first step of getting organized. You’ll learn an easy organization system you can use so you can always find the files you need – when you need them.

If you’re ready to create photorealistic pages that reflect your own, unique style join Traci for Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop and learn how to create pages that pop.

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a Creativelive Student

Great series of classes! For anyone from beginner to advanced Photoshop user, you will get something from these classes! Traci is a great teacher and easy to understand why she works the way she does. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting to learn tips and tricks from a great scrapbook designer!


I'm currently halfway through the courses, and I am so glad I decided to watch these. I haven't been scrapping for very long, and am mostly self taught through tutorials found on the internet and youtube. I found that various concepts weren't explained to me (how to really use a template, designer intentions, how to use other layouts for inspiration) and so I sort of hit a wall trying to get further in scrapping digitally. This course basically broke down the walls and provided me with so much info and inspiration that I feel really comfortable in taking my efforts further. Whereas before I was thinking that I might always be stuck with a mediocre result :) thank you Traci!!