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Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 18 of 36

Using Paint in a Layout


Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 18 of 36

Using Paint in a Layout


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Using Paint in a Layout

Let's talk about how to make the pain a little bit more realistic, so sometimes when we're using pain, it depends on the brush. The edges of the paint can look a little bit undefined, and maybe we have pain that has a little bit of texture to it already. So let's, open up some pain that's already included in this kit it's fine, mate over here, some pain. Okay, at some bright pain and now if we use this pain just like it is, it gets kind of lost in the layout because the layout is so busy. So what we want to do is sometimes depending on the way that the paint looks, we can add is just a slight devil or slight inner shadow to the pain to give it just a touch more death. So I'm going to add let's, move this over here and this over here, okay, I'm gonna add a bevel and you can see already just the stock bevel makes it look like instead of a flat piece of pain is actually speckled with acrylic paint that gives it a little bit more depth. So I'm actually pretty happy with that. The size that...

you're going to pick is going to be dependent upon the size of the paint club, so since these paint a little paint dots or tiny we don't need them to be that we don't need the depth of this size to be two huge, so if we increase the size and it's way too puffy, so because it's tiny, the small death and we just want a really subtle effect, we don't want to look too puffy, but you can see that as just that little bit to make it more realistic, and if I turn it off, you can see the difference. Some paint won't require that instead you khun dio and in her shadow, and you want your distance to be super low and I like to change mine to color burn just so that it doesn't give black edges like the multiply would it actually will take up color from whatever where, um we're applying the inner shadow too, and then let's really up the size so we can see the difference so you can see that if you add the inner shadow and you play with the size it's gonna really dark in the edges and you could get you could create a lot of contrast, if you super darken it, you can change the tone of the paint enoughto where it gives you a lot of contrast, but really if you're just looking to define the edges a little bit, you're going to want to really small in her shadow and by taking the distance down to zero. If we increase the distance, you can see it'll just go from one side, and it gives it that cut outlook. We don't want that for pain. So we take the distance down the cereal, and it will shadow from all sides. You can see as I increase, he gets darker. So we just want to really small inner shadow, because this is a small paint, just two ways to define paint so that you can really see the difference. Now, let's, look at the inner shadow. First is the bubble, just to just a total preference thing, and it's going to depend on what kind of paint you're using.

Class Description

Learn how to make your layers lovely in Layering in Adobe® Photoshop® for Digital Scrapbookers! Traci Reed will teach you how to assemble papers, photos, and embellishments so your scrapbook pages look professional and polished, not cluttered.

There are so many fun elements to work within digital scrapbooking, but making pages that are pleasing to the eye can be a surprisingly difficult task. In this class, Traci will teach you how to use basic Adobe Photoshop tools to improve the overall look of your layout. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to create realistic depth
  • Enhancing using the dodge and burn tool
  • Designing with lighting effects

In Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers you’ll learn how to layer from the ground up. Traci will show you how to lay the perfect foundation and how to finish it off with advanced final touches like painting and stitching.

For even more advanced scrapbooking tips check out Shadowing in Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers & Design Layouts in Photoshop.



I have recently discovered digital scrapbooking and have been using a great scrapbooking software that I downloaded on-line. There are limitations with the software that prompted me to look deeper for ideas. Traci's course was fantastic! I learned so much from her not only in scrapbooking layouts and using different elements in a page but my level of understanding of photoshop has improved dramatically. The presentation was easy to follow and broken into perfect chunks to go back and review the techniques. Thank you so much Traci for presenting this awesome course. I will look for more of your courses. Your scrapbooking is beautiful and inspiring!


I'm a photographer. I do a lot of graphic design for my business. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable. I saw this class being shown for free on Creative Live one day and it wasn't my first choice to watch, but was the best out of the list... I was wrong. This is a great class. I didn't expect to learn that much and I've been learning a lot! Great info!


This course was amazing. I learn some things I didn't know how to do. Traci is simple and straight forward in her teaching. Very easy to understand.