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Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 13 of 17

Making an Action in Adobe® Photoshop®

Traci Reed

Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Traci Reed

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Lesson Info

13. Making an Action in Adobe® Photoshop®

Lesson Info

Making an Action in Adobe® Photoshop®

Let's make an action has anyone here made in action or anyone in the chat room made in action now you main action for what? Russia? I'm interaction when I say the layout it copies one toe my high res hi resolution folder another one makes a copy and goes into the web page size folder on ice so it all goes into their own so when you're saving yeah, yeah, just one click and it does all three different form it's so actions are really awesome ways to replicate something that you do all the time without having to do it all the time, so if you're always saving in the same way if you're always saving for web in the same way, if you're always doing things over and over again in the exact same way it's really smart way to do that, so to make inaction is really easy to so we're going to make an action out of this warping function that we just did I just reapply the drop shot a layer style just the basic um paper one to this photo and I'm going tio open up my actions palate is right here if you d...

on't have it, you can just click over here and window actions and it'll bring it up and photoshopped has some default actions, but we don't care about those so to make to make an action first you need to create a new set you click on the folder icon and we're going to call it wave action and then user creating new action you have to click on the new action button now what this is going to dio is everything that I d'oh from here on out is going to be recorded now you if you mess up you can stop the recording delete what it just recorded and go back but from here on out it's going to be recorded so you want to make sure that you don't start this until you're absolutely ready so you want to make sure that you have the right layers selected even because it'll record you selecting a layer it will record everything so I'm on the right layer and I'm ready to go so we're going to name it um shadow shadow warp okay so record okay so we want to create any layer again and then um you the way the actions work is if you tell if you click on layer ones drop shadow which is the name of that it will always look for in your document layer ones drop shadow so if in a different thing somewhere down the line your photo wasn't called layer one so your photo shadow is not layer ones drop shadow it's going to give you an error because it can't find that layer so instead of that you have to hit all and then the left bracket to move down a layer so alter option on the left bracket and that moves down a layer in your layer pal and instead of recording select layer ones drop shadow it just records select backwards layer so you can avoid that problem and now we're going to go to filter distort wave and um whatever you select and here is what it will always apply and it's already it's got my same selections from before, so we had okay? And this is where you want to stop because any adjustments you make from here on out moving the shadow it will replicate that and you don't want that. So now you just hit stop and if we run it on something else so let's let's test out our action press play. So now it's made it's on the exact same thing with the journal card shadow so I can move it around. But now I always is have a little action that saves me fifteen kliks soto warp shadows now to save this just like with the shadow styles, you go up tio save actions and then make sure you save it where you want to say that I'm putting him on the desktop and then just like with the, um the layer styles, you just drag it and drop it whenever you want toe float it so now it's loaded twice. But that saves us some time and some effort done line. Of course. Like I said, in the beginning, I'm all about making scrapbooking digital scrapbooking faster, more automated so you can get more done. So it's important, tio things that you recognize that you do. Ah lot tio, do that.

Class Description

Learn how to create more polished and photorealistic scrapbook layouts with Traci Reed in Shadowing in Adob® Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

Shadowing adds depth and perspective to scrapbook layouts, but stock Adobe® Photoshop® shadow effects can look artificial. In this class, you’ll learn techniques that make adding and modifying shadows a simple process that yields believable results. Traci will teach you how to create shadows that fit the texture and composition of the elements you are using and look great on the screen and the printed page. 

You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of Adobe Photoshop shadows
  • Realistic shadowing of objects
  • Options for adding finishing touches

If you want to create more photorealistic pages, produce product for sale, or just take your design skills to the next level join Traci for Shadowing in Adobe®Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

For even more advanced scrapbooking tips check out Layering in Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers & Design Layouts in Photoshop.



I bought all three of Traci's classes and am very impressed. Even though I consider myself a professional Photoshop user, I learned some great new tips and tricks. Not only that, I found the classes inspiring and it kicked my digital scrapbooking creativity up a few levels. More than worth the money. Easy to watch, inspiring and a great teacher.

L. Phillips

This class was fascinating and moved at a good pace. Scrapbookers these days use so many varied Photoshop skills and are some of the most creative thinkers around. I learned so many practical - use it right now! - tricks for shadowing any kind of object and make styles out of them for one-click usability. There's a bit much of the biography section at the front of the class but I felt the usable information was enough to warrant the purchase so I can skip the personal section. Traci is a friendly and clear speaker, and a wealth of knowledge. She should definitely be featured in more advanced scrapbooking classes AND even for creating vector embellishments!

a Creativelive Student

Awesome class! WOW, I had no idea about the world of shadowing. I just started digital scrapbooking and knew my layouts were lacking something and now I know what...depth! I definitely feel more confident now in adding shadows to my pages and I have also graduated from Elements to the full version of PS thanks to Traci's suggestion. I am headed now to search for more classes by Traci. Thanks for a great class!