Alternate Letterforms & Flourishes in Calligraphy


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Alternate Uppercase Letterforms

Do you want to add special, personalized touches to your calligraphy and lettering? This class will show you how to create customized treatments of each letter with a variety of flourishes and finishing touches.

In Alternate Letterforms and Flourishes in Calligraphy, Bianca Mascorro will teach you how to add variations to classic calligraphy letters. You’ll learn how to add unique touches and get insights on modernizing the ancient art for today’s projects.

If you’ve already mastered the basics and are eager to continue your work, Alternate Letterforms and Flourishes in Calligraphy will show you exactly how to add custom touches.

This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.



  • I Arabic calligrapher I like the English calligrapher and I learned Your way thank you ali instagram: @iburenad Saudi Arabia
  • <p>I don&#39;t like writing negative reviews. I have waited weeks to write this. This was such a disappointment and a waste of money. Very little content and you don&#39;t come away with anything that you can use. This probably could have been put into one of her other classes. The alternate letter forms are letters you should have learned how to join in the lower case letters class (I am assuming she covered this). She writes out approximately three to four capitals letters, but no real flourishing. </p>