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Assembling a 12x12 Layout

Lesson 20 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Assembling a 12x12 Layout

Lesson 20 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

20. Assembling a 12x12 Layout

Lesson Info

Assembling a 12x12 Layout

I would not be, I don't think a complete workshop on scrapbooking if we didn't talk twelve by twelve and traditional way out. We have a lot of names in the scrap booking industry sketches page map. They're both for layout and for cards. In this case, I am the creative life team was nice enough here in studio to print this for you. You gift a freebie version yourself. The reason for this that I asked for them to do this for us is that it's a nice thing for you to choose the style of layout you want to do again? It goes back to accidents at the beginning of each segment, but what holly may do, phyllis may do laurie may do they're going to be different, so I don't wait so locked into one design at home, and if you do purchase this it's going to be awesome because there's tons of sketches are blue pins, prince or mats, whatever you want to call them with square photos on them, and if you like tio scrap the instagram prints it's perfect for that and these air provided by two different resou...

rce is and I know I will leave one out and I'm having a a brain blank some have to list in credit them on my web site later but one of those of scrapbooking cards today the maximum associated with past three sketches as well that these air all unique to our topics that's awesome s so what I want to do is kind of walking through a process of assembling a layout because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming at least for me. I don't know if you share that sentiment but you have this twelve by twelve just blank canvas in front of you the pockets at least shouldn't kind of already see right when you look at it okay? Things were gonna live here here, here and here a lance a little less structured in that sense but it's as craven it's you know as creative and fun. So I want to talk to you about that and collecting a a blueprint or a sketch that works for you and just kind of building it up from there. So you're going to want to do this falling lung creating at home with any of your pattern paper in your stash. It's totally fine uh here, same thing pick a sketch that you enjoy and go for it and I'll show you kind of my process so I have different options with the pattern paper goes back to fancy tense designs in the burlap and bookcase collection one thing that note, if you ever taking a course online or in person, and they're saying, I can't get the name of this paper from this collection, and you think everyone's on the same page, and they're grabbing that you're just staring blankly, which I've been in that seat. Once upon a time myself, you can find all of that information along the bottom of the papers called a tear strip manufacturers strip. It has the name of the paper there, the name of the company in their logo, but also more more times than not the's pattern papers have named so, you know, we can say hello, love arrows, nice to meet you there, printed here as well, so just keep that in mind if you're reading instructions or anything ever, and can't find the love arrows. What are they talking about? Last kind of self explanatory, but sometimes we have kind of out their names and it's, not a quick read, so that will help you. So this are already measured a twelve by twelve for me, when I'm looking for us, let the sketch first go there, and then what kind of help go from the sketch to the paper? So I want to make sure to give you a variety of styles in here and erica hayes helped me in a big way with preparing this props to her. And this is a chief she's, a friend of mine. This is a two page spread twelve by twelve. If you're two pager, just a quick finger on the pulse here. Are you gals here in the room? Two page spread their single page both your both kellys to lori. Anything and every anything goes, yeah, phyllis, without you, I'm with her. Anything goes anything, how many pictures I have? You know what your needs are great. You tech dictates what? How many pages? Because he's perfect and holly, you kind of knew it all this so you may not even know yet. Yeah, that's ok? And they're going to others like you out there. You know, I think that you've come a long way and realizing anything goes, sometimes we, especially as we're newer to the hobby, can think we're just stuck in one position I have to do cheap age twelve by twelve a half by eleven single pages there's not don't feel locked in anything what you said you hit it right on the head when you said I kind of what how many photos I have and that helps me decide that's certainly true where our sketches and blueprints are concerned, you can see that they have different place markers for photos. I'm not going to put through the whole thing right now, but I like this one right here it is, however, you'll notice a rectangle or an eight and a half by eleven sketch, so I am going tio show you how to translate that to twelve by twelve because that's the style ideo if you do it in a half by eleven that's fine too. So if you all into the same one, I'm grabbing the one with the he kind of doily around the title, but you certainly don't have you pick whatever works for you here with me, and I know two. Of course she won't have that list before purchased self tio okay from here, it's very easy to follow a blueprint or sketch it's simply it's printed on here for you sometimes that's labeled like this says right on a title I know my page title is going to go there, but sometimes it doesn't say right on. So these lines that's a general kind of universal symbol for that, for your journaling will go that's for your handwritten messages were tight. Messages her husband's handwriting would go is right there and then beyond that don't feel locked into kind of a sketch tip for you are a blueprint tip you don't have to put a flower right here just because there's a flower indicated or a doily up in the corner because that says doily that's just sort of a nikon more or less to say an embellishment here and accent here a layer here so don't let this get you kind of stifled or shut you down I think you have to run to michael's in the middle of the night or something because you don't have that flower it just helps you with balance there so purple one of their main purposes is to help you take the guesswork out of it he can do twelve by twelve or enough by eleven and not in time agonizing over placement but also just a springboard to inspire your project mind may not even look like this I'm done but it's going to help me get started and sometimes it just takes that initial step to let that creative freedom come in so there we go. All right? I'm going to find from my background pattern I want something that's not too busy because one thing when you're thinking about pattern papers selections in your scrapbooking you don't want to do a bunch of the same pattern and by that I mean the same thing relatively the same size so all three of these air a really good example that kind of on the medium range and if they say it is the point pint court gallon ruler court right order that small medium large point court gallon yes on so you want to have a healthy balance of a large print a medium and a small print if they're all the same size relatively they may compete with one another for the attention and detract from your photograph so this is kind of that mid range the court I guess I like those air of on dh for my pint or my small amounts I may just solid a lot of the backs of these when you have too excited paper oftentimes will offer you a solid I like that coral color that's really nice the outside for a minute that's pretty good. I like that paper that's a beautiful kind of a yummy buttery color. The pattern's knife this is called oftentimes referred to is a and b side just like what tapes records something music records what had a b side with a record a vinyl vinyl and a cassette did yeah ok some paper to a and b side so this is a more of a gallon pattern it's a larger it's a boulder print and you can see when you compare it to the b side over here is a healthier balance or if these were huge polka dots with these bigger flowers woman I doesn't quite know where to look like that that neutral is beautiful there keep that you can't see him doing the possibilities and the not this time pile this is it's cool trend and scrapbooking right now the textures almost like taking a picture of an item this is that burlap that looks like a burlap but it's just smooth and that brings in texture that actually having burlap which will shed probably on your projects yellow knife all right and from here you can go with reference back to your sketch for your blueprints you can think about the blueprint and the paper you have out in front of you but the next step and probably the most important in this case we're kind of locked into this paper because this is our class kit but if you're sitting at home doing this just your stash and your photos scrapbook you would want to look at your photos as well to make sure that the the elements here placing here on the page their main purpose in life is to support the photo the photo is the star the photo should always be the star so if you have all this really loud pattern paper and this really delicate image it will get lost in the shuffle so make sure that that whatever when you're out shopping for your papers think about those stories those photos on your instagram, riel this photos in your camera rolls that on facebook and how these would enhance them and not detract. So I'm going to move over here to my photos. I liked you, I'm at home scrapbooking. I tend to keep little trays out because it helps me kind of compartmentalize things. So we have those and I want to just throw out come here in san francisco that there's a place called japan town and we went there last night and they have always great like for storage in the storage nerd. I love the share storage tips and kind of known for that this killed carton says, um, clapping march picnic. Have you prepared to go on a picnic? It's fine let's go out in this college? Well, happy critters, fun and I like to craft on the go a lot. I had to buy this. Everything in this particular store was a dollar fifty, so I picked this up and I can put my buttons and hear my embellishments in here storage tips or my favorite to offer. So go over to japan town and find the most adorable and whimsical little carton s and containers the holder stepped in, and they also have these trace that makes my my craft desk a little less chaotic when I'm looking for things to put on my page and in this case, my photos are in one of my trace here, and I know these are all things I printed from the various approaches the disgusting classic at length from, you know, online services toe at home to my local options, and I have a wide variety have collages, and I have just, uh, straight prince I also have ones that I've run and treated with aps to have a more artistic effect, and so I'm going to look through and kind of look for something. Well, what story I want to tell you probably would have the ones printed that would support the story you're telling already, but I have a wider choice that she's from here, I think what we're gonna dio see that ike are california's fun, that doesn't quite go with my paper. I like this one. This is I'm going to do a friend's page. I've noticed I'm looking for patterns if you wonder what I'm doing and I'm kind of internally processing is just what I have asked you to do as an exercise on your screen you can do with your prints and look for where is it where the story? Sometimes they're not as obvious, but one that I have and I'm seeing over and over as I'm flipping through here our time with friends friendships so I'm kind of pulling out photos that support that fun time with my friends to tell, and I'm not going to use all of these on a single page, but it gives me my options to start with. All right? I think I have a good sampling here, a friendly photo, their photos with friends, time together, and I can look at the's against the papers that I've selected to see if any stick out of kind of loud or not quite cohesive, a compliment, the product that I'm using it in this case for you, it would be the other way around. I have my photos already determined pull the paper off my shelves in my home that go with it, and so I can see that. Oh, this is a little busy that's the collage, but I might separate it out and use it individually and cut it up because it's kind of hard to see all that on a pattern, so we'll set that aside for a minute. I have a couple different ones with my friend kelly, you're saul he's one or the other, but that one inside and that's kind of the process, I won't go. And my all my thought process out externally but you kind of get the idea that's how you can approach a large campus like this and get you over that hurdle and into the creative process. So from here I'll do this one let's say I'll do you mentioned wendy smedley and how much she helped me get ready I'm going to do with her she's such a fun girl hang out with super creative she's easy to tell stories about and certainly somebody I want to have in my scrapbooks as much as she appears online, instagram rial which is quite a bit actually so I've got that I've got some photos you can see I'm more photos in my sketch or my blueprint here is indicating that's ok? That just simply means I can modify this to make it my own. So from here on in my background and I kind of like I knew there was a sea yeah, that coral one on one thing the first step the natural kind of obvious stuff we're going to take this element across the bottom ofthe grandma trimmer for that this is why it's very handy when I was suggesting earlier if you're new to the hobby and just building up your supplies to get a chairman that's large enough to hold a twelve inch piece of paper twelve by twelve because usually the papers are sold that way sometimes there six by sixes and eights I eat, but pretty colin most common, I would say, and that allows you to do full cuts like that. And sometimes I don't think this one is yeah, this isn't the case that sometimes these tear strips will have a pattern on the reverse side. So before you recycle it, make sure you flip it over and see if there's any borders that you could work with on the back. In this case, that's not the case. We'll put it over here. All right, back to this, the foundation of this page is starting to take place again. This is an eight and a half by eleven so my background, you know, the size of this paper, so I want to just take this whole element this whole portion in the middle and plop it on and twelve by twelve canvas that way, we'll still go with my twelve by twelve look and feel of my album, but I don't have to reinvent the blueprint some people, and I admire them so much that I teach when I'm out on the road, we'll take these because more often than not, when you take a class in public, will give you that twelve by twelve size, and there ain't no half by eleven or so they will actually do the ratio exchanges in the math take it like that says do it a four by six photo here and they know they're sizing down there lay out they can do that adjustment cut their photos accordingly but that's a little bit unique and not as common and it's not really the focus of class we won't spend a lot of time on that the quick work around if your blueprint is not twelve by twelve and that's your style is just take a nap by eleven and put on back in your done so that that's my background that's let's say the white behind here ninety think do these inner workings or these layers this does not have to be a doily but I like that it's a nice rounded edge so I want to show you quick technique that's fussy it's called fussy cutting I happen to have a pattern paper here with doyle is on it I worked out well, lucky me you can also buy doyle is in the kitchen island. One of my favorite tips to offer and one of my favorite activities to d'oh is go down other aisles and aren't scrapbooking aisles and like kitchen supply office supply and see what things jump out that I can use on my projects I'm talking, I always talk in my hands and I have sharp blade in my hand that's very wife, right yeah here in the room do you girls have any kind of unexpected places beyond the scrapbooking? I'll where you pick up stuff to use on your way out we mentioned playing cards and now toid tens and things like that. Anything else that you'd like? The doi least that you can think of that the friends at home might use tio put on their projects no. So lines kids toys or kids printed material coloring book pages can be a part of the o r you know they're drawing so cute anything like that. Jeffrey, did you have any idea the chat rooms you get anyone in the global audience? Yeah, untraditional scrapbooking I would love to giles I'm always are adding more stuff to my house. Oh, yeah. That's toys that's a fun idea. You know some people what did I see recently? Oh, and this crap vulcan cards today magazine in their summer issue they had an article on stamping and somebody took a lego lego block and the little signature ridges on the top of that and use it as a scamp kimber grades arctic like camera more she's one actually did that or not though on the wheel and I was like, damn that's awesome that's a good idea for a boy page and sometimes the boy supplies aren't as readily available product crafting products sometimes have a a more feminine design aesthetic sometimes so I like the wheels stamp now this is called fussy cutting it's a term that is taken from quilting because cultures will fuss seek out a pattern from within a pattern and like applicator that onto their projects, crafters of paper crafters have started doing the same thing and cutting out elements motifs from patterns to use as embellishments on their pages. So that's what I've done their bus, he is simply it's just because it has it's not just a straight cut, I hadn't do a little bit more of an intricate cut if I wanted to get very fussy with that, I could have gone right around the pattern of the doily, but I kind of like that it has yellow frame around it for one for another, I don't I don't really have too much of a desire to get that five feet with us, so we stopped there and set this aside have my joy lee peace and again if you don't want to just know what kind of a rounded area of that corner is fine too. So I'm getting some elements together. I want to have this kind of middle pattern, but he thinks I'm going to go like that and I can't think of a hard time deciding, um where my dot on the back and I like the doctor said, you can't do that so for here this is a good thing to point out with, like for this I had to come in and get this oily because otherwise they're kind of have seas. But keep in mind when you have double sided paper and you are fussy cutting. If you can cut out one that's closer to an edge and get the full motif, do that so that you preserve as much of the rest of the paper as possible for later use. Because there's always that decide that you can turn tio cut this one down here. Did they come up with anything? Actually there's one great one, uh, using dried flowers and leaves from hikes. Wow fund very natural. You could take those flip flap that we've been talking about a lot and tuck them in there so they wouldn't get crumpled. Now that's what? I wonder how they do it. They don't that's one possible way. Yeah. Or even like, you know if if someone gives you a flower like it's. A very special, like a single rose. Yeah, romantic love. Romantic. Yeah. That's. What? I have not tried. My people will stamp sometimes with that, like they'll take a e m the base of the cap or the lettuce where it kind of looks like a flower and way down to the core is that let us that it's like that or cabbage and when they put that in painted on the paper it kind of create the flower effect it's cool we got some more storyshare scrap this save that says the food I'll exclamation mark I love but I love using the mesh bags that citrus and onions come in they offer some great textures toe layout and also western powers that's cool that's cool west coast says I like to use coffee sleeves great texture and patterns on some of them and another one came in saying moss from the forest andi and tina luccin does says office supplies are great especially today when you can get paper clips and fun colors or with little jewels on the end yeah like they are fun yeah and um hey women hang out with the ones that uses the mesh bags and see what they're doing that's amazing that's a cool idea and moss from the forest times have viewers that are like an enchanted awesome wonderland country out there watching well like you said everybody has their own style and their own creativity and yeah what they bring into their stories it's amazing I like it's like you know backpacking or you know if you go on a wall that venture something like that yes different elements to tell that story. That's. Cool, that's, very cool. I am don't bring his much nature into mind. However, I did show the picture of me painting on the rock. You know, some of them get a little more crafty with my nature. Perhaps we'll have to try something with my mosque next.

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