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Apps in a Snap!

Lesson 6 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

6. Apps in a Snap!

Discover apps you can use to quickly and easily enhance your photos so they look their best.

Lesson Info

Apps in a Snap!

After the snap and really that is that's the best way to sum it up abs are on your phone's on your smart devices, not the dumb one so you can leave them out of the party but they are an easy thing to turn to to make a basic photograph, which is fantastic but you can take in almost like a canvas to paint on and apply all kinds of cool effects both for years scrapbooking projects many album projects but also even on a larger scale it shall show for home the core wall art and it's really amazing get very unique and artistic even though it's kind of a pre program set of things there are so many different combinations and ways to use them that is still a very creative platform, but because they're aps, they're very intuitive user friendly joe minister, I went before we get to that though there were a couple of last things I forgot to tell you before I get so excited about all of this and with the storage in the organization one is related to your phone and that is simply I don't want to sho...

w you and tell you if you're on facebook and you want to save an image to your camera roll and have it at a higher resolution if you do that screen capture save that we've been trying out the resolution's not going to be that automatically going to take your resolution down to that lower seventy two d p I if you wantto maintain a higher resolution however, if it's on facebook it's already been deluded a bit but if you simply put your finger on the image and hold it there it'll just in a just second won't be immediate but hold it for a second on your phone and I'll bring up the menu it says what I want to do it this say that they didn't give you the option to save and so that's a cool trick I don't even know told recently and also get photos from your phones facebook whether they're your own photos are people you don't have permission to use that's what I'm endorsing that you can do it in that one step that's another option you have choices on then from facebook one thing I didn't really mention too much that I wanted from my computer I'm going to go bring us back here for just a minute um is do you ever wonder when you're looking at your facebook photos or those of people you care about that have something to do with future compiling your data and you're doing the collaborative thing that we've been discussing? How do you get their photo into your world to print or to send out to be printed so we'll just do it with one of mine to show you I'll open a photo here goes on albums he's unable to get a photo open okay there's my family watching the parade let's say my older brother here posted that and oh I'm liking my photo you can like your photo then hit options you don't have to like your photo first that was a blunder if you tap options, you'll see that the menu pops up and you have a few and one of them that the one for saving the photo it's a simple as hitting download and then it's I'm working with a mac program so it can pcs I credit me if I'm wrong people who were pc users and people people yeah android girls a pc girl go figure does it just bring it up and then you hit say, vassar, does it give you a prompt that says, where do you want to say this? I had even I'm putting you on the spot. Kelly sorry, thank you I think it will give you a little menu options says ok, now what in this case it doesn't it just opens that if you're familiar with mac software in preview so this is not this is no longer a facebook property he's living in here is a preview and then I can simply flecked file and she is to save it to my computer so that is a very, very quick way for you to just go around and kidnap pictures ever all over the place, right? And from the facebook, so know that it isn't impossible to go to your brothers of your sisters of your friends and get some cool photos. All righty. So this this is it wasn't even a very good photo, not this stellar now, but I took it because I love the way that the palm trees were in the wind, how they're blowing, and it was kind of a weird area town street signs and power lines, and it wasn't clean, but I knew that if I played with the lighting in the different situations, I could emphasize a silhouette that I was drawn to. The sky was beautiful, but I also knew with another app that I could enhance up further, this is actually a combination of by that, yeah, you can get really wild crazy on as as continue to volleyball every day, they're changing this older, so back in back in my day, we hashed open and open a lot, so I remember even before the rana designs craze, I had taken a class from her, and I could get that same effect that she doesn't all in one location, and she taught me how to do that through basically digital stamping if you're familiar with digital scrapbooking. But you have to open this happened to this and this and you get that great result. But now, as she does it all one step this is the same and it's nice because even though a nap can offer you like ron is a million wonderful things that it might be that one thing you still want to add to it it's also fun to see what the different layers will do to it. So for this to break it down, I took the photo the palm trees I think the first thing I did, I don't know if you know this or not, but if you want to post it, if you love your instagram filters that comes with those pre like valencia useful once a lot makes my my wrinkles go, you know you know you have your go to filters on instagram, but maybe you don't it's not ready to post their it will ultimately land and instagram, but you want to run valencia first and then go to other places with that base foundation in place. Did you know you can send photos privately through instagram? Are you aware of this? No, so you can take your if you have your instagram and you're treating it and it's ready to share if you instead of hitting share you you say share, I wonder if I can I have to show when we get into our laps you can send it to you you can tag a person I usually just tag my husband he's never even on there for really so I just know you want to caress iate but because I'm sharing it on lee to him privately it saves the day one in my camera ll by default just says if you were saving are sharing it publicly you know how it always save a copy for you in your camera rule I sent it to corey he's the only one that I'll ever not see aki won't and I've been there for having my camera also that's an option call your b f f c hand sending a picture text him don't worry about it just you know going bother they'll think it's cute that you're sitting on a picture so that's an option you can get that basically that's what I did here so I wanted to run kind I want this one filter on instagram that I think has been yet is that correct in a dark darkens the outer edges and like I said, I didn't love that area with kind of yeah, but I love so let's I randon yet to kind of dark and things up there's one I use that we're not going to talk about our use as a class but I want to mention it's called vin antique like vintage in antique of combination of those two words of antique it's, a little bit higher price point it's also ah, large file. So if you're eight thousand photos and your phone is, I am, you know, proceed with caution, I feel it's well worth it, and by higher price point, I want to fight for ninety nine. I'm going to pause here and say I have actually put together a very useful tool when you purchase the class and that's like this whole app guide, I said hours and hours I'm twelve plus hours kind of finding the best of the best, in my estimation, but not just according to make, and I went to my facebook polling location, which is very convenient some of you may have seen that was not too long enough. What are your favorite memory keeping photo related at? Oh, my gosh, so money I can even include them also that's another version, but why you want to check out the download instead of that? I've done all the research on is it android, it's, an apple, and and try one of the other is how much does it cost? Do you have to buy the add ons or they freak out because you think a dollar? Yeah, but then you get like two things and then everything after that, you know, I'm exaggerating, but it's so easy you don't think about oh, yeah, I'll do an ad on pack for a buck and your forty dollars in right? Does anyone do this and so easy kind of those impulse spice? You don't want to do that math when you start counting how many add ons when what I mean by that is you can buy an app, a design app which has kind of its based foundation and it's lovely, but you're always enticed by pretty things and like or for two dollars, more at the's images to it or these filters to it or these fonts? Okay, all right, don't mind if I do a robbery and then yeah, price tag goes up, but anyway, what I did was try to find some that offer very healthy offering right up at the gate. They may still have add ons available, which is wonderful on I would all indicate that I just kind of a very quick at a glance. You'll know a lot about the app where their website is beyond just the apple store, the google google stores that were the hundred who will play? Yes, thank you, so you know where their home is to learn even more like trouble shooting very thorough, very worthwhile and antique just bringing this awful circle is on there and you can be all about it and so the antique took my beautiful california sky and it just amplifies a different take it it was a beautiful kind of sunset but it took those colors really saturated so you see how it's got this not hombre exactly but the yellows to the greens, the pings it did that for me and they're like, wow it's getting better already I like it came down within teak and I should go and you're working with that switch will do together in a moment and you just ok down with this back to the camera on your savings so what you want to do when you're done with your in result, unless you like the different in process steps delete the others because you're always saving one your camera roll and then you add the next layer save next layer unless you're doing all within a single app but where this is arrest that be right it's several ingredients and so that would just help you. I don't I'm not very good at that clearly eight thousand photo megan, but otherwise your camera ll fills up quickly so just keep that in mind then you see the heart now I've heard this pronounced two ways we actually wrote an article on it back in time magazine life that light treatment where the light birth I was told it's pronounced ok like a bouquet of flowers photography that's right? You may often hear boca some people say boca either is fine potato potato right? But okay is just where you like maybe it's your christmas tree and you're taking a picture with a dim lighting so that they kind of the light bursts or blows out the right when I think I know you're not the only photography girl in the room but they're so conveniently sitting right thing so but one thing you can't do what you can you can actually do I've had wrote an article in this one you can make a little filter to put on the end of your dslr your camera with a heart on it but we take a picture of the ok from the christmas tree lights aaron heart shapes but that's a lot of work right it's awesome and clever I'm just going to open my app called book a full okay be okay h fuld took a fall and then with my finger I just dragged those heart okay lite bursts where I want them isn't that clever and if you're not a heart heart see girl like me and you just want the true looks more like authentic like a real light burst they have circles too they have the dots you don't have to do they have stars it's really fun that tooth in the ap guide so you know it's available for you so there's another layer and then finally do you see the I heart california that was done with an app called text mask and I really appreciated that one because it takes your whole foundation just makes a thin layer almost like dusty or something. I wash me on your car windshield so it kind of takes us a layer, applies it over the image, but masks out the wash me or the I heart california and I have a really large font library available this is, of course, a little extreme. This is maybe something I do on my wall if I wanted to, I don't love it that much, but I had fun. It was kind of just to get familiar he's just plain knowing there's no pressure you don't have to, I didn't go back to instagram and share it unless you want tio I think I probably did with those when I can't remember it's older but just know that it's funded like on airplanes. If you put your phone's on airplane moon, if you travel a lot, you can still get through your app airplane mode does not cancel out, you just can't then post them you have to wait till you're safely on the ground, but yeah so often explore experiment and know that even if I went to the exact recipe again it's not going to have the same effect because you think your heart's won't be exactly the same place is cool it's really cool it there there are snowflakes I guess right? No two alike so what I want us to look at just a few examples boy that's hard to see I apologize it's a newborn baby in her grandma that's mice sister in law I wanted to be very soft and very peaceful but it's kind of our doreen just says when a child is born, so was a grandma because she was just so happy with that sweet little baby girl. So I wanted to do something that I could print in a twelve by twelve format which talk about in our printing section of class they're wasted you at home are fantastic and then you have the nearby don't work there but they have great twelve by twelve picture frames you come by like twenty bucks really? I have in my daughter's room I get compliments on them all the time and it's just defense I've done at home this very clean, crisp signature look so it's really nice and easy to customize so that's a really fast gift it lives high end sort customized very personalized to her she loved it it's framed and, you know, mother's day for grandma that's pretty special can't believe I cannot say I have a sister is a grandma. Whoa! Life goes by quickly, and this is another one that I want to show you why we're not going to do together as a group, but I'll show you on my phone how it's done these air do you have a name? Do you know what this is? When you see a little like a little design element with words or a quote on it? I just learned this from my friend I didn't know this before, they're called means we heard of this means e I believe maybe the chat room can chime in and let me know if I'm right on that it looks like meanies, but basically they're just like word are that you can create and post to instagram. You seem a lot on pinterest, too. I think it's kind of popular because a project like they're funded design, print off and put in your pockets. I see a lot of people who will do the months so on instagram, they'll do on in january, right in front of january, and then you know that when you get to this everywhere february one at a glance, there's my january because you have the book ends of your means, right, that you've designed and customized weeks, all fancy. I look all skilled. I am not a graphic designer who never even pretend to be, but I can do this is easy. It's fun again, creative. I used to kind of shy away from anything digital, so that now we have those stereotypes on, uh, I'm not card maker. That scrap of her, I'm stamper, we have it's funny, we were just crafters. We're all just sharing a love for being creative. We kind of have our I'm shine away from that that's why I was with digital, but really, this is what this is. And then when we bring it here, then it becomes it's the whole complete experience that becomes traditional. So, anyway, is kind of a cool way to make completely customized crafting accents they work with so you can do names, months, whatever that you probably couldn't buy on a piece of paper. So that is fun. And I did all of that. Oh, I did. You spoke a full so you couldn't see the light blown out. With the exception of that, I did all of that in one app, which is rana designs and I nice build this before, but it's r h o and a rana designs and it's ron affairs beautiful at this is one we're going, we're not going to do a whole thing that they can get time consuming in the q and a that baby that's, my baby, they can get time consuming, and I just wanted give you the gist, kind of so you can go home and find to an infinite, and the reason it gets time consuming is you want to play with placement, you're not going to have my exact photo, but if you have a photo with you, if you're following along at home, the key to success when doing something like this is a photo with ample white space, and by that I simply mean a photo where she's my focal point, but then that area above and to the side and everything of her it's okay, if that's covered up, it was just her in the bathtub, you know? And my husband snapped this it's really not a very high quality photo it's very yellow color tone to it. It was south on a phone it's blurry, but when I do this and like that was kind of cool now, yeah, I post on facebook that cracks me up, she used when she's teeny all the time, and she wasn't mad, she got right, so we got that. And it had such a reaction I got so many was posted february fourteenth, april fourteenth in two thousand thirteen this is just a sampling, but so many comments I was over whelmed by that I loved it and that's another teaching point that I'll tell you, when we learned how to do this, you can filter and I shouldn't even says could maybe someone commented, is watching and it's not on there, but I think that everyone would understand you would probably put the ones if you have so many to choose from, they won't off it. You can put the ones that maybe have a closer connection to you personally, like family members and close friends that maggie will probably ultimately know down the road and this I have printed out a twelve by twelve size is a home to core piece so it's very fun is very easy. It is, I think, all rana as well, rahman designs I wanted to do like, don't you have to do the recipe fifteen layer thing here in class that's kind of a bigger investment financially, but I do want you to know they can stick with one thing you love and know and just note to death that's great, and the people that do that with ron is, and other ones make a works of art. It's been tough, they really know leave or you can do like I tend to do kind of dabble here and there and get a taste for things so let's, come back to that in just a minute. More examples. This is another one I want to show you and demo for you, and this is so neat. I apologize that I mentioned to the beginning, but to my android friends, I'm hoping that this comes to a point where android I know I may be the chat room come help me! I looked and looked. I know there's, a brand new app that takes your instagram feed and turns it into a calendar. This one is not new it's cc days used to be instant cc the name change along the way so you may have an older version on your phone. Cc days will take your instagram usage or activity and pull it populated into a calendar on the app. But, oh, you may or may not fit your design aesthetic that pc you may not love the templates that she's from their fun and different, but they weren't quite the style I was going for, but you can then use that as one of your ingredients in your recipe and add to it again, I'm in. See, I really care a lot for the rana stuff, pulled it back into the rana designs up, and you can customize it to be a little bit more in line because that's, a very large a library, that app is there's a good chance. You're going to find something in there taking that base calendar that that aps created for you and dress it up to fit your needs or the style of the book you're doing. But isn't that great that even just this cc days alone, pulling that it's like, how fast can a year in review be done now, it's. Remarkable. Yeah, there are some users online that I follow. I'm trying to remember. Darn it, look for the hashtag sisi days. If you go into searching hash tags on instagram, do cc days, and you're going to see a lot of great examples to help give you ideas.

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