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Mini Albums: Hidden Journaling

Lesson 18 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Mini Albums: Hidden Journaling

Lesson 18 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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18. Mini Albums: Hidden Journaling

Lesson Info

Mini Albums: Hidden Journaling

All right, let's make let's create if you here with me, we'll grab that maya road camera album, you should all have one there with you. What I want to do in this course for you and for the viewers at home is talk about several ways to incorporate hidden journaling. The reason for that is hidden journaling is necessary in, um well, not necessary, but helpful. I should say when you're scrapbooking, those comments, those comments screens that aren't so cute, right? But they're important, so I'll show you a few of mine first and then here with me, you take whatever right you want to do? Like I said, I can't really I don't know the stories you're documenting or how these will or will not work. I don't know how many comments you may or not may not want it include, I just want to give you a kind of a potpourri of different options for hidden journaling that translate to many albums and traditional scrapbooking and you can pick and choose that selling a good deal, okay, so before that I want t...

o show everybody a tip for capturing this status updates or the comments and captions of your images, andi I wanted to document all of that, so I just and also kind of turned it into a pattern or like a running text, so I just drew my lines didn't even use a ruler here and if you're going to take that route and dry your lines kind of on purpose a little sloppy let your pen lift up sometimes do cem dashes don't always just do a clean, crisp blind and add to that sketching that artistic effect so I did that on purpose and intentionally and you'll see let me pull that before that before did they have it? Oh yeah I buried it here we go see how it's come to be or how it's evolved address um um sketched lines around the berlin's sounds like yeah, so I did that and then in the center here this isn't a little for you here are lunchbox goodies should I keep the sauce? We can see it pretty well more of the fun fancy pants designed stuff and then below that you have these maya road geo tags geo tags does anyone not know what that is? Somebody please say yes you're humoring me but thank you I didn't so geo tags are if you are in a location that drops the tag like a pin into where you are documents spaces man though the interwebs air so fancy anymore and that's what these over there decorated in a queue way so just a funny little side note the's air also jia tags there also in your kids they are also by my road, but they're decorative paper clips and I was doing an interview at the craft and hobby association it's a trade show we have every year to unveil the latest and greatest awesomeness and was on camera as being a series of interviews kind like a I shall maria the reporter you know the host of the event and I've got to these geo tags as one of their new items I'm such a dork like oh caroline of my road she was showing me that you know the decorative paper clips and like I love the snow home one and this went on and on about I used to work at a snow shack that was my first job and I can't believe you have snow cone paper clips and I eat snow cones every summer and I always take pictures on and on and off like an hour not really looks like five minutes I'm going on about this snow cones and that's all she's so nice she's so professional so polite that was thie element or the action I guess they edited the videos they put him on line I was watching my husband size like snow cone like what like that you tag dio what like oh honey it's a video that's out in the world it's published its live or it's not live but it's aired that I'm calling this thing snow cones so in honor of that, I recently did the guest blogged post for this company, and I show you a clever way to turn that geo tagging watercolors, snow cone then I win, right when me so if you want to come to my blog's sometime or my web site, I should say, you'll see how did you know? I think that was actually I'm sorry that's on the my road website, you'll see how to turn that into a snow cone, which is far more tasty, but in this case, we're going to use the chipboard ones, and one of these has a heart in the center and that's at the center of my my lenses right there. Remember, before how I said, you can just take that screen, that home screen of your facebook albums were all of your images are located and access or highlight and crop into a few of them like a photo collage it's already done for you and print that that's. What happened here? I just pulled a few that's directly from my facebook account. I would love to show you, but it's actually glued down there, but because this is a sampling of photos from our hospital stay, we're ahead of a c section, so we're in the hospital for four days. On and took you know me and take a lot of photos in the first ten minutes, but I wanted to devote an album to that period of time, so I just access a few of those photos from there to peek through that window when you're thinking about feeling a space like this, I love having windows and my cover's but it's kind of like that pocket scrapbooking thing, right? You have to think about how it's gonna work, how it's going to play in for this one. The photos not gonna have a cute thing on the back, so instead I just turned it over and put one of our brad cards. They're instead this both secure that photo in place at the window and cover the back very easy and then on to more social media tips as far as how they relate to scrap booking and hidden journaling. This is my title page that's usually what the first page introducing many album is called or a regular album, just like with your books, and I wanted to create a pocket the's brad cards are really nice option for that's already cut to size, eh are slightly smaller than the pages of this books you know how to do any trimming or anything fancy. Ah this is another instance where if I were home I may have stitched along his edges to make my pocket really secure but tape works too on the goings especially so that's what I did I just grabbed my yellow why she tape put that around there I went with the calendar cardio I'll have this one if you want to do this as well when you're working on it or not it just depends on the story but it's one of those brad cards and to make it more like a pocket instead of just a a brad card like its next door neighbor here I took a circle punch I think I have one out so I wasn't in a demo this but I'll show you what the square one hear what kind of pieces together in a sort of fake way but let's say this is my calendar and this is a circle punch instead of a square you would just stick it in halfway and again with the punch site ups you can see where you're going and you're going to know it's space and centered and in a ce faras you wanted to do don't do it this way it's a little bit flying blind and I did that to create that david that feels more like a pocket to me all right k there's something in here come check it out so that's what I did on been inside basic shipping tags are my favorite, and I it's almost like I hate giving away my son like it's a universally my new new idea to me, but I just go to like officemax er basic supply store, you can buy a whole box of these for fifteen dollars and buy a whole box, I think it's five hundred tax. Yeah, it's fantastic and I have gone through a whole box and like months. Thank you. Use them a lot. I'm not exaggerating. And one great lady use these. Tuck him in this pocket with those printed comment cards. Or you could do like my other example and just dropped jot down notes or comments on here and translated that way, or there's always another his I could go on, go stick him in your typewriter what her young and you're watching tv like you're what those air back or kind of cool in scrapbooking right now, my sweet mom gave me her old typewriter, which has so much to it. I love that I hear that sound, and I think that when I was a kid and she's clicking on all the time on that, when I turn it on and I immediately go back to that. But then also that font is fun to just roll in here, it's sometimes easier from even trying to format electronically how I would put this through a printer, which isn't that intuitive, easy to dio just rolling that into a typewriter and topping typing comments this easy only problem is there's no backspace, you have to go with my mom is pretty old, so you have to do the white out or something, but that's a minor thing or leave it as to the charm, right? So several options were taking those comments that you receive on your photos in your social media or those photo captions that you're adding in your social media and putting them into place in real life. And then you just tuck it in to make this a pocket. Come on out there. Um, you will want to not glue this down and well, you can look part of it down. I guess I didn't want to glue in him it down seven in my pocket to be his biggest possible. So instead, the only way this is the card is it here to the book is with tape on all of the sites, and you see me doing that burnish, getting do that as often as possible, sometimes leads to jump back up. And that's enough in that way there's no glue under their second get in and out right you pull that up you have the comments right on there and for me because this is the story where I had three hundred comments I gotta be clever with I'm putting him in here and you may want to do this to their I just did on both sides there's grandma on there there's an subpoena you know this is really special for maggie I know she knows we love her but I wanted to know how much the whole world because it was so hard to get her for us we went through so many struggles and so when we did have a I know people love babies anyway but when we got her with like I get all emotional again but it was so special because everyone I was cheering us on and hoping for us and which there she has self yeah um holy that they're going to get there's a little stamp she was born on the seventh so in your collections on the tables if you choose to you can certainly stamping your books we have this fantastic set by close to my heart franticly looking I don't know if I pulled mine out yet but it's a social media says designed just for us and for this and it's got little icons like the thumbs up and it's got a little you've got mail ha ha! Go it! Well, right and it's got the, uh I can't think of all of them, but there's, several icons says tweet says instead, says this and that and it's just perfect for this project. I really appreciate close to my heart providing that and they also provided us with an ink tower every color you could want a beautiful kind of modern cut multicolored tower. How great from the go crafting not awesome. So there you have it. There's some stamping options for you and that's that is journaling hidden journaling tip number one or trick number one I'm gonna pot stills is dying. She wants to play. I'm picking on you thinking I know you all want to play. I want to keep offering these tits and I know you can work and listen, so going work because I want to see what you're doing with it and how you're interpreting it and making it your own. And then in the meantime I can continue showing these that I'm not occupying your creative time were filling it up when you want to be showing me what you have to do so you can watch or watch either way, don't you have to it's certainly a the choice is yours, so you do what you want to do and I'll keep going that way I can see what you're coming up with and learn from you also so that's one approach and then you can put a snow cone on the top. I'm kidding, journaling tech or I mean a geo tagged, whatever, I don't know I should go with on a farm somewhere. The next idea is these are just little brad cards them, you know, the three by force that we had in our kit, having our kids, I think, well, anyway, that's a card and I altered it just slightly by punching a hole again, there's that same just little office reinforcement element, so I wanted to make kind of like a mini album within my many album, so I took some more of my comments print a three by four. First I put one on the back of that brad card and then some more and some more like these are all back to back for one, having him back to back as to the stability was kind of hanging out there. You want it to be pretty stable and rigid, but it also just allows you to use your space widely and you'll notice because I left the done button in the common screen and all that up at the top, I had room to punch, and I'm not going to punch into my comments. So you can see all these nice, wonderful, well wishes from people who love us so and then on the back to make the end of my many within the mini, I just added the second card, teo, give it back cover will turn into the front cover again for just a minute to show you the car doesn't look exactly like this. I added a little bit of doodling to make it personal, and it says love! So I put tiny stickers on their these are in your collections. If you're you're working with your stuff to add the word notes she can have, you can alter your cards, both of you're doodling you're punching your sticking oh, my all right on this one to show you a hidden journaling idea if you remember, we had those foot flats that I was showing you flip flap, snot flops, not the shoes by close to my heart, a little separate pockets protectors with the sticky bases, right? So I wanted to turn those into a little door action or a little flip ege let me get one to say that what's that here's the package memory protect her foot plus, and it comes with a few pieces sixteen in three sizes open way have the small to buy to clarify with small means three by fours before my force or are several of each anyway in each of this in one set so fun, eh? So I thought oh yeah that's perfect cause this is a sticky a self adhesive element and I want to put it down and make it a flap and to do that I simply feel put it journaling carter a brad card in first in the sticker sheet they hear my friends here with me are working with there are some tab stickers from fancy pants designs so I just pulled put stickers on the end to make it look again more like a there's action to be taken here that's a good tip kind of in general if you have an interactive element or stuff that's not in view that you want to make sure the the experience sir in the reader knows that they need to be doing something tabs help people realize oh I need to open that I guess is sort of self explanatory but it never hurts to add that and this is just a sticker that I wrapped around the end of my foot platt wants the card was inside that on the back side are the journaling comments it's a little off simply because um they're not oriented the right way they were slightly too long to do the right way but I don't that kind of stuff doesn't really bother me some people it will bother that's completely fine and giving you several options that she's from and you can just opt out of this one, but for me, I just the fact that I can get the comments into my project is enough and I appreciate that. So I did that here all the way to the end a few more of those photos from that stay that's another option for hidden journaling and one more time I'll repeat that all of these ideas will most of these ideas you can put on to regular scrapbook pages to you don't have to reserve them just for your many albums it's just one way and they're very easy to access in your many albums because there's no sheet protectors in the way so this one is an accordion fold approach to hidden journaling. This is a closure mechanism, not just snow come so it's there a decorative paper club is a nice idea to hold this down but then you want to remove that and the other technique is neither two of our tag. So you have these great tags in your stash your home get any definite of tags office tad and the key with this technique for me was fighting two with the same cut because I wanted to act is like a closure closure element said take this one then I wanted to find another one this would have worked but I went with this one that's a kind of toe layer them and they'd have the same cut there and they could tie together tying a bow like here to create the closure so when I untie this then my accordion will open up and there's all those comments that many more because when there's three hundred you have to get creative and the majority of this tag isn't even in view this is glued down like this on the page this I just made sure that when I put this down even though for use upside down that's a matter I wanted the blood and wanted to be white so I still wanted the black showing through included down and then I put that on top in that way this and this tie together for a closure thes to tags, which is perfect but then when I open it it's black right there and looks nice and I added some tape just for for decorative flavor on the back side even more there's two more sets a really great an effective way to get a lot in there and the final one is just one on the page itself. I created a d I y shipping tad kind of what we're saying kelly high making your own tags out of business cards I did the same thing here with the journaling card, but the reinforced her right there, but this time I rounded the corners all of them, instead of cutting it tag shaped like this with a straight edge is I just rounded all four corners for around id tag and I in my first page, if you remember, I had one of my tags in my pocket, I intentionally had removed the string on that, and because I keep everything and never throw stuff away, I repurpose that over here to make it feel more like a tag. I tied it through here and one little tip on this one. I just wrote some notes here in addition, and I wrote my photo caption here, which was at last we're going home, it's likely she got john dawson said, we had to stay awhile, and so it was just really nice to be able to go home, and this is a great example of when I held my mouse cursor over the image and did that screen captures that it included the two hundred forty four likes and seventy seven comments came with this picture. You know, that kind of info I wouldn't remember otherwise and it's on facebook, but it's kind of hard to find because this was two years ago and for many albums again remember, height, texture, dimension side popped this piece up with some foam adhesive to give it a little bit more activity. On the back don't forget the back it's kind of like the hallmark card, right? They gotta have the gold crown in the bottom I always with my many albums that's a tip I love to share do a little sick, your signature whatever that may be on the back, some kind of something whether you just sign it, anything right there it's a special and that's just that one last little treat for people I took the geo tag using the same one that I used from the front. So on the front again I check the center out of that one to put in the center of my camera lens with the remaining negative piece because that's the positive I put that here, but underneath fax I wanted to have a little message inside there that is actually part of for you here with me the clip there, the when the com toppers the top was this is another fancy pens product in that for laughing. Ok selection, the's air awesome it's hard to convey to my home friends because but I'll tell you, maybe you can kind of pick it up they are it's like they're laminated their smooth they're therefore great four covers friends and backs that's something to really consider as you're creating your albums, the covers need to be durable people will hands, they're going to hold them, they're going to get moved and shifted, so this is one area and this is fine it's not going impact, that archival quality of my photos within, but I did glue the geo tag down with a really strong liquid it, he said, I think I used beacons fabbre attack that's, one of my favorite favorites fabric like fabric without the sea tack ta see beacons three and one is another good one it's hard core it's strong stuff, but I know on my cover this guy's good to go, even if I sit on my suitcase and pack it it's not going anywhere, right? So that is a fun way to kind of conclude what you're doing with your album. So just to kind of recap as faras hiding your journaling, whether it's in a mini or not, and how to incorporate social media. These are all the photo captions on the photos shared at the hospital. All the things I wrote as my updates in the photos just a screen grab of my album itself that I printed in aristotle collage doesn't have to be a full image that's what I like about it, you can put your comments on office tags, you can put your comments on journaling cards and make them their own little mini book. You could even just have this have your comments on a card with a little ring and that band have to contain it within something else you can put your comments in these little pitch protectors whether you use the cool flip flats where it makes it so easy it just sticks right to the book or if you just like we've looked at in pocket scrapbooking alter your photo sleeves and cut them up and put him on that works too you can put your comments in an accordion fashion we're here right? I knew a girl that played the accordion sounded much betterthan that or you can just drop him down directly. I did kind of leave the rest of the album there because the point of this class is social media tips and tricks I'll probably fill in a few things here and there like put some pattern paper on it but I didn't want that to interfere with what we're talking about today so that's the other thing he's come kind of grow and evolve that can always be a work in progress if you want them to be because this is for me and for my family it's not a gift I'm giving somebody else but the other tip here is you don't have to finish it bear chipboard is not a no no it's actually quite stylish and a lot of people either stamp right on their bare chipboard or draw lines right on their baird ship boarding that's great that's not a problem but that is my book and I want to know now that we've kind of gone through that quickly if there any initial questions from either online or here in the in the room do any of you girls have anything that you are wondering about as I went through this would you use your how would you would you use your little insta yes pretty yes they're perfect in many albums little insects prince one thing kind of like white tree of life that I showed you with my husband's project these and those little photos the insect share prints are a match made in heaven they fit perfectly so you could just sit here to this and then stick it in a pocket you could hear it right to a page it is chipboard so that's where it's gonna be kind of difficult because the back of that photo is slick business so you'll want a very strong like a glue dot or there's something called a terrific lee this is one of the brand's terrifically tacky tape that's a mouthful and it's a red filmed tape double sided I always refer to the superman of it he says because it's super strong and china if you use this I use it quite often it's great for something like this because it's not going to go anywhere it works strike ribbon and chipboard things that the texture can interfere with the tackiness. But you want to make sure to do everything you can. I guess this is a good rule of thumb with adhesive in general. Don't let your skin touch it. Because if this skin oil on your fingers, get it. Really, it really does take its toll on that tape ability to hold. So the hardest part is going to be, especially if you have pretty manicured nails getting that red dome. Yeah, so you may need some help or have a starter point and then build from there. The other tip with that tape in particular. Or indeed, he said tape that you made it may not using and cutting with scissors is to buy. Invest in a scissor that is oh, what is that called? Not new stick medical. No sticker like tonic has, um, if you do just a regular pair of scissors. I adore these little paper snip style from fisk. Ours. I use them on so many things. I made the mistake of cutting my tape with him and it ruined the blade that coming him up and you can clean up. But they never quite the same way. Mom it's good sewing shears yeah yeah like that and I get that now starting the so and I'm like no they're just for fabric and that's a good point if you cut or stitch or anything on both paper and fabric in particular with the cutting have designated scissors for both because on a little dull the blade like if you cut user of paper scissors that are nice and sharp on your fabric it'll dolan and vice versa so yeah I'm glad you bring that up and I love that question did that help answer it yeah ok good deal or you could just put paper on the back and then stick it on the paper and anyone else how could guess you are scissors become dollar your blades like for your if you have old school yeah the tremors yes you can use aluminum foil to sharpen your blades I heard that yeah aluminum foil repeatedly in it'll sharpen your yeah I had heard and seen with punches right? You know that's a controversial tip when I worked for a magazine I was going to include that one of my tip columns and I guess there are two theories of thought on that so I just stay out of it. I played neutral but I think most people do that and there are some will sink hole but it worked for me yeah, yeah that's a great tip thanks for sharing that

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