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Uncover the Potential of Social Media

Lesson 1 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Uncover the Potential of Social Media

Lesson 1 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

1. Uncover the Potential of Social Media

Lesson Info

Uncover the Potential of Social Media

Thank you so much all of you for being here. I just love that I've been working on this since january and it's kind of like when you're preparing for christmas morning you know you plan you plan your plan and then it's here hold my gosh it's just overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm so many friendly faces cruisers sorry about no one brother drinks of time we'll see if we can work on that, um, industry friends that I've known a long time and worked with and new friends I just love as john kerry said it's the relationships and the connections with my students that make teaching my highlight of my I'm like I'm kind of orchestra directing is that all right? So I put that down maybe eso anyways, do that makes this worthwhile for me? And you certainly feel my tanks I don't want any of the creative life experience here to be ammi dictating our lecturing I very much love and welcome dialogue from the teacher can't we just use air quotes on creative live that's really dorky but there it's don...

e it's done and it's done I am the teacher, but I learned from my students every time I teach without fail, so if you have ideas you all have such vast and different experiences I know that together you're really going to make this strong in result for everybody watch anguish is awesome here we go make it official on this is a wonderful illustration of just what we're doing it's taking it off of the ipad or the android I will kind of with a little disclaimer right up front I am an apple user so buy the product and I guess I eat him too but whatever on so android friends we have some in the room I'm going to take kind of a finger on the pulse I know that kelly you are an android he's a rare either of you but I brought my op ed and put everything on there ok, I will go with the aboutyou alshon couple apple okay, I'm going I looked into the research for preparing for the class and there is one app we're going to talk about a little bit later that is apple unique and I apologize for that. So especially those watching live online it's going to be a little tricky, but I will try to offer solutions work arounds as I can and I do kind of speak like this step by step this story als more apple related by think like getting a screen capture and things like that are fairly universal, so if they're not maybe might android experts could say, hey, you know it's slightly different in that world for you help our our viewers that find put you on the spot like that you can help you could be my sidekick ok, thank you so I don't want to say that, but whether you are an android or apple, what device you have the idea is that you're your memories air there I have a love hate relationship with social media for a few reasons I love it because whether people like it or not, they're scrapbooking right? I mean it's true essence it is digital but we are taking our memories and we're keeping them I think with scrap booking you kind of have a tendency creek me if I'm wrong, you do the highlight reel why you do like birthdays and christmas but you don't always get to that day to day a real life and who we are in a penta our essence you do with social media, you know, I went to the hot dog cart today I know I'm not going to scrap like my trip to the hot dog cart, but that is how you're living your life and maybe we'll talk about ways that that could become its own story when you see start seeing patterns and how you post and how you live your life so that's why I love it why I shouldn't say hate my mom always said never say hate it's a very strong word I dislike did social media in general and by it we're going to focus primarily on facebook, pinterest and instagram like you said twitter I enjoy and appreciate but it's not really my right hand man so that's all right nothing against it but in this class is there are three heavy hitters the reasons I just like it or it's kind of a temporary solution like really we don't own it anymore we're kind of giving ourselves to the cloud ho right and then stairs and it's very unlikely that mr zuckerberg pulled the plug tomorrow and all of that stuff all of our life it is gone in essence you know, unless you have backed it up in one form or another I'm talking even comments received not just what you're posting but the results of that because that's people that love you giving of themselves to you in words and thoughts and appreciation so you want to preserve that I wished I d'oh and some of the hardest times I've had in less two years I don't like to go through for public like there's my diary of my life but certain things have in public because of my position in this industry and people have been so supportive and amazing I want to hold on to that whether I'm struggling with something else entirely those words or supportive words regardless right? So I think it's really amazing to get that off that's a little we'll focus on and it will be a really fun and experience. You're going clever tips and hopefully by the end of this two day course, you'll have a lot of skills at your finger tips to make the most of your member keeping both online. We get more efficient, more organized, still have a lot of fun, creative with the aps begala from of mentioning. But then how to take that step further and make it more permanent as a cloud into your hand? Enjoy it, live it love it passed on children, grandchildren so, yeah, feeling good about that good one more little kind of gauging everybody are we all facebook users? One brand new to pinterest is what you're saying right now, let's. Look at it, but I just signed upon it, posted some things to it. Just take it. I apologize to you then because it's gonna suck your life is right it already back, it's all downhill, right, it's. Fantastic. It is for those of our online audience that aren't familiar with pinterest, it's ah very creative environment in the collaborate place where people post project ideas but not just in this industry food home to core quote somewhere and talk about all that can be and is through your pinterest boards a reflection of you and who you are and how you live your life and how that applies to your storytelling in your memory keeping and many others that are newer to pinterest or not on it at all or are all of you? Yeah that's why we also john it's over? No yeah, you know every morning not even out of bed yet on what's going on in a printers, right? Yes, how about instagram? Anyone just you have to aim for the instagram class and I just thought it was a cool way to make square pictures with the fund border, which it isthe which it is, but I had no idea the magic of the hashtag oh yeah, I love that t shirts the magic of the hashtag yeah, yes, I love that it's very interesting and there's a lot of layers to a lot more than I think people realize I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend of mine all about instagram because she had posted on facebook I don't get it, I don't like it and all these people replied me their hated all there's that word again but what you hate it it's like my best friend in the whole world that my sad lied for no just kidding and so I called her preparing for this class to understand maybe from the online audience if there are others in her boat why you know what is it about the format that turns you off it was so refreshing talking to her I think we will be able to break it down and help people who don't understand those layers really realize its full potential and how amazing it so yes and I know you aren't kelly yeah you're my facebook friend yeah that's the only one because your breath is hash is it not by the time we're done I have a feeling that will change because you're so you created their visual and it's a very visual and very inspiring environment so ok anyone else for good, huh? Got the three amigos the three heavy hitters pinterest facebook instagram okay yeah you know it's funny because I'm a writer and I'm a story teller and it's very much a journal I wanted to incorporate it into the class because it's very journaling based in story based with the words and maybe even more so than facebook because that's sole focus but I saw so much overlap between it and facebook and with only two days unless you're going to camp out like for a week I feel like I had to limit it somehow so if you are on twitter then I think that there are certainly ways that we talked about with facebook primarily that translate into the twitter land twitterverse and when you say the right lingo twitter sphere you okay? Yeah, that place that you can like say I like what she's saying about facebook I'll apply that to the twitter sphere and cool now all right, cool we have a lot of excited user's online is t get into the conversation saying that pinterest is too addictive rose car says the coffee and also a lot of there they spoke from family and passed in tow word documents to keep them on I'm sure that you'll dave in other ways that they can we didn't talk to me won't talk about words right off the bat see what I mean I learned from my studio it's every time that's an excellent idea and easy most of us have a word processing software yeah, it was that arose qahar whose car thanks for us okay, yeah awesome I'm glad they're shining and please continue to do so because you only help maybe a stronger and better teacher, which I always appreciate all right, owen about me you already covered it I'm kind of I've been all around, I've done the magazine thing teaching thing the cruzan thing I'll do more of that stuff anyone who has an idea call me inside rather, just correct right into the crafting. Really? I know creative people, and if you everything, I'm not creative, you're not watching this if you're not creative or you're not sitting here and they tell me that every time I teach oh, I'm not I'm a cop, you know, the fact that you have an interest, that creativity right there. So I know we creative tend to like tio kind of weather appetite and get right into it. You can't have all these yummy stuff sitting front and, oh, he's, let me just touch it a little right there going die right in the reason we're going to make just the cover of our bread, but today, this is going to have more focused. Tomorrow is an art journal on how you can incorporate your you're on pinterest usage into this, but first let's make the front cute. This is a if the product name is called brag book it's buy fancy pants designs and you all have one. Those falling along home just a notebook is fine. I'd even done art journals in composition books, those one dollars books and get at the target the target on so you know, just something there you can both put ideas, inspiration almost like taking your pinterest making it riel it's sort of not right and also for you here in the class it's a really nice book I love this product because on the inside it has a variety of components including lined paper so you can take notes if you want to you have course shall hunt right pages and pages on also in addition to the line paper, there are photo sleeve we can drop in your images because we scrap pickers. I'm sure you already taken sixteen this morning, right pockets he can drop in thing anyway. This product in particular is really cool for an art journal it's not designed specifically for that, but that's the beauty of creating you can make anything what you want it to be. So first thing in you're in front of you here in the studio, you have these brag cards and there if you are familiar with pocket scrapbooking that we all we'll have some level of familiarity with that. I know creative live has an excellent becky higgins course. I spent a lot of time watching her she's such a pro taken note, speaking of notes that was good. I like that I'm trying to channel my becky right now and she's really, really hitting home the idea of project life and it's where you pocket scrapbooking that's, a brand name of pocket scrapbooking and it's so as a result of that, many companies have come out with I know alison, you designed some these three by four and four by six cards, and they're awesome. They dropped right into sleeves and they make it so easy, but they're also really cute in their inspiring, you know, stamp, I'm already decorated several come together in no time, so pick one, I don't want to dictate it too much to one that speaks to you if you look at my slide on my screen, here did a six by four horizontal card, but you certainly don't have to you're welcome to do with three by four if you like or four by three, and once you've got that selected, you're going to take your book and with design scrapbooking design, I'm going to give you pointers design principles the formal language, but you know that it's creative, anything goes there's no hard and fast rules so don't like, oh, I don't do that that way I'm failing and somewhere it's not right, it's, not a right or wrong, but one of those is the rule of thirds and not doing a bullseye effect. If you want to put your quote smack dab in the middle, more power to you, I kind of position by a little bit lower in that lower third just kind of help with the balance like the cards you're selecting nice so just know that we were going to go down just extend it a few more friends to add to it let me change my slide here ok? Let's get to it I'm gonna pull out my supplies I gave you each was so fun at home preparing and getting the kids together talk about I can be a little tender from myer road a little lunch pails which is like a mini album in the making of my right. So fun if you want to open that up there's a bunch of goodies in here for you including these tags and that you want to have out kind of waiting in the wings you won't use them right away but there's a little bundle of tags any kind of tag will do so few following along at home there's just like shipping tag or you can cut attack from pattern paper anything goes and then to keep digging. There are these little how it's really crammed in there in that embellishments that this is all part of the, um okay burlap invoke a collection by fancy pants everything coordinates makes it super easy and again pick anything you want, but you're going to notice when you look at mine that I have the black floral elements polos out there's two and we're going to get the technique care is kind of a three d photo corner decide that guy out of the way I'm gonna grab a few arrows isn't a unique election yeah, I love it and then just a basic adhesive runner will d'oh so I use it I love the scrappy kid, he says by three l permanent runner, but pick your poison, three arrows of your choosing and then last thing in those brad cars, you're going to get one to get a three by four, one of the small ones and this one, I will have you get the same one I chose. If you don't mind, we're going to a kind of cool tab technique with it and that's this one that has the line and in the pink side, and we'll start there since you got your stuff kind of out ready to go. Any questions on what you don't need to have identical to me, but any questions on what you have before you and maybe what you want to use? Very feeling, confident, feeling good feeling, groovy, yes, good. Okay, so I told you, we're going to turn this into a tab I want to kind of emphasize the point here that you don't have to feel locked into a product that's the point of being creative and having fun is that you can alter anything, and so when I saw this, I love that looks like a little piece out of a notebook, but I wanted to kind of emphasize that more and bring it to life more by actually punching out the holes and cutting around it. So we're going to do that and have it ready to go if you look at this picture is probably the easiest to see right here. So this is what I'm talking about. We're gonna have this create this technique first in that way, and if time doesn't allow us just a glue, things on a notebook, I know we all had to do that that will do the technique stuff together, the grab your scissors and you're just going if you look at the image, you're going to see that following along the pink edge and he's going to cut that out, and I'm going to be a little quick and dirty for think of time because nobody has been there day watching me cut it out. I'm in san francisco, I have to throw in a full house reference, so now you're gonna just punches out, punch out the holes, you I'm using what's called the croc it's, a basic tool hole punch tool, I say basic it's pretty fancy shmancy, it'll cut through various surfaces. But you just want to follow the pattern of the design. Now from here, you can just score if you want to be very precise along the edge of the between the pink and the blue, either with that through their tip that's what I often do kind on the fly if you have an official scoring tool that's great, too, or you just fold it reason I like to give it a little score first aiken indented guide to fold on if it's a little cleaner that way, and then you just fold the punched area towards yourself and see how that just sort of with up makes it look like a a tab that sticking out taps avery in right now office of memory is very in right now in crafting, so we did our own from d I y and from there I'm going to take my book just put a few pieces down, clear out some space here remember one thing when I was watching becky do her creative life. Of course she gets a nice talking to clear everything. I totally understand where she's coming from with that I'm going take my runner he's of runners are pretty amazing you don't have to mess with a glue stick this one's had seen better days, but the gist is here. You just can run your he said right on there I do suggest for you that are just getting into this hobby and may not have familiarity with it, he says if you go down the aisle at your craft store, it can be overwhelming it's a massive selection do always opt for a permanent runner right don't use of more than almost anything and they're very handy permanent helps because you think wall of he says will hold not necessarily summer made to be temporary, so make sure that's one of your must have I have provided for our creative live audience supply shopping list if you're just getting into the hobby so that will be a great resource for you and like a someone put this in the lower third one thing with the runners for the most part their permanent but not right away so this is have a few elements layered underneath, including that tab piece that we just created and don't worry about that endless reason got hard core like a liquid and he said that can get tricky. So I guess I say try to have a runner for paper to paper those liquids like fabric tack and three and one they're for more hard core heavy d stuff and if you're putting that paper to paper with those there's no going back so you better commit but in this case with the runner being forgiving, I'm going to put a little adhesive on that piece we just made, not on the pink eric's. I want that to be able to be free, and then this one could just lift back up a little bit. Don't let that sounds scary it's not tearing anything. I'm going to talk it up in that right corner. You see that's where I mean kind of looks like a filed tab right there and then a tw this point, those little floral elements that we took out the beginning. This is going to do kind of a three d photo corner effect. So at this point, we're getting kind of close to this. We have the tab tucked in the card is down. So for the three d, we need a bass player and that's that lower black corner I'm gonna tuck under here. The idea here kind of back to design principles when you're crafting is simply that if you can look for areas of commonality again in thirds or odd numbers, so because up in the right corner of my card there's such a heavy amount of black, I wanted to balance that by bringing some down here to kind of what it does, it sort of to your brain creases ping pong effect. And you're I go through that black element back to this one, and it keeps I know it sounds so over the top, but it helps keep the user in your project or the viewer in your project and then to complete the photo corner. Look, you're gonna take your phone and he said, whether you have the phone squares like this or you have the clear ones, it won't matter. You just wanted to have a little lift. Sometimes the generic is dimensional adhesive, pop dot there, you lingo you like to use just to know that you're gonna put that on there so that it is double sided. And then, of course, you're on the camera, you're trying to get it off, and it feels like three years has gone by, and you're embarrassed, all right, there, you got it off, and you're going to just treat your second or you're more three d effect by placing that over the top of the base piece of black, I'll show you right here, you can see it from the side. Yeah, that gives it some lift with something like an art journal or a journal cover. I didn't want to do too much lift simply because it's going to go in your purse, a lot of artists and people who scrapbook on the go. I have put a lot of wear and tear into their things and so you don't want it to get to roughed up or if you put on your shelf in and out if it has a lot of layers not to mention unless you're sealing it was like a mod podge or a deco posh of some sorts mod podge is one brand if you don't feel it tear it back off so that's why that's about the extent of the death we're going to add to the book and then little doodads we'd like our bling right ladies I can't ever think of a time in the scrap booking career I've had where there hasn't been some bling trend going right now one of those a sequin sequins are very popular you've gotten onto the sequin wagon yet are you hooked like a magpie? It's sparkly I'm like you're all got it oh my gosh I love about this table you have you tried sequence yet much as a a accessory for you're not on around here for no so good that this should be fun yes, it will be fine I put in a little bag of goodies in your lunch pail, including a couple of black sequins, so if you want to do this you can take one out and put it in the center of your flower again just a little bit of a texture edition because everything else is paper and flattened sequin brings in different textures from different lift and a little bit of sparkle farm bagpipes in the room and I'm right there with you I won't worry about doing that, but if you are what you would just put it right in the center of your flower and you can see that it's really started takes shape but I do feel like it's a little off balance because it's feeling kind of like no man's land up in the craft area and down here so because of that that's why I wanted to get out a few arrows and add those to the project it says my runner has run dry, I run a runoff what is that? My husband? I said, are you in an off key it's from a movie or something? Uh I will just place them so you can see where they'll live. One thing I want you to note when you're placing the elements in the lower part of your book is that one of them one of the three arrows has the phone squares behind it or the dimensional adhesive and again just to get a little bit more lift a little bit more life my phone squares are wider than my arrow that's a comma anything that happens a lot if you're the same way here or at home just know you can take your scissors cut him and they you know, have to go by the take anyone's he's come in all sizes from teeny the big but you can always alter the bigger modifying so that you don't have to run to the store because we usually craft at three a m when our babies they're sleeping, right? Alison? Yeah, late like craft? Yes, I am like alice and I have a toddler she's too she's amazing! I miss her it's my first time away from her in a long time. It's hard! I'm from utah so not that far away, but far enough that I miss my baby. But anyway, I am a toddler mom, you got to fit in where you can because your life has been running after that baby girl and then you just stick with down there on doesn't matter again, which one you pop up? Just make sure one of the three and that's about it for the project just reminded that a little teaser for now just get you a little play with the product when you think of this line, isn't it beautiful? Me too? I wanted to choose something that wasn't overtly baby or feminine or masculine is kind of a neutral there's, a little bit of something, no matter your story you're telling so that's a nice, nice aspect of it if you have time or as I'm talking, I know another thing with creative watching at home and here you I for one and there's actually, some studies on this, if you are listening to, tend to mean I retain the energy or the information more if you're keeping your hands busy, like word processing. So if you want to keep playing with this, by all means, I'm not gonna take offense or think you're well mannered, you know? Go ahead on and one thing you could do if you choose to use I have tied to tags to the finding just get a little bit I had mentioned it sort of a wasteland up top and down below, so the arrows helped, but then the fillings in that space up in the top corner, a couple of tags. One thing to consider is because he tags are all about the same size I tied one to one ring and one to the next or even time both the same ring that make one a little bit shorter than the other. So they're staggered and then tomorrow kind of a teaser because I mean, like that we're going to get wasted, make our accents that come in these collections a little bit more. I don't know. I guess, really, or have a little bit more to them, bringing to life a little more. They're beautiful as they are, but you can always alter them. That's what's happening to make her own tabs again. Tab, zahra. Prominent popular thing. But do it with another unexpected well, several unexpected supplies, and then some little bling bling on our bundle on the binding.

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This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

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What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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