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Asset Libraries in Adobe InDesign

Jason Hoppe

Asset Libraries in Adobe InDesign

Jason Hoppe

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Class Description

Streamline your design process and take efficiency to the next level when creating catalogs, flyers, post cards, marketing materials, and beyond. In this class Adobe-certified instructor Jason Hoppe will show you how to create an asset library that stores all your colors, logos, graphics and templates and makes them easy to re-use in other projects. This is a valuable tool for file management and storage and mastering it will save you time and money.

Topics include:

  • Transferring assets like colors, logos, images and text into a Library
  • Creating and using simple yet effective grids structures for easy layout and alignment for fast and efficient layout creation
  • Using the asset library for all your organizational needs
  • Learning proper file formats for use in layouts
  • Exporting these graphics for use on web or when needed for marketing/printing/creating support products for your company

Software Used: Adobe InDesign CC 2017