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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Live Sound Mixing Fast Start: Avid SC48

Zach Varnell

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Everyone, welcome to creative lives, music and audio channel. My name is zak varnell, and we're here today to talk about the avid s c forty eight council it's, a digital live console with forty eight channels on eight that's up to sixteen outputs, we're going to walk through the entire council from the beginning, all the way to the end and show you exactly how to set it up for a number different scenarios. In the first segment, we're going to sort of walk through each of the tabs in the venue three point of software on dh talked to you about how we can set each of this up to maximize your workflow for mixing for live sound. And then in the second segment, we're actually going to show to specific set ups one freezing the council for front of house mixing and the second for using it for mixing it for monitors. There's, a couple different setups and ways to set it up for each of those scenarios. So let's, just go ahead and jump right into it. We got a lot to cover today s o the first thin...

g we're going to talk about is just kind of an overview of all of the hardware that you'll see on the sd forty eight the first thing we want to look at, we're going to talk about the front and back panel. All of this controls that are actually laid out on the control surface mirror a lot of what you can do with the mouse and the keyboard inside the actual software, so we're going to talk about how to use some of those and optimize those to set up how you're mixing your your your show. We're going talk about the back panel and all the different options of connections that you that comes standard with the s e forty eight and also some add ons that you can add to customize the consul for whatever specific set up you're going to use it for. We're going to talk about the process of booting up the consul sort of the system set up, and the defaults and standby modes were to talk about config versus show mode there's two different modes of the council works works in, so we'll talk a little bit about that I'm going to go through all the systems settings sd forty eight comes standard with to dsp cards, eh? So we'll walk through what each of those dsp cards do, how you can assign those cards to supply both input channels. Affects channels, graphic e cues and plug ins. We're going talk about how you manage that there's also a twenty four buses on the council that you can use in addition to the lcr or left and right and plus mano main bus. So we'll talk a little bit about how you can configure those twenty four buses between groups and dogs ends. We'll talk about pickoffs and settings. The cool thing about the s c forty eight is that there's a lot of different options for choosing all of your pick off points for inserts for matrix the's for og sends and for plug ins, so we'll talk about where all those settings are and how you can optimize those and why you would want to use that there's a lot of different ways to manage soloing for nfl pfl and solo in place on the sd forty eight and within the venue software. So we'll talk about that we're going to talk about the snapshot page snapshot, sort of a feature built within the council that allows you to create specific scenes within an entire show where you khun actually right in some automation on pretty much every parameter on the council, so we'll talk about that on go through the miscellaneous settings I'm in this first segment.

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great class, lot's of great tips for who's starting to mix on avid consoles thanks Zach and Creative Live greetings from Romania Adrian

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