Big Prints, Big Profits


Digital technology has transformed the products photographers can offer their clients — you’re no longer tied to set sizes and film textures. In this 90-minute workshop, Bambi Cantrell will reveal how to delight your clients with a variety of print options. Bambi will cover everything choosing the right paper to how to price and package prints and increase your revenue.



  • <p>I really thought the name of this course would lend itself to the course matter. Having spent $19.00 (the course was on sale), I still feel it was too much. I had a hard time getting past the fact that everything she demonstrated was straight out of the 90&#39;s crafting era. Basically she&#39;s decoupaging anything and everything and then lining it with a gold or silver pen. I was expecting high end finishes and instructions on how to get the biggest print looking it&#39;s best. I&#39;ve spent hundreds of dollars on Creative Live video&#39;s and this was by far a failure. I didn&#39;t become a photographer to start a home based crafting business on my dining room table. Signed disappointed.</p>
  • Absolutely fantastic! As always...bambi is a master teacher.