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Big Prints, Big Profits

Bambi Cantrell

Big Prints, Big Profits

Bambi Cantrell

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Class Description

Digital technology has transformed the products photographers can offer their clients — you’re no longer tied to set sizes and film textures. In this 90-minute workshop, Bambi Cantrell will reveal how to delight your clients with a variety of print options. Bambi will cover everything choosing the right paper to how to price and package prints and increase your revenue.

Ratings and Reviews


Amazing content! I didn't know what to expect because the title and the course description don't give a clear picture of what this workshop covers. If you want to learn about technical stuff about printing, skip this course. This course is more about how to think. If you want to learn about how to promote your business, attract more clients, charge higher prices in exchange for a unique experience, you will probably love this workshop. Learning to think in a way that can help to grow your business is priceless. She shares what works for her and how she thinks, how she constantly stays on top of her game. Using her thinking, you can come up with your own answers in your own style, and implement it in your own area.

Christèle Frossard-Grimaldi

Fantastic class ! After seeing it, I spent my day making exactely what Bambi showed us (prints on canvas, on cards...) for my new clients, and they absolutely loved the little pieces of art I showed them. I'm more on the artistic approach of photography, so this course was made for me, and very inspiring. What I really liked was the easy way you could do the prints.


Really liked this course. Didn't expect Ms Cantrell to get into such detail about marketing ideas for how to set yourself apart from others. Was impressed with her willingness to be open and honest about what is working for her. And to explain the "why" of her thought processes. Thought provoking presentation. Very impressed. Looking forward to more of her courses.

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