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Box Zip Bags

Lesson 8 of 8

Bottom Box Corners

Shaerie Mead

Box Zip Bags

Shaerie Mead

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8. Bottom Box Corners

Lesson Info

Bottom Box Corners

It's only the truman extra threads and now comes the fun part I'm going to reach through the hole in my lining and reach right through the zipper and grab the bottom seam of my bag on the outer bag and start to pull it carefully right side out through that hole in the bottom of my bag on the lining is going to get pushed to the inside first I'm going to use my fingers to poke out those corners in a minute I'll use my point turner so I can get them nice and sharp and that is my boxes of bag the last step is going to be sowing the whole together on the bottom of the line so I'm going to reach through the hole in the bottom of my lining with my point turner and I'm going to use the pointy edge here just to poke out those corners so they're a little bit more pointy and close to the stitching I don't want to poke too hard I'm almost kind of massaging those corners but my point turner just so they stick out a little bit more and you only need to worry about the outer bag for this you don't n...

eed to worry about the lining and the last part is going to be sewing together the hole at the bottom so I'm gonna pull out my lining again and I want to tuck those edges of the whole here together, if you've got any little stringy bits of the fabric sticking out, you can tuck those all in. I'm going to first put a pin in where my stitching stops on one side and then where it stops on the other side that tells me where to start and stop my stitching, too. So this whole time and then as I go along, what I'm going to do is pin these two folded edges together so that the one in the back sticks out just a tiny little bit from the one in the front so I can see it. And so I can make sure that when I'm stitching these two edges together that I'm catching both of the edges, if this back one here is underneath, I can't really see it, so I don't know if I'm catching it or not. So these guys just get him together the whole way down and again, I'm kind of finger pressing them, so I'm making them a little flatter with my fingers, and my goal here is to sow is close to the edge of this fabric is possible, so we're going to use the straight stitch, too. So this whole up, if the last thing you said was your zigzag, make sure you switch back to your straight stitch on your machine. Start out with the backstretch. Trying to stick close to those full dungeons as I possibly can reach my last. And I'm gonna do another little back stitch. And that closes up my whole. All I have to do is trim my threads and tuck my lining back into my bag. And we have a very cool hand made by u toiletries. Bag to keep for yourself, but give us a gift.

Class Description

Zippers add sophistication to your handmade projects, but they don’t have to add complication. Learn an easy way to work with zippers in Box Zip Bags with Shaerie Mead.

Shaerie has been making sewing simple for students at Sew L.A. since 2005. In this beginner-friendly class, she’ll show you how to make a travel bag – the easy way. You’ll learn about:

  • Interpreting a pattering
  • Cutting and preparing fabric
  • Working with a zipper foot 
  • Sewing seams and box corners
  • Turning and finishing a bag
You’ll learn how to cut and prep all the components of the bag including the fabric, lining, and interfacing. Shaerie will also offer tips on giving your corners a crisp look.

If zippers intimidate you, don’t miss your chance to learn the foolproof method for making them work in Box Zip Bags with Shaerie Mead.

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Jaime Baggett

This was such a fun class and I felt so confident once I finished the box zip bag! I just bought the class last week and I've already finished two larges. I had been wanting to learn how to sew a zipper for a while and this class was a perfect choice. I love the instructor, she's easy to follow and doesn't use weird, hard to understand terms. And she defines things that might be unknown. THANK YOU, SHAERIE!