Embellishment & Ornamentation


Brush Lettering: Flourishes & Ornamentation


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Embellishment & Ornamentation

So this is really fun so again embellishments are what I would call disembodied flourishes so they're just you know their little decorative elements that you can add to and especially you know like for example with my name laura there's not a lot of places for me to add flourishes to them to my name you know I can add I could do something really interesting with a capital l you know I can do something interesting with a you know at the end of my name but there's not much in the middle you know the you that the middle a you and our don't really lend itself tio very many different ideas with flourishes so maybe what I'll do is I can do something like this you can take my you know take my name right my l and write my name out simply you know here I can you know add something interesting but you know I look at that and I go and it's just kind of plain to me where also add flourishes here well maybe I could you know take advantage of this curve right here and adan a little flourish like thi...

s and then that's a great way to add a flourish without it being connected to any letters and so you know be taking a look at this page right here and give this to try you know I want you to really play with us and be really expressive you know really the point is to just you know have a great time and do some really interesting stuff you know would be thinking of how you can use these embellishments I mean you we can absolutely you know do stuff for like you know like corner elements and really kind of just you know picking up off of some of our other design elements in here

Class Description

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Lend grace and beauty to your words. Flourishes are an opportunity to loosen your grip and add a bit of personal style to your brush lettering. Join type designer Laura Worthington for this class, and you'll learn:

  • Different styles of flourishes per letter
  • Ligatures as flourishes and how to letter flourishes
  • Adding in ornamentation (similar to flourishes, but not attached to the letters)
Enhance your brush lettering practice, and draw extra attention to your work!