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Easy Peasy Pricing Part 2

Lesson 32 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

Easy Peasy Pricing Part 2

Lesson 32 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

32. Easy Peasy Pricing Part 2


Lesson Info

Easy Peasy Pricing Part 2

When they come in for their investment meeting, they walk in I love toe like first of all, when people come in they have meetings, they have appointments for their investment meetings you don't just walk in it's actually in our order catalog stop you do need to schedule an appointment to cup the place in order we push it home, place an appointment making appointments come in order so they come in instantly we're going for way have to build on the customer relationship you walk in it's not good for me to say hey here for a session reordering oh yeah yeah you're that kid from hopkins and he got you to walk in and be like what's up zach how's it going and you know why you're there? I need to greet you by name may be excited to see you and tell you I got amazing images so I walk you into the the, um to the investment room, which we showed pictures of earlier and I'm immediately going to start going through this book and I rip it up and I start going through every page all the pages of our ...

products I threw away because I already know what we sell I don't need to look at that I just want to see what they've filled out and I'm immediately going to start pointing out any things that I see that are missing hey, just so you know, it looks like the biggest print you've ordered here is an eight by ten. Yeah, we wanted to get a big one for the wall. Okay, I need by tennis smaller than a piece of paper. It's not really what's considered a wall portrait while portrait started ten by fifteen and all of our ten by fifteens and bigger come framed. Do you think that we want to upgrade you to attend by fifteen print? Or do you want to stay with the eight by ten and I have the same print that we've done and we have a display on a little easel where it's the same images a four by five four by six five by seven eight by ten ten thirteen ten by fifteen eleven by fourteen twelve by eighteen and it goes all the way up to twenty five thirty and so I will hold up the eight by ten and I will hold up the ten by fifteen and then they go while ten fifteen that just sounds so big, and then you say, you know, they in their minds. A lot of times, clients think eleven by fourteen having this isn't eleven by fourteen oh my god, I can't have an eleven by fourteen wall snog him by fourteen. That's not what it isthe and I also point out that you're sitting on my couch which has a forty by sixty print into sixteen by twenties above it and it's not overwhelming so I start pointing out the deficiencies in their order but it's not a hard sell okay it's not you need to buy a wall portrait it's a did you know you didn't buy? Alright we asked if they remembered to order stuff her grand parents, aunts, uncles, boyfriend, girlfriend remember? And I just asked that question and I have no idea who these prints airforce I looked through their five by seventh and stuff that's hey, did you get some for the girlfriend? Ah, she'd like that thirty box ah, we didn't get stuff for the aunts thirty bucks, thirty bucks, thirty bucks easy ways to guide your clients to higher sales and this point in the game they already know their images they're familiar with that. Now we will still bring stuff up on the screen and show them big if they want to see something bigger and we confirm that these are the images that they want but that's, that's what we do now, we go through and we always asked like, okay, so you did have an eleven by fourteen did you want to upgrade that to gallery block or campus crap? It comes as a standard print in a simple black frame but did you want to upgrade that to something bigger? So asking these questions it's simple know what you're going to ask and guide them to the next step okay it's our only chance to get him to push up okay this meeting is my only chance to drive their sails up but I guess that's true of ah studio feeling it's one meeting that's my chance to drive your sails out so it's the same kind of concept it's just this hinges on our investment meetings are like thirty minutes we book it in for thirty minutes so it's a much shorter meeting it's much more to the point and as long as your work your products come off professional and you're ready go through it you can you could raise your minimum morning way above that so I said fifteen earth's thirty minutes it usually takes like fifteen it really does typically parents are like comfortable spending more money and we could help them do that or they know exactly what they want the boogie out. Either way we're happy to take care of it it's relaxed and our viewing room we watched the slide show one more time if you wanna have a good investment room if you're going to start selling to your clients in person it needs to be private it needs to be quiet it needs to have the products you want to you want to sell and he's a smell good like it's the difference between going teo um macy's and tj maxx they might have the same brands the experience is different and one's gonna charge you a lot more for that experience. So even though I wear true religion jeans I buy them on sale I don't get them at the true religion store, so I get him at north from rack it's not as nice it's not as cool as going to the real store but I save a ton of money but I know that white by getting them there the experiences of the same and that's a choice that I've made that I'm okay with but we want to provide our clients with a great experience and these are things you need to do so we showed you thies pictures already but these are that's the investment room close the doors it's private it's nice we just set up this wall use we used to do it with ease wall dividers we just actually built a real wall in there. So it's a way nicer now it's uh not so much more private but it's a lot quieter so you don't hear people walk in, you don't hear distractions if we get phone calls in the office they don't hear it in there okay? And if you are, if you're going into an investment meeting attorney cellphone off, leave it outside, engage your brain, be there, be excited they're spending money with you. You should be smiling. You should be happy that they're there and it's got the chairs and that's the couch I was talking about with sixteen my twenties, the big print above it we have our arctic tour wall with all the canvases in the gallery blocks. So like I said, you need an order catalog to do this and I want to walk you guys through our order catalog it's critical to the success of this program it's different than a proof book because it's more like it's like your workbook quick question for you whenever you're doing the review session are you doing doing that in light room? Or do you use another application? We use light room because pro select isn't is software that works great and I know a lot of people that use it and love it it's a big piece of software with like ten trillion options and I haven't learned it and I'm sure that you can do some great things with it. But remember, we run all of our invoices and everything through studio plus and because of that, like the pro select program, you can do the invoices and all that jazz we don't need it so we just do we run actually, how we run our side shows is we just run it through windows as a there's like a view images as a slide show so you can just go to the folder and hit play and then it runs through it's not a fancy an emotive slideshow it's nothing like that, it just runs through the images in a simple way and we have music in the background. We just have music running during our our investment sessions. Um so there's this proof book or order catalog? Ok, and remember if you purchased the course, you get this for free as psd layer files, so go put your own uh, logo's and it could put your own pricing and it changed everything toe work for you, so the first thing is it says don't ever put post it notes on your proof book, it will ruin it. It happens every year even with the slide and every year someone destroys it and then come back and they want me to reprint it for free it's so it's frustrating and now we just make it a big point like no don't do it because I don't want you direct this, I want you to keep this and love it forever, so don't and make an appointment to come in in order I don't want you to swing by I want to make sure that our investment room is open and that we have someone there to give you an adequate session, the one that you deserve so we can get you in almost any time just give us a call it's got a frequently asked questions I always start talking like two people um when they call when they come in and they pick up their stuff will walk him through this and I go just so you know, this answers almost all the questions we get asked so if you have any questions, give this a quick read and if you don't see the answer absolutely calls because we love to answer your questions and then I'm going to make a spot next year and we'll put your question on there so no one else has passed way courage like, absolutely, I want you to call me if you've got questions, but give it a read it's probably the answer all your stuff, okay, now we have the thirty day discounted price secret is are discounted rate is what I really want to charge you that's what I want to make, the faster they come in, the more they're going in fact and when you say you have a thirty day price it's a hard thirty days hold to this, most of our clients come in in thirty days and take advantage of our discount some don't and if you don't come in early uh we have to tell you we're like yeah we say it's thirty days from the day you're proof book pick up okay if it's may first may thirty first your retail you don't want to be retail is gonna cost you more money what I found is the few clients that I have that take more than thirty days take way more than thirty days and they come in months later and at that point they end a pain substantially more money but it's a smaller order so it's actually kind of makes me feel all right with it because I know that in order as much but I just made fifteen twenty percent mohr off of selling you the same stuff that you could've bought a month ago for way cheaper so it's encouraging them in a non aggressive way it's not I'm going to charge you mohr if you don't come in and order it's I'm going to reward you for coming in ordering faster it's the language we used the way we present this stuff to our clients so let's get two columns watching through our reprints our digital files the small watermarked wants our wallets in the proof book if you want to buy it how much that costs and normally what I say when I get to that as they say and this talks about if you want to buy your proof book, but you're probably going to spend enough money to get it for free. So we're just going to skip over that getting them to start thinking that the proof book is something they can get for free, and we don't even need to think about buying it because you're gonna spend enough to get it for free. I priced this I actually got this from my buddy chris meyer, and this is how he started selling his wall portrait's and I liked it. It just made more sense to make it simple. I have a small, medium large, okay it's kind of like what we're time out with four by five four by six is five by sevens so our ten by thirteen ten by fifteen eleven by fourteen one price pick a size are twelve by eighteen sixteen by twenty sixteen, twenty four or twenty by twenty one price and then the twenty, twenty four, twenty five, thirty, thirty one, thirty one price whatever you want and these are all prices that I'm happy to sell it at whether they get the biggest one or the smallest one, I don't care get what you need, these are our rates, and we also offer campus art gallery blocks. Gallery blocks our product I get from arctic a tour which is like my favorite company in the whole wide world should tell you guess how I got, uh, how I got started working with arctic tour because it's actually kind of funny, so I went to speak on creative live at ignite a pee pee a so I did five minutes and my heart was going like this, so I was sure the audio guy hated me because I was coming out there to speak in front of people that I've been loving their work and their city down to listen to me talk now was it was it was intimidating, so my friend alicia came out and did a session of my wife and I in central park we love the photos, they were great, so we did this great session and we've just moved into our house and I said, I want to put these images on the wall in the basement like I want to do something big with these. So I went and I set up and I was just on facebook one day and I saw a little ad for artsy couture and I clicked on it and it was like, wow, they're pricing for campus stuff is great like this is like better than the sale price at where I order from now, and I was like a wonder what it's gonna be like like I wonder if it's what what the quality is going to be so I didn't want to order it for a client. I wanted to order it for me so I could check it out so I did what any normal person would do. I ordered a twenty by thirty of thirty by forty a twenty by thirty three eight by twelve then by thirty another twenty five thirty I ordered like nine and a half feet of canvas and I ordered this whole this way and they sent to me and I loved it the way they wrapped their canvases it's on a wood block it's like wrapped around so you never have in minnesota the humidity changes a lot so you could get warping in on your campus is never happens with these it's the tightest corners they feel nice it's like a heavier nicer feel I loved these campuses it's a great company to work with and when I started working with them that's all these these canvases are arty canvases and the prince heir from nations but the campuses are from artie and the gallery blocks in front of me from them as well and their products are great and what I also love about as they lead me to the gallery block what's a gallery block it's basically the same concept as a gallery rap but it's literally on wood so if you flip this around you can see it's just it's wood now you can get these as like the custom things I'm going to talk about these and how we sell these in a second but you can also get this is just a pipe uh you can get us a by myself do you get it is linda fourteen get a sixteen by twenty and we price them the same for our campus wraps an art gallery blocks I actually sell a lot of the gallery blocks the old old like older clients because a lot of my older clients like the look of the campus rapid don't like the texture that's a way to get it so there's a little variation in the price but um way just praise him all the same sometimes one's on sale sometimes the other ones on sale we just price at all really quick question folks online just noticed that under the framed large wall art it is listed as thirty five dollars twenty five dollars and zero ok that's a typo from my designer assumed just wanted to make sure yeah it's actually they're they're missing zero's ok ok yeah yeah that was what I set up the the original file that I got from my designer I just took the pdf and dragged into this and that's what we printed off of that but obviously what we hand out to our clients we do charge substantially more than twenty five dollars for a thirty by thirty I promise you that. Um so the galley box campus wraps big sellers for us so we sell albums are albums actually looked like this? These are the new ones from nations and our album designs. We tend to be pretty simple with how we lay things out and it just works and our senior albums it's the same way that we do are booed wildlings we will show you a proof you will check it out and let us know if there's anything you want changed and then if you want something changed, we will do unlimited changes one time check it out call you handed down so and they'll even go in and em boss the name on the cover in free money go order one of these albums could try it out see what you think so you go davey, hand these around. Now we have our portrait panels and these are the actions that I ran you through that I got from the pro form yesterday. That's the ten by twenty is in the middle and we have a five by thirty and twelve by twelve I'm actually taking the fight by thirty off of my ordering menu this year because osha has changed the laws and you can't get frame moldings cut five inches anymore, so where that's what I was told by our frame guy we can't get him anymore from three of the company's we tried so we are no longer carrying that we have dog tags, wallet tens, mouse pads, iphone cases, anything you want, not big sellers but you gotta have product offer and this is our deals and free stuff section it's where everybody perks up everybody wants to know how they can get stuff for free our deals and free stuff are based on your first time ordering and they are, uh consecutive so the more you spend you don't lose something, you get another thing, you don't lose the last thing it keeps getting better and better and better and it doesn't matter if you come in and place an order and you hit five hundred dollars and then you come back in, you order a hundred bucks, you don't get the bonus item for six hundred you've got to do with the first time, so five hundred bucks gets you the proof book that we printed for free and this is a product that really cost me no money because I've already made it for you to go on view your images if you don't keep it, I throw it away so this is a free giveaway, but once parents have this proof book, they don't want to give it back to me they never order one hundred percent opposes they never do, but they don't want to give me back. All of the post is when they have them printed it in their hand, so a lot of times are minimum orders are really five hundred bucks because they don't want to give it up. Six hundred bucks gets you the free wall in case the little metal. Ten that's the most expensive thing on this list it's like seven bucks at seven fifty, you get ten free facebook files at a thousand bucks you get a free, sticky album map and at actually it's fifteen hundred. But here it's just twelve fifty that's another thing from our designer, but fifteen hundred you get all your images on a disk at fifteen hundred I'm happy with that session and what? Actually, if you can buy all of the files from the session for seven fifty, but a lot of times what happens is people will look at it and say if I buy fifteen hundred dollars in product to get it for free, so they still byproduct for me instead of just buying the session so they spend more money with me, all right, incentive pricing, the trick to doing it is you want to give away like it drives of your sales and it's the easiest way to do it without sounding creepy without being a used car salesman ok, it should be it should make something too good of a deal to say no to you to make them want to have to buy it you shouldn't have to push anything you should just make it such a good deal that you can't say no and um it should be really, really desirable items but things that you aren't going to sell the wallet tins don't sell they're sixty box no one buys him but we get him for free they're getting for free and that they're excited about it if you put in a slide show no no one's gonna buy the slide show but if you included as a bonus I demand you put a number on it they get excited about these things ok so immediately when you come into place your order no matter how far away you are from the next one the words out of my mouth are okay great we got you order this looks wonderful did you know you're only one hundred and twenty nine dollars away from our next bonus item? I don't want to pressure you into higher sales I don't, but I just want to make sure that you know that you're really close to the next item you're fifty bucks away you could buy one mor e by ten and you're going to get this for free if you don't want to do that that's cool and you're going to be able to kind of read if people are going to go for it or not and a lot of times you'll get this yeah, we don't really need anything else though at which point I would say but I get the yeah, that means they have the money in the bank account they don't know what else to buy, okay, that that's really where they're at and so what we would follow up with is okay wonderful just to let you know if you wanted to make a payment of whatever the differences to the next bonus level, we can take a nonrefundable payment give you that next bonus item and you can come back and use that money to custom grant for custom drag cards and in the spring and says you're probably going to want to buy our custom grad cards because they're amazing and personal you're gonna want these anyways, you khun just pre purchase that now for me and get something for free they say yes and it's never there full order they come back in the spring they spend more money anyways. Okay, another thing that we do because we offer a lot of these gallery block collages, okay? I love this one and these there's like I don't even know how many different options are there are tons of these available from arts of tour and these are not in our priceless because typically how I sell these is when someone comes in way have a bunch of samples of these around our studio. These are custom item these air not listed in our regular pricing guide, so what I'll do is I'll say, oh, my gosh, do you know what this siri's of images that we have of you would make an amazing piece like this? And then I kind of explained that my vision for it, but because I don't have it as something that you're just going to order a something that's just an option, the perceived value goes up. This is a custom thing I'm doing for you, and jen is coming up in the next segment and she's gonna walk you through how to design these, and then we got some free templates for you to go home and play with, and these are all priced three, seventy five, not cheap, not in that crazy chief. I mean, I think you're kind of cheap, but I make enough off of that that I'm happy they don't take me a long time to make and it's a product that they can't get a target, you can't get that this a costco so it's something that makes us stand out in our market and it helps drive up our sales.

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