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Shoot: Senior Guy

Lesson 25 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

25. Shoot: Senior Guy


Lesson Info

Shoot: Senior Guy

What is blue and goes ding dong in avon lady at the north pole yes they are getting worse as the day goes on I promise you I won't give you any dumb jokes tomorrow something nelson storm all right so we're gonna get right on into it I'm going to invite colton out and I'm gonna show you guys exactly how we light our stuff now remember I told you that we're going to do the sessions like ninety percent of our lighting is done with this come on inhuman I just met colton like like three minutes ago and we're already talking about books that we should read these like giving me a list of stuff and I'm like I generally just read facebook it is like telling me about book books I should read so he's getting me excited about some stuff all right man you ready? All right let me take it just a little bit of a step back for me like that way back towards the backdrop you go I have to go this way just little bit awesome and I want you point your toes right at me so I saw you brought your football stuf...

f right? Just fixing your collar for you making sure that's good what other sports video okay, what do you best at soccer okay, what position do you play right on you know I played soccer do you know position I played it should be obvious dude, I don't run I played goalie I want you to point your toes towards that reflector cool but if you separate your feet just a little bit awesome what you put your hands in your front pockets for me cool actually can I be just hook your thumbs like so take your hands out all the way out yeah cool now curl your fingers together and then under awesome get really good posture for me attorney shoulders towards me turn to trent perfect man right here dude, you are going just stoic on this exposure you're inches of rock in the serious look let's get a serious there you go your mom's gonna like that one alright cool I want to stand right towards me so which tells right they're awesome and I should go back just a little bit this way you know like turn your toes that way just a little bit awesome. All right, can we get perfect? I want to take your arms out much across high across your chest perfect man right here and then I want you to take get your head a little bit more straight up for me don't you bring your chin this way cool and turn your body more that way boss crushing it so soccer's like your main thing is your schools your like where you go school's a big school is a massive okay, okay and you play school, you play sports at the school there slide forward you don't do the intramurals are anything but some have seen oh yeah you're better than me it's doctor I'll tell you that much so that's going here I want you to sit like so bring your butt to the edge of the chair for me awesome and I want you to kind of and I'm just gonna kind of take it I want to get one elbow perfect awesome math there's like an incredibly awkward pose for me to dio without without the chair and just looked a little bit weird but uh yeah, we got pull that light forward and we gotta pull that reflector and awesome right there got it. Can you put both elbows so I want your feet like right next yes, perfect seriously chin up just a little bit some you're crushing it, man all right um go change all right, six shots we got it so you'll see that what we did uh you guys lost the screen because of the set up today, so we knocked out the six photos and he's ready to change. Now colton is on top of his game he's just changing shirts we don't have eyes just wearing the jeans again he's got changed to ah short sleeves so in reality this might take a look a little bit longer tohave him change shirts but it wouldn't take me any longer because I would just be at this point if we were going to the next background we would already have established what the background is and I would just be moving my lights and my equipment to make sure that I'm ready to like so as soon as he comes out we're shooting I'm not dragging equipment around I don't generally have a hook up like these guys who are amazing I wish I had them in my studio uh yeah let's keep the floor I like the floors will just slide it we'll just but it all the way up against the law kind of material of those floors made out of you know it's almost like mouse pad yeah it's theirs supercool it's easy to work with and they sell him you can get him in just one section like this, but if you need maur floor than that, you can just get to and they line up and it's easy and it doesn't really matter. I'm sorry you just roll it up yeah, just roll it up you don't actually like fold full because that'll wreck it but just roll it up and so they come in a tube and I just let him back in there we're to stay with this for now and then we're going to do so I'm going to a little bit of different lighting too with the senior guy there's one picture I just like to dio and people always go kind of crazy for its a little bit more aggressive lighting we're going to switch up too to strip lights for that and then I'm going to show you guys a sports collage that we would sell we'll show you how we design it and shoot it for that we're going to change our lighting because, like even though this lighting is great and wonderful and very, very sellable, when I go sports stuff, I wanted to be edgier I wanted to have more interest, so I want ah, harder light so instead of a big massive soft box, I'm gonna go with that small lights air source cool come on him in um we're going to put him on the way against the wall so we can slide that, yeah, cool so much to walk all the way back against the wall there for me I mean, have you put your hands in your pockets? Cool so you from the area? Like okay, you're from where in oregon was like I was like, I don't know that I don't know the area that I was like man that's not in the air that's like seven hours away but I know people from their says we like do you know so and so her name's alicia she's probably listen, uh all right uh bring your feet a little bit cool. All right? And I want you lean all the way back against a wall perfect cross your arms high across the chest for me awesome or your head it's like it's cool with the tilt there you go see that serious look, check our lighting I'm gonna bump my eyes oh, up just a little bit right here he's just hitting us like half smirk thing and crushing the exposure's not even have to like work it he's just doing it and I meant, um we'll have you take a seat all the way down on your butt so on that you guys saw I took two pictures right away. That was because unlike working with the model we had earlier today where I had are fake laugh and tried to get her to do that it's because I didn't have the camera ready at any moment that she just burst out laughing like I wasn't it never happened and what didn't organa the joker? I got him laughing and I was trying to take the shot whether it turns out or not I'd always try to get it if it really happens, so don't be afraid to take the shot not knowing if it's gonna happen it's gonna work turn out alright man bring your can you make a fist with your right hand and then I want you to go like this yeah cool all right bring your chin just a little bit more this way for me to far all right oh I'm not gonna delete in camera because it gets goofy with the tethering so right here all right little smile got it perfect um can you stake like I want you can't sit like this for you do that yeah that's cool but your arms kind of going weird here yes perfect can I get you to slide that reflector out just a little bit for me? Perfect. All right, man radio oh you blink tommy right here got it all right I'm gonna have you hop up and I'm gonna actually have you crouch down for this photo but yeah it's an inside joke with the class there's a very specific way you have to do this or it's gonna look uncomfortable okay, so point your toes this way all right? We're going to bring the front for the front foot forward. Why don't you come down like that? Coleman attorney shoulders toward me there you go. All right um I think we might need to back that up just a little bit let me see hold it all right, man hold it got it hold on football stuff change it up so colton is a much better shape than me he probably should be on facebook known as colton the body uh it would be less ironic calling the fact that a tiny it would make sense with him so we are going to do with sports collage images with him now these were going to do in these air done with the preconceived notion I'm going to make a collage okay? And we would shoot mohr images on this then we would typically just because we know that he's potentially going by him so he's coming out to do these and he's going just shoulder pads, no shirt because it wouldn't look ridiculous when he does that and it would look ridiculous if I tried it so I do come on in so for this these are all going to be shot pretty much waste up. So even though he's wearing jeans it doesn't really matter for the sports look because we aren't going full body with this now the concept what I know we're going to make its this action that I got from a website called the pro form and we'll walk you guys through it later on what it's going to dio to be tall and skinny ten by twenty inch print and then it's gonna put down five square images on the side sell it all day long it's easy, easy, easy so knowing that what I'm going to dio is as a basic design rule I want tohave him facing that way for the long image the main image and then I want to shoot the other images oh he's facing in you want the interest of the subject to be intersecting in the middle of the print you don't want to have him looking off the print got it all right, all right this is going to be like the coolest picture of your life I hope you're excited cause I'm excited for you so here's what we're gonna do it's gonna take me a second to make sure I get the lighting right on this once I get you where you are don't move all right point your toes right at me alright cool holding just get check this hey hold on you crushed it thank god for good lighting assistance because it is like perfect at exactly what I like so I saw this picture one time I just loved it. I told you guys already about how I did a shoot just for fun where I tried teo emulate like album covers I saw this picture and I loved it and so I wanted to do one of me cause I was like that's such a cool image and it was an eminem image where the shadow went right down the center of his face and I just really, really like that image and so that's what on a lot of my stuff when I'm speaking you'll see that photo I just enjoy the image it looks really cool and a lot of my clients actually see it and like it so this is how you would do that lighting all right, man awesome. All right, so we are going teo just cut that light off you guys see if you turn around, check it out on there, all right? Cool actually want you to point your toes like right towards the light here and let me see the helmet. All right? So I want you to take the football and I want to put it in your left hand. Yeah, perfect. I want youto bring it down just a little bit awesome. Not that far they go when I want your role it's I can read the logo attention to detail. All right, right here. You know, serious with it he's working at a great year don't move she's conceit instantly howthe lightings changed. I mean, in a couple of seconds you'll be able to see how the lighting has changed. All right, can you pull the ball up and hold it with two hands like this? Yeah, and you want more, you can have blinked on me awesome tossed the ball over to lorenza like he knows who lorenzo is just the only guy who's all right, keep your body pointed that way cross your arms real high actually know what I want to do is grab the pads like that like you're pulling down on him yeah, they go traditional is a little more towards me hold it one more you weren't looking at the camera dude, you got it all right, I want you to just go like point your body a little bit more that way and I want the I want the right arm though where the left arm's I bring that one down awesome not turn turn turn got a hold on all right last one I want both your hands like down like hook him onto your belt line like that international is a little more towards me hold it and you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to redo one more picture of you because I just realized that all of the pictures we've done have been very much game face except for one of the poses which is when I had you crab up here we're gonna redo that one but I want a serious look so grab it both hands up their awesome don't let me check it real quick man some literally just going through one, two, three, four, five six I got my six we're good man you're the greatest

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