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Capturing Authentic Portraits

Chris Orwig

Capturing Authentic Portraits

Chris Orwig

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1 Course Introduction Duration:03:19
2 Why Portraiture Duration:15:38
3 Shoot Prep Overview Duration:13:28
4 Live Shoot Demo Duration:25:34
5 Shoot Review Duration:12:17
7 Light Duration:11:20
8 How It's Done Duration:24:00
9 Gear Duration:12:11
10 Mapping Out the Flow Duration:16:04
11 Directing Subjects Duration:22:39
12 Prefacing a Shoot Duration:03:45
13 Shoot with Non-Model Duration:26:58
14 Recap of Non-Model Shoot Duration:05:07
15 Shoot with Friend Duration:15:17
16 Shoot with Model Duration:27:46
17 Image Review part 1 Duration:19:49
18 Image Review part 2 Duration:18:41
19 What's Next Duration:09:01
20 Moving Forward Duration:08:31

Class Description

It takes a true connection between photographer and subject to create powerful portrait photography. A portrait doesn’t have to be dramatic or glamorous to be compelling. In fact, the best portraits often showcase people expressing their vulnerability or discomfort. It’s the photographer’s job to evoke and capture authentic emotion by establishing a genuine rapport with the subject.

Join veteran portrait photographer Chris Orwig to learn how to take meaningful portraits and use them to make your transition from amateur to professional. 

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to confidently approach a stranger and convince them to participate in a shoot.
  • How to connect with and pose your subjects naturally
  • Which lenses, camera settings, and light considerations to keep in mind during a shoot

Chris Orwig has created images for companies like Google, Adobe, and Patagonia, and his work has been published in Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Surfer Magazine. His experience has taught him how to keep a subject comfortable, authentic and engaged throughout a shoot. He has learned to deal with the technical demands of a portrait shoot - lighting, setting, constraints of time and budget - while also staying focused on the story he is trying to tell. 



Wow. This course was about so much more than "just" portraiture. Chris Orwig is a fantastic speaker and teacher - very engaging, down to earth, wonderful photo examples and live demonstrations on how to interact with the subjects you are photographing. I love that he brought in quotes and artwork and poetry, as well as some really great personal stories and experiences, to make his points. Fabulous! This man is an expert in capturing that spark in others - and you can totally see why. Really great.

Martin Backhauss

Amazing class and what a great AND inspiring trainer. Thank you Creativelive for giving Chris Orwig the stage. Perfect choice! Learned a lot but more importantly, I got so inspired by his presentation and that is what matters the most .....for me. Super grateful. THX CL!