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Composing Metal Melodies and Harmonies

Eyal Levi

Composing Metal Melodies and Harmonies

Eyal Levi

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Class Description

A great melody is one of the most important ingredients in writing a memorable song or piece of music. It’s the melody that catches your attention and stays in your head long after the song is done playing. The best melodies are often very simple to play or sing. Writing them is where the real challenge lies.

Join Eyal Levi (Audiohammer Studios, DAATH) and his guest Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) for their half-day follow up to Mastering Metal Songwriting. This class, which is the perfect addition to Eyal’s Mastering Metal Songwriting, will cover more songwriting ground – teaching you the basics of melodies, how to write them, place them and evaluate them.. Whether you are an accomplished musician or just starting out, this course will answer all your questions related to composing harmonies and melodies in a metal context.

You'll learn how to construct a melody, how melodies and harmonies interact, call and response, countermelodies, what to do when your melody isn't working, key signature changes, how to create tension and resolution, and more.

If you're ready to take your compositional skills to the next level this is the course for you!


a Creativelive Student

Eyal and company deserve a pat on the shoulder or a huge hug for this one! The class was great and action packed. I love Ryan and the Creative Live team's input as well. The class was very focused and helpful, with great exercises and immediate take aways. I love his active listening part and watching that become applied to different scenarios. One that I valued greatly was the song review - I'd love to see more stuff like that too. I submitted a song and received feedback that I personally felt was valuable. I was able to guess at a few items but picked up new stuff as well. Anything with Eyal at the helm is golden. The CreativeLive site is gold and is a great setup as well. Your team rocks!

user 6f3d0a

Another amazing job by a man that is becoming a personal inspiration of mine. Thanks so much for these great courses and I hope to see many more Metal courses in the future here on CreativeLive. Can we please get the Keynote.pdf like we've received in the other products? If it's a hassle then no big deal, but having that available is very helpful. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Randy R. Portland, OR

a Creativelive Student

Please give us the keynote pdf file as mentioned! This course is amazing and so inspiring! Thanks a lot!