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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Create a Blurb Photo Book with the Book Module in Lightroom

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hi, my name is Jared Platt and today I'm going to teach you about working inside of Lightroom to make books inside of Blurb. So Blurb is a bookmaker that allows you to make on demand books. You can make one book or 50 books, depending on what you're trying to accomplish with your bookmaking experience. Now, I use it as a professional photographer, but I also have a sister who uses it. Every time she goes on a vacation, she comes home, she logs into Blurb and makes herself a book of her vacation. My mom actually uses it every time she goes golfing with my dad. She makes a little, thin book, and it's a book of the golf course that my dad went and played. So there's a lot of nonprofessional uses for it. But I use it as a professional photographer. And we're going to show you how to do that inside of Lightroom. Now there's a lot of different pathways to get a book into the Blurb website, which is where you're going to actually order your book from. And those different ways are, number one,...

you can actually do it with Blurb's original software, which is called BookWright. You can also do it in a professional design program called InDesign, made by Adobe. But you can also do it inside of Lightroom, and that's where we're going to be today. Now, Lightroom is my favorite place to be because of certain reasons. The first reason is that it's the most efficient place to review, work on, adjust your photos, and share your photos. And when I talk about sharing photos, I talk about sharing photos in multiple different ways. I might be putting them on social media. I might be putting them on my blog. I might also be sharing them in a book. I might be making a slideshow and sending them to a client. There's just so many ways that you need to get your work out there. And Lightroom is a really great place, a great tool for you to be able to look at those images and adjust those images and work on them, and then share them. And one of those tools is inside of Lightroom inside of an area called the book module. And a lot of you probably haven't even opened up the book module. Most people, I find, are working within the library module, they get to the develop module. Sometimes, they go to the slideshow module. And all those modules are up here in the very top right-hand corner of Lightroom. You can see that right now, we are in the library module here. And the library module is where we look at our images and we select our images, we organize those images. Sometimes we delete images we don't want. The develop module is obviously where we work on those images, and adjust them and make them look great. And then, there are these other ones that sometimes, people don't even get to. And one of those is the book module, so that's what we're gonna be working with today, is the book module.

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This was fantastic! I've been using Blurb for years but somehow never made the connection between Lightroom and Blurb via the Book module. This streamlines the process brilliantly (well done, Adobe!) and Jared's excellent instructions are clear, concise and it's super easy to follow his logical steps through the entire process. Great presenter. Thanks, Jared.


I have been looking for a new “publisher” for my grandchildren’s birthday books and my photo trip books since My Publisher was absorbed by Shutterfly. Neither of these two offered me the photographic control I have in Lightroom. Blurb looks like a flexible option and Jared’s class has given me the courage to start publishing again. Many thanks!

a Creativelive Student

A very informative class. Jared did a good job getting me excited to start printing some books of my travels. One thing I found surprising however, was that particularly at the end, there were multiple sections that should have been edited out (where Jared started, made a mistake and restarted. I don't know why these weren't removed. Other than that a good class

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