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Intro from Jason

Lesson 1 from: Create Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

1. Intro from Jason

Lesson Info

Intro from Jason

Thanks for joining me with brushes and Adobe Illustrator. I'm Jason and I'm gonna walk you through how to use the brush tool and explore all the different types of brushes in Adobe Illustrator. If you're new to Illustrator, or have used it for a while, or a seasoned user, there are certain things about brushes that you just may not know. So I'm gonna walk you through calligraphic brushes, art brushes, scatter, bristle brushes, and pattern brushes. So you can explore all the different and unique and interesting things that those brushes can do. Now you may be wondering, okay, so why do I need to learn brushes? Well, there may be artwork out there that you've seen before but you wonder if this texture, or this quality, this pattern, how do they actually do that? Well, you know what, that could be brushes. So with these video series, I'm gonna show you how you can explore those different types of brushes, create brushes from scratch, create brushes from images and be able to apply those i...

n practical, real world applications. And once you get through this video series, hopefully this will inspire you to be creative and have fun and explore more about brushes. So come on along with this series and let me show you all the fantastic things that you can do with brushes.

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Angie redpolkadot

Illustrator is my favorite Adobe product, and I have been using it for a while, but I still learned so much watching this webinar. And Jason's teaching style is pleasant to listen to, and his enthusiasm is infectious.


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