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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Adding Photos & Elements to Your Album Spread

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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23. Adding Photos & Elements to Your Album Spread


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Lesson Info

Adding Photos & Elements to Your Album Spread

So we're moving on to our next spread and as you can see one page has kind of like our journaling element and then the other page has the photograph so let me hold that up as well got a little cut off in that photo so this is where you would add your own photograph and she was the most beautiful family and beautiful photographs so I don't even try to replace my own because she did such a beautiful job with us she's amazing part of our team and on top of the photo she also added in more of our, um, word stickers that you can find um from but my story line and she has added life together bliss but if you are just putting up photographs of yourself life together might not make sense so you can pick out some different words that would work for you so we're going to start by cutting the black and white paper it's on the back of the floral and we're going to cut that again to four and a quarter by foreign a quarter tio ad in and you can cut that anywhere on this page if you'd like but again ...

if you want the lines to be center down the center just line up your ruler so that the two between two and a quarter is lined up right onto the center point of your paper I will show you when we land so instead of just cutting off a chunk from one side, I've cut off a piece of each side so that my lines will be right in the center, all right? And then on the top of the bottom, it won't matter can cut it in any direction, and this is why I love the clear clear rules, okay, so then we'll just add that on to page two, ok? And as I apply these notice, I'm not it's, not perfectly center there's, a little bit more space towards the center of the album and that's just so it can close a little bit more. It s so we're giving it some room along the spine, so next we're going to take, um, another piece from the mixed bag kit. I'm pretty sure it's from that really make sure yes, and it says today, your story begin, so we're looking for the today your story begins banner, the longest part of this album is looking through all the fun pieces and then on the opposite side, you're just going to be adding your photo and the words over. So I did not bring photos today, so wait for just the second for you guys to do that, and then we'll move on to our next spread and if you want to, she's added a couple of gold dots of paint and um we're not going to do that today just because paints blather um in all of our next clothes got fun but if you want to go home and do that um just a little bit of gold paint and a little splash across the page okay? What has moved on to our next all right, so our next pages are looked like that's now the photo is on the right hand side and she's added the word stickers again yeah left hand side get that but the way that you're seeing it on the right we have the butterfly paper and then we have this really beautiful vellum that comes from our necessities line and so we're going to start out again with the four and a quarter by foreign a quarter piece of butterfly paper I love the butterflies in this line I think they're really beautiful and they have that really pretty gold toiling on them and this is a pattern that you don't even have to worry about where you're cutting so you can just start right at foreign a quarter from the edge of the page and then we're just going to add here that right onto our page it turned a little bit more and the back of the butterflies is one of my favorite patterns to such a pretty script I hate it when the designers make things so good I want to use both sides they were just adding that right to the center and then we're going to cut the vellum dot two four by four so there's just a little porter of an inch of the butterfly showing but because it's pelham you can see through teo and I love using vellum in projects when I wanted temper down the pattern or their color just a little bit but still have a visible um so it's a fun little thing to add you should all have a sheet of the vellum is well, let us know and we're just going to cut that to four by four and this is a random polka dot say don't worry, you can just pick whichever part of the pattern you like you like a lot of polka dots you can pick a section that has a lot and if you want a little to show more of the butterflies behind, you can pick an area that doesn't have quite as much okay, so when you're applying vellum because you can see through the paper I like teo and hear it right behind where the my story chip word is going to go so you can't see it so the corners actually aren't it here it's just a heared right in the center um so that the adhesive is hidden it runs right down center and add that on and then right on top of that we're adding the my story chipboard piece like a really pretty little floral wreath and an oval shape are perfect so we just pop that right out its adhesive makes it so easy for us to add it right you can see it's all finished and it looks like you guys air closed all being caught up to so we will go to our next page don't look at that ok? So for our next page we are actually going to use a little bit of a different pattern then is up there we're going to choose a different one and so in fact actually this is the creative part where you guys have to make your own creative decision of what favour you want to use as the background because she is three sheets of the same paper and we only want to use two of each so that you don't have to buy a whole another six by six pack so I am manages pick something pretty simple just because she's a lot going on and I really love the stripe so I'm going to choose the stripe for this page, but another like really great simple pattern would be like this little chevron one of those would work really well, but I like the darker something to go with that for this so we're going to cut that to four and two and a quarter again made it super easy on the measurement so four and a quarter by four and a quarter and we're hearing that to the page on the left all right, this is about the time I would like start playing music or are doing something to keep you know, keep going the truth is just a little bit more dance embarrassed my teenagers you know I'm just gonna stick that right? Oh ok so that is the base of our page after that we're going to be adding a little flower it looks just like this from the mixed bag collection so just a tiny flower and actually first I was wrong first we need to add our little banners so we're going to add so what you're going to dio she's actually used a couple and we just have one and in these so we're going toe I'm going to cut it and then place it so we have two banners going you're crossed it was just a slight variation trying to do it upside down for the cameras and I'm not I'm not that talented yet lower on it. All right? All right, so I've done it sort of like that so I have one command from one side and one coming in from the other side and then we're gonna add that flower we are going tio add the little ticket that says smile on it already all right? We're gonna just layer that right on top and the next we're going to use the chip board little mason jar with flowers who was this pop that right out and it here that right on and then she is something else that we haven't opened yet that those are our packet of my story chip board buttons so these air really cute you can use these on all sorts of craft problem projects and she used a little gold foiled heart so we're going to be adding that right on weii well, I'm not and these air also adhesive so another item that you just pop out take off the back and it'll stick right are no need for extra adhesive or anything they make it nice and easy and you can leave the holes of the button in if you're not going to tie it, which we aren't or if you wanted to actually tie it on there you could also pop the holes out and put a strength and there we go so hold on okay, so that is that page let's move on to our next so on this page she's placed the photograph on the left and some birch paper on the right. This is another, um, paper from the line that I really, really love and think is really beautiful and so we're gonna pull that out and cut it to four and a quarter for going with florida quarter on the slim so I am I'm a little bit obsessed with black and white, so I really love this line on dh then it makes forces me into trying like a little bit of color, but pretty much everything at my house is black and white, but I do love that about this line is that there are several papers that air really neutral so you could use them and combine other colors if you wanted teo as opposed to just the pink and the yellow but it works so well with them and we're just going to add here that right onto the page and on top of that we're going to add in one of those beautiful butterflies that you see in this line quite a bit just like that and that pink just pops against that neutral and we're just placing it right in the center there's so much to go on your table now you guys know my pain keeping this table glean matches so just grab anything you really could use anything and it would look beautiful on the page I feel like yeah, and then we're going to add another sticker from a different sticker sheet so this is, um those party flags that we've used for other projects and the wish you could also add that to the cover if he didn't want dream but we're going to add, oh happy day across the butterfly and really this is another great thing that you could do with kids just because again everything coordinates so you're right you could really add anything to the page and it's going to look pretty and layered because everything coordinates so well and we're just going to add that right across to the butterfly like a little happy party on the page so pretty it's like our our diagram on a page and again you can add that your photo to the left hand side and more of the letters our award stickers that we have on our sticker sheet and there's enough options that you could really make it say you know something whatever you want really we're going to move on to our next paige you guys ready? You're feeling good all right okay and this is why we didn't use that other paper because we want to use the arrows again but if you wanted to use something different here you could you could use the hearts I really like the gold toiled hearts you could use some of the florals I think those would be really cool or because we do we are layering them with books I think the typewriters could be really cute on that page is well so feel free to mix and match in your album if you wanted to be a little bit different and also actually just the word pages would be really really cute with the books on top so a lot of options if you want to go a different direction, I'm going to use the arrows again for this though, and the great thing about this project actually is if you wanted to make multiple albums if you were making them for your mom and your mother in law and your grandma, you really could just by a few extra instagram albums and you have enough of everything else that you could make several albums with what you're buying. Okay, we're going to keep those arrows in the center again, so just be careful of that. I love my clear ruler go to the fore in a quarter and cut that it's definitely worth the investment in the quilting materials to be able to work quickly. How are you guys feeling about using the cutting? Matt is helping you and that you used to like it? I'm liking it more, more it's awkward because I'm not used to I'm used to the cutting mission, but yeah, and I think it's easier he's that standing up sitting down to yeah yeah, because you can put a little bit more pressure on it s oh, that would be a piece of advice I like to work standing up I have a hard time crafting sitting down so my table at home is tall like this is well it's nice to just be able toe stand and work and get a good view of everything that you're creating easy gotten easier yeah adjust and get used to in for anybody who's done sewing for a while it'll feel super comfortable, but it does take a little time to adjust, but the reason why I like it so much is if I do want to cut a particular piece of my pattern paper, I can see that through the clear ruler to get the exact measure when they want, which is really nice compared tio using a paper trimmer, something that's a little bit more difficult to see exactly where you're cutting. So the next thing we're going to add is this cute stack of books that says my story on it with a little bird from our chip board. The thing is that I love about this album is I feel like it looks like an album that you spent a ton of time like thinking about and creating, but really everything is sort of peel and stick and goes fairly quickly, just pretty amazing for something that looks so detailed we're just going to be adding that right into the middle on the lower section and then on top of that, she has added the letter sticker remember, um and you could add anything that you want, I'm gonna add amazing because it's amazing and we're going to do that right on the spine of the yellow book and then she's added another item that we haven't used yet but these are our little enamel stickers and she just added those on each side of her letter word her words sticker all words are made of letter so until I'm getting so just go take the little a size of the pale pink and at it and it's just little tiny details like that that make it feel so special I switch sides you can do that it's ok I'll let you all right okay guys we're almost done can you believe it went that fast that's click we're going to go ahead and go into our last and final page and for this she just added a photograph and again some more of our word suckers now comes the fun part we get teo add all of the little special journaling cards to the inside um that is like our secret journal and you can add anything you want she has used journaling cards so we've also included that in the kit ondo you can pick out whichever ones you like you feel fit the album the best on dh she's also used a few of the larger pieces from the mixed bag so like the cute mason jar or the library card um so she's a little bit of both and this is where you would just add your journaling in right in between those pages so let me just show you kind of what that looks like so we've made these pockets out of each page and now we just slide our cards right and and she actually had a little vintage typewriter that she typed out all of her son but this would be one case where I could actually use my handwriting and let my family will have record of my handwriting right? Because it's not going to mess up the design of it because no one's going to see it unless they pull out the cards to read so unless they actually care I believe the cards alone but I think this would be really, really fun to give a parent or a grandparent and have the kids maybe write down on each card something that they love about being with their grand parents so it's like a little brag book that they can take with them but it's also has a little secret messages for the grand parent or the parent I think that'd be really fun it could also be really cute to make you know um a boyfriend if they appreciate that kind of thing with little love notes as well how are you guys feeling? Yeah, I think people it's it's one of those people would really appreciate it looks like you spent a tie in a ton of time and effort but as you can see, you can really create it fairly quickly in just a few minutes of just layering all the different high quality pieces we have. And as you can see, if I hold up some of the items that are left, I mean, you're getting all of this and a kid. So it might feel like a lot for one album. But you can really create. You've got enough pages in here that you could just create probably three or four more albums if you just bought the extra album, and I'm holding that upside down. Um, but yeah, so they're just so many different elements that can combine in so many fund the and unique ways.

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.