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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Course Introduction

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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Lesson Info

1. Course Introduction

Lesson Info

Course Introduction

Everybody, welcome to creative line my name is lily tongue crystal I'm your host for our class creative paper products it's sponsored by my mind's eye with candace string um now my mind's eye was founded in nineteen ninety nine by designer marcy, a cornell who created hand illustrated a line of hand illustrated scrapbook products since then in two thousand fourteen, they've expanded to include stationery and party goods on we're super excited to bring them here to creative live with their marketing director candice string him who's our instructor. Now candace has been a paper crafter for years and he's going to be showing us fun ways to decorate and create fabulous and stylish parties. Please help me in welcoming to our stage, candace string up are you a good grade? We're so excited to have all this wonderful instruction today we're going to be doing seven types of paper crafts today with you and I was wondering we were using all the my mind's eye products and I'm wondering what makes ...

my mind's eye so unique? Well, my mind's eyes an amazing company as you stated, it started out with marcy adjust hand drawing little elements for scrap booking because it wasn't created yet and it grew immensely and tell we're releasing product three times a year on dh then last year we introduced our party goods, which has just kind of blown up the world of party of and and pinterest I mean it's everywhere right now and we we've created products that really coordinate well between paper crafting and party so you can create all sorts of elements for home, for parties, for your scrapbooks, even for your planners now, so we're really, really excited to share that great. So unless you get started because there's so much exciting stuff to cover in those crafts, and I'll go back to my feet and take it away. Thank you, right? So we're going to start out with banners. I'm really, really excited about that, because we sell a lot of party banners, but our craft lines coordinates so well that it's really fun to make your own unique elements toe add in to the party banners that we already sell, and so I would like to show you first our website where you can find everything. What we've done for creative life is created on an entire collection of each of the projects that we're going to be making, so we'll just go to our website, my mind's eye dot com click on shop and you can see right in the front. Actually, we have our creative live project, you're going to see a little sneak preview on, and these are the five banners were going to be making in this course, so you could click on any of these. And it will list the products that are ours. And the price points for you. Says, you can see this very first banner we're going to make is eight, ninety nine and what you get. And so we're really excited.

Class Description

Add panache to to your next paper craft project with unique ideas and expert tips from My Mind's Eye™!

CreativeLive partnered with the incredible designers over at My Mind's Eye™ to bring you, a collection of paper craft how-tos that are guaranteed to inspire. You’ll learn about supplies and techniques for making:

  • Pretty Paper Garlands and Banners
  • Creative Gift Wrap and Charming Toppers
  • A Stylish Soiree
  • Simple Instagram Albums
  • Perfect Little Paper Mache Villages
  • Delightful Dioramas
  • Franklin #PlannerLove

My Mind's Eye™ has been developing stylish paper products for over 15 years. In Creative Paper Crafts, you’ll learn how to create a variety of customizable party decorations that will lend all of your events a lovely, handmade touch.

If you want to create beautiful decorations and decor and throw lavish, Pinterest-ready events, join My Mind's Eye™ and CreativeLive for Creative Paper Crafts!

Class Materials

Bonus Materials with Purchase

Garlands and Banners Step by Step Instruction

Large Floral Banner Templates

Dioramas Step by Step Instruction

Church Steeple Cut File

Cutfiles for Banner Projects

Surprise Discount from My Minds Eye

Village Step by Step Instruction

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.