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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Creating Customized Wall Decorations

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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10. Creating Customized Wall Decorations


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Lesson Info

Creating Customized Wall Decorations

Last thing I want to talk about is just how to use the party found and how to layer and create a display on the wall because so often we really are just hanging things right on our wall for a party or celebration and we maybe don't have the opportunity to hang giant branches from are stealing so we're going to go ahead and do that right back here and we're going to start out again with the fancy line so that is that golden cream because it's a really nice basic and I can add from the other lines to that and we're just gonna paper clip a few of these starting out with the biggest one and they come with paper clips in the packaging which is great and we're just going to start hanging them up so we're lucky we have a few nails here but look at my house on my fireplace or my my mantle or even on the wall I don't necessarily want to put up nails for a party supplies that air going toe go down and a little bit or for holiday decorations so I like to use three m hooks because they won't pull ...

anything off the wall and there definitely are strong enough to hold the weight of any of the party supplies you're gonna be hanging and as I'm hanging things and trying to figure out where they go ah lot of tens all use painter's tape and then put up the three and hook so I can move it around as I'm doing it and then take away the blue thanked her state, but today we probably will use the painter's tape so that we can be a little bit faster so I'm just going to start hanging them, creating different heights and levels and I have a few nails, but we're gonna use some tape a cz well and we'll just pretend like the blue tape isn't there for today and I like to overlap because I think it gives it like a good connection, so we're going to go ahead and take it right over so again, while I would practice hanging it and like create this the shape I want see already can tell that this is too low because we don't want to create any like straight lines, so we'd probably hang that up a little bit higher. And while I'm doing that, I would be using the painter's tape so that I know that I can move things around and change things up and then add in the three and hooks wearing know that I want them to go wait just recently at my mom's house created a mantle with all the halloween party fans that ended up and better homes and gardens and it was just larry ng these fans, so you know a lot of really cool stuff with them well, the nice part is tio when you start layering like this and again you know that may be right in here a lot of it's just sort of eyeballing and feeling like where it fills comfortable to you and if it feels comfortable now if you wanted to layer the fans on top of each other I sometimes use the three m velcro for that doesn't just velcro one onto the other one and then take it off after and I think it's really good tio include the fans but then also include a couple other items so we're going to do some letter banners and some also some of our other smaller banners well all right, so we're just going to keep hanging we're gonna hang one more good solid and again if I wanted um to maybe hide one of these behind the other one but have it hang lower I could tape it but use a longer string like bakers twine right in here okay, so we're starting to create like a really interesting really pretty shape and on top of that I would probably spell something out but let's use something we already have let's use our today and I would put this right over the fans all right, maybe right in here I could just totally see myself having luck of like, my dress being tucked up in my type there's something well, I'm displaying off all right. Okay, so I would continue layering I actually big with the ribbon it's a little bit too much so I would probably switch out do you see what I mean? Like there's so much pattern already that adding in the ribbon it's like breaking it up and it's just a little bit more chaotic and I would want and part of that is that it's on this crazy one hole right now, right? It was just on a straight wall. Um that might not be a problem. Um, but, you know, it is with this so I would continue layering, but maybe take out these letters and add in like, a simple, a more simple banner and maybe we want, um, something with color because right now, it's a lot of neutrals and this is what I really love about my mind's eye is that if I wanted to go from it being gold and pink to being christmas seek, I'm thinking all we're on would, and that could be really cool give it more of like a log cabin feel um, those coordinates as well. So these air, our christmas fans and I could just take out one or two of the gold and add in some of the red to give it a more christmas feel, so we're going to do that I feel like I'm also if I was decorating for a party, I would have music playing, right? I'd be damn thing I wouldn't be just like standing around this is like the quietest party prep I think I've ever, ever done, all right? So I would probably just start switching out like one or two items and switching in a different line to give it a different feel. So if we wanted to start adding in some christmas, we could very easily do that take this one. I'm making a giant mess appear this is usually how party crept into my house, the giants look at a guy, all right? So we're gonna maybe pop in this one right in here and take out this one, too. It feels better to me. And what about you guys? Yeah, I'm looking better, right? It's looking much are there because we're working with what we already have. So that's the other thing I would say if you know you're planning a party in a particular space, really think about what the elements that are already there and what's going to enhance that versus what you're going to have to kind of fight against, um so on top of that, I would probably then add this banner. So we just did a challenge at work to see if we could create a ten minute party backdrop easing stuff and we did it but it was like pure chaos and it kind of looks like that stuff thrown everywhere party ok, but like, look at how pretty and how that sort of fits better let's take it from up here and run down so I like using a symmetry a lot of times so I think it'd be really fun to kind of hang it right in here maybe a little more of a curve okay, so I'd probably cut that off and just use a three and hook there let it drapes a little bit more in here and then I would probably add something like are joy let's see if this is too much or you just want regular letters, what do we think it's better than the toda yeah, still a little I might just go with neutral so I mean right now we're seeing painter's tape and I'm a lot of other things that would not normally be there, but I would definitely start lingering and now the reason I think this actually doesn't work that well is because of the green we haven't pulled in green anywhere else, but if we were to add this in and then we added some like pieces of holly or like a couple little leaves here they're greenery picks that you buy at the store, it will start to really fill out and then look like it was purposeful. Whereas if you just have one element that's completely different from the rest, one color that you've all the sudden pulled in it, draw so much attention to it that it really takes away from the rest of the items. So, that's, why it's, nice to have cory coordinating pieces on we could pull in some of that green with the other fans and the christmas line as well. If we wanted to do that, too, we can also this is our confetti, and a lot of times all just stitched through the confetti and turn that into a garland as well on dh, then throw some of that in there to, um, and we also I would normally add, but because it's on wood would banners, but because we're on wood, we're going to add more would that would really start to sort of take away from it, but I think in this case again, I would probably just go with some traditional, simple, clean letters. If we spelled something out just like this, right, it would start to look much better and sort of pull it in, it gives us a little clean note in place to rest her eye, but I think that's what a lot of people start to really get a little bit worried about stressed about is that layering and how do you use multiple pieces and have it still look good and really it's about creating different height levels, different depth and then also making sure that you know you're coordinating all your colors as opposed to having one that just really sticks out like that? Green did or like the pink ribbon did when we were placing it on there and that was what we have stylish soiree so I think that there's just so many fun things that you can dio to sort of customize here we've made a crown from the many party fans this is for a fiesta esta party, eh? So we've added and brighter colors and all we did was just take her many fans and hot glue them onto a headband and made everyone wear one whether they wanted to or not that was pretty amazing we could do the same thing if we wanted to continue its like our star theme we could add stars in front we could choose pink or blue we could add in all sorts of different colors but there's so many just great fun things you can do with pre made items to just really make them feel cut system to really make your party phil layered and unique and a lot of fun

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Add panache to to your next paper craft project with unique ideas and expert tips from My Mind's Eye™!

CreativeLive partnered with the incredible designers over at My Mind's Eye™ to bring you, a collection of paper craft how-tos that are guaranteed to inspire. You’ll learn about supplies and techniques for making:

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  • Delightful Dioramas
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My Mind's Eye™ has been developing stylish paper products for over 15 years. In Creative Paper Crafts, you’ll learn how to create a variety of customizable party decorations that will lend all of your events a lovely, handmade touch.

If you want to create beautiful decorations and decor and throw lavish, Pinterest-ready events, join My Mind's Eye™ and CreativeLive for Creative Paper Crafts!



Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.