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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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How to Properly Wrap a Gift

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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18. How to Properly Wrap a Gift


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Lesson Info

How to Properly Wrap a Gift

First, we're going to wrap a present it's because I always get a question when you're rapping with a heavier paper, how do you wrap the corners to keep it nice and tight? So we are going to go from there? I I love using the cutting. Matt just says I do with crafting for gift wrap because the rotary blade and the ruler give me nice straight lines every time when I use a pair of scissors and I'm just like trying to chop across a giant roll, I can't ever get a straight line, and that drives me a little bit crazy. So one of the ways that I like to sort of measure how much I'm going to need is I just, uh, use either I will keep the measuring tape in my little wrapping kit, or I'll just sees my ruler, so this is a four inch box, so I know that each flap needs is to be about two and a half inches wide, so I will measure two inches on this side or two and a half inches place my box, and then I will measure another two and a half inches on that side, and then I know exactly how wide I need the ...

box, and you can do the same thing with the link just measure it really quick. And I used to not I used to be like a really sloppy rapper and he used to not even like put things in boxes like if I bought a toy, you know, toys come with like the angular whatever and I would just wrap it that way it had always looks horrible s o I really believe in boxes, but I also believe in a recycling so I just store them flat and keep them in here from the next year too don't throw away and we're going to throw away then at least recycle so now we have the size that we need and I usually if I can if it's not you're fragile item will flip it upside down so that I can tape on the base easily and here's where I think the important thing is when you're using a piece of heavier wrap, you want to make sure that you have it lined up in the center and then I crease along the bottom before I wrap it, fold it so you can do that sometimes I'll use the ruler just sort of like work against it on but just make sure that you really give it a good crease and then I will run my hand up to smooth that give it just a little mark of where that is and then really crease it along so that we get a nice smooth finish and we've got some double stick tape here so I like permanent double stick tape because that way you're not going to see the tape and we just take that right on and there's nothing in this box that a little hard to like a bligh pressure but we'll keep going so then I'll just fold it from there and smooth increase again do that again increase all right so then all the way around and then I'll just use another piece of double stick tape and I actually really love scotch tape has now like a little pop up dispenser you khun like attached to your table and I really like using that because it makes it easy to hold the paper in place is you're grabbing the tape okay so there we go for the outsides and I'm not sure you got this completely centered and we had paint on herman um but I like to increase into the center so I will push right in until you get right there so you can see and then I'll do the same with the other side so we're just following and like letting the paper guy dio to the creases and I don't love for it to be super thick so I like to just off excess and I'm being like super particular right now but at home I would be a lot faster okay so then I would apply double stick on both flaps right underneath and you got just a really pretty edge to your up that way. And then on the top, I'll do the same thing. Candace, I might have missed this, but when you said you cut two and a half inches for the side, the flight flaps and did you just measure the box? And yes, I measured the width of the box. I know that I want them to meet in the middle on go slightly over each other. So because it was four inches, I knew I wanted each flopped have two and a half inches. So I just had a little bit more than half of what? The measurement. Yeah, yeah. So I added, happen and she could you a little bit more. A little bit less, but half an inch generally will give you a nice cross over so that everything's covered but it's not like a ton of extra paper with that bulk. And this is just like if you go to professional wrapping place whatever's on the bottom, the bottom flap goes under the top flap goes on top. I told my mom when I was a little kid that I want to be in professional gift wrapper, like at the mall at christmas calling I grew up, she was like, oh, that's not a job that's usually like someone doing charity work I could see that because they have such amazing I'm rights to go with the kid man such amazing just so pretty presentation e do I can do that? Yeah little uh known fact about me professional trapper but you can see they're just it's uniform it's really pretty there's not a lot of bulk to it using the double stick is going to just give you a better look then the extra scotch tape but it works either way and if I do scotch tape a lot of times I'll use their clear shiny it just kind of disappears a little bit more than this tape that has the fog to it. Okay, so not is wrapping a present um the shirt boxing, the wrapping paper perfectly and here's our black and our craft and I actually really love the black for christmas to the neutral. So aa lot of times with christmas all use a craft, I will use the black and then I'll use the cream and gold, so we'll wrap the cream and gold really quick and then we get into the fun part, which is all about what you put on it to make a better so we'll find your cream in here, of course it's in the back and pull that right out on I keep this wrapping paper stored in a role like this in a old poster too so that it doesn't get ruined throughout the rest of the year um and obviously with the mint quarrel and these really beautiful neutrals I use them for all sorts of things pretty much any gift that I wrap so the lovely thing about using a sure box which are generally the cheapest boxes you confined around if you want to buy a gift box is that if it's the paper perfectly if I get it perfectly centered yes yeah and I have to say my favorite my very favorite boxes and I asked her body got to admit on national platform are worldwide platform that is anthropology so even if I'm just going there to buy something small and it's not a gift I'll always ask for box because I love their boxes so much yeah on day after probably everyone's actually fold flat super easy so that's really nice and they're thicker I'm just stuck down okay I'm not using double stick there because it's not going to show and you can see I'm just kind of running my fingers along and getting that really nice crease and then I'm pushing the president into the crease to make sure it's nice and tight in the morning is a couple pieces of double stick here so that it stays and I might even in here as well and all those sick take makes it harder to open tio which makes the present unwrapping last longer christmas good kids tip and I have had a lot of people asked me like oh you have all boys and like does anyone even care then why you care because if they don't care why are you doing that? And I know that they maybe don't actually think here but some day they will be like my mom used to like take all this time to wrap up our presence and I know that they know that I do that because I like that it's pretty but I also do that because I like to give them beautiful things so I think you know some day they'll appreciate it even if it's not currently um I did the same thing even on smaller packages I just press in the corners increase and when the tapes the inside because again it's not going to show and then I will use the double stick on the outside and I run it along where the crease is an actual paper toe hold it down go to the top um I kind of find gift dropping therapeutic tio like in the holiday season especially when it's like super busy and crazy and hectic it's sort of nice list of being a room alone folding thing that aren't clothes that's not there peter just work we're gonna took that in and tape that and we'll take the top again. And then we had to get into the fund stuff. All right, so that nice and flat and chris. So there we go. There's are beautiful, rapped president, and now we're going to start doing fun things with, um

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.