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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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How to Spice Up Your Giftwrapping

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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19. How to Spice Up Your Giftwrapping

Lesson Info

How to Spice Up Your Giftwrapping

So I think one of the things that's really important about gift wrapping is really pretty ribbon. I talked about this a little bit before, but I really love the italian ribbon from studio carta comes on big spools or little schools, but I love the thickness of it, and I love it just has that little tiny bit of gold added to it, which I think is really beautiful, but a lot of times also a christmas I will head um tio are just local craft store and usually like a month or two before the holidays season's all of their charming goes like fifty percent off, and then I'll just pick out a few ribbon's then, um but I don't just love using ribbon. I also love using extra things, so let's talk about those one of my favorite things to use our party banners like after I'm done and have thrown a party and I don't know what else I'm going to do with it. I like to use it for wrapping and the many banners are really fantastic for them, so I will just add them right onto a present and the thing is abou...

t that. Is a lot of times people were like well isn't that expensive the garlands nine dollars but I can probably wrap like ten presence with it because they're really long on right now on sale would be even less than that so that would definitely be one of the ways that I would wrap and I love the stripes with the polka dots as well I think they're really really pretty um but I would also use the plaid we have a plaid one from christmas that's really spectacular on that and it matches the tag as well so I was wrapped the plaid banner around we will just do that now and I think I'm the plaid with the craft is really pretty we're just going to cut peace I'm just guessing and probably measure normally I'm losing all sorts of things are here that's the other nice thing about the kit is I keep it all in a box until I need the one item on dh then I just tie it in the back and it leaves like a cute little tell something I would just add the tag right on to it and I just think it's a really pretty cute way of raw thing um and you could do it the long way tio just depending on how you want it to stand going to take that off and we'll just keep setting stuff down there as we go along ok, so another thing that I really, really love are the alphabet are vintage alphabet letters on christmas presents. They are stunning, and then you're personalizing the gift for whoever you're giving it to, and it works as a tag to cannes, right? Right on the back, so they're super super handy and you could use the holes and tie it on there's little tiny holes right here, I could pop right out, and I could tie it on, but I also actually love just it, hearing it right to the gift, and I'm not going to do that, so you can keep going, but it's, so beautiful just added right on their onda again, you're going to get every letter in the alphabet, so you could you could use it for a party, and then you could use the extra pieces that you didn't use to spell out whatever it was you were spelling as monograms on your gifts, and I just love it so pretty and sparkly, and it looks amazing when we add like a little piece of red ribbon on top, so I really, really love that another thing that I really like is of our medallions, so another party banner and confined in the banner section I talked about these yesterday, and how diverse, if you buy one thing from our shop, I think that this would be the thing I would pick I just really, really loved them but here's the reason why I love those so much so you could do something like this I found these plug this in really quick I found these at hobby lobby I think and there tim holds little like for scrapbooking or for his design stuff and I just would have to let this heat up for just a minute um but I really love just adding these right to the center on I feel like it's perfect for like your graduation or congratulations you did a good job any of those things so another thing that I really like to do is just to add and have tags kind of pre prepared I obviously know all the names of the people in my family so I can get that already ahead of time and just add that on and a lot of times I'll make the tags the same for each person and it just makes it easier again. I can kind of like batch just like I would, um any crafting project I can do one person's all at once and then they're done and then I just put them on the presents later and so then you're kind of prepped and ready for christmas to come and to be finished thank you perfect just what I was looking for so these air more of that studio cartel a ribbon on it and it matches perfectly as you can see so one of the products that I think a lot of people get really confused about our groban's and basically what that means is it's just a nice little pattern it comes on a clear sheet and by rubbing it you can add it that these don't here um to anything that you want so I'm gonna pull that out of my little of wrapping kit and you can see it comes like this they almost look like stickers and it come with a little popsicle stick in the back but personally I like to use a bone folder rather than the popsicle sticks so when I got that out of here this works a little bit better um so another thing that I always keep on hand that are perfect for like party gives handing out teacher gifts and really, really great size for gift cards because you never I never know how to wrapped gift cards on I'm giving to someone who I just put it in the envelope with the card or do I actually like give it as a gift so you just get these basic little plane muslin bags from the craft store or a party supply store on dh then I embellished those and just keep them around the house so in this case we made christmas ones but you could use the my story the really pretty florals and geometrics we have ribbons for those as well so then your pink and yellow and gold so you just kind of cut out whatever you want but you can see right here I wanted this to sort of have like that sweater feel the christmas sweaters that air so like popular right now on all I had to do is place it right on top and rub and it here's right to the fabric um I wouldn't like put this in the washing machine or something but it definitely adheres and it's not going to come off and he could put a little gift card in there and it looks amazing so I thought we just do one quickly of that it does take a lot of pressure on the paper goes on really smoothly but because you are using fabric here it takes a little bit more pressure I really like these little houses so I'm gonna obviously I like little houses so I'm going to just cut those right out and you just cut right around whatever you don't want to use and then there is like a little sticky back that you take off and then you just place it wherever you want it to go I'm gonna go right in here and then I just kind of rub and stick it down I think the heat from your fingers sort of helps give you a good base to start rubbing from so you just start running and you want to make sure to go over every little piece because on the fabric because of the texture, it is a lot harder to get into those fine details than if you were on a piece of paper we'll just keep going and this one has a lot of tiny little detail as you can see these little tiny stars above the houses and the smoke coming out of the chimneys and the hardest part on the bag is going to be where this seems come together because there's really no hard edge to sort of rob it again so you really have to get in there and rub hard and you can sort of tell as you're pulling if it's attaching or not and and the thing is it's really easy to just go back if you missed a spot as long as you don't move it, you can just rub it right back into place in little hide the mistake let's see so you can start to see missed a little spot there comes off and I really love it I feel like it looks really custom or like you almost did you know vinyl er's silk screening like on a t shirt and you can use any of those row bonds to say whatever it is you want to say so I think it's really fun technique and people ask you where you bought them, and you can tell them you made them that your creative crafting genius to all right. And there we go. So just in a few seconds, we get a really beautiful item, and I would probably even just go one more step and maybe add are happy holiday banners to the top or maybe just a little cheer into the center. But they're really, really cute and easy to create here. I actually used one of the items from one of the mixed bags, a little tag, and I just stitched right across the bottom on my sewing machine to attach it ended another rub on right in the center. And then here I used one of our journaling cards from, um, like pocket pages that stop bookers make you can buy those kits. I've just stitched it right on and added on top. Um, the brad's soto add the brad's. I literally just punch to them right through the fabric and increased thumb on the inside, and it holds the tag right on, and it just has, like, a nice dimension and you can I put it low enough so that you can still close the back that's just one thing to remember. Um so those were just really fun easy things to make. This is another project could do with kids really easily like if they're handing out gifts to like a few fronts and chopsticks or something in a bag or so candy to their friends before they leave for christmas holiday it's a really easy thing to do and the ribbons also work on wood so you can just apply it right to the wooden tag again I have really horrible handwriting it's like my kryptonite and crafting the handwriting of the side selling a straight line and so it's really I'm always looking for little ways that I can like say something without having to use my own handwriting so I love their iphones for that and then I also loved just doing monograms again by adding on a little glitter sticker to the wooden tag me feel like that would be the perfect gift topper if you mix that in with some of the little stags it would be such a fun woodland theme on debt would work for gifts for people who celebrate christmas sir who celebrate other holidays as well because it just has a nice winter theme the last thing I really love doing with the ribbons is adding them right onto the gift so I would just pick like one little saying like the circle and add it right to the center of the duct and so then when I rap it says we wish you a merry christmas and has, like, a really beautiful bow and a nice little saying right on the gift, so I love using ribbons in that way as well, and you could even just add them in between if you wanted to just add something a little bit extra special, really easy and ads like a nice detail, let's go back to our medallion so I would just run a little align right along the back of the trophy and glue that right down the center crew. Tachia um, and then the next thing I would do would be to add some ribbon to the back. So depending on how long you're present is is how long you would cut the ribbon and I've just folded it in half and then cut on an angle, add a little job right here to keep it sort of where I wanted to go, and then I'm gonna add bigger cabaret fair, and now you have, like the perfect little medallion toe add to any present, and, honestly, I would do a hold banner of these two. I think these would really be amazing at a party again. If it was celebrating something big for someone, it would be so cool to just I have a whole garland of these, or maybe you do every a few of these and it's just amazing so I love these little medallions were going to do a couple of more things with ease because they're just really fun to play with and so simple to use so they already come pre strong and I'm just going to cut them right off because they don't need strings and you can see they come in this little box in there the exact same is the large fans, so if I wanted to just paper clip them so I can put them back in the box if I was using them for a party, I could do that because I'm using them is gift uppers? I mean it's just to get right on and I'm going to make a couple of those so we can do some different things with them. These really are just like one of my favorite little items I feel like you can use them for valentine's day put heart in the middle, you could add a star in the middle and use them for camping theme you could, um, add a little shamrock and use it for, uh if you're irish for on st patrick's day and so there's so many just really fun things that you can do with them, but for wrapping there's a couple things that I like to do another little added in that I love to use are the trees I think they're really cute right behind them on dai also love to use our market street letters so these are really fun to add it's gonna pop this open maybe you know you're always like what's going to go wrong and you never think like opening a package is well you're filming all right so you could just take anyone's monogram our first name or last name whatever you want and add those right and they match perfectly and I think they're really cute and would be really nice on a gift and the other cool thing is for these for banners as well you could spell out whatever you wanted tio add those right to the center I always have like I love stars I love using stars at christmas time especially eso I always have I just have a star punch that I'll punch anytime I have like scrap paper just sitting around I'll punch some kind of small shape from it because either you can use it for confetti later if you want to or you can use it for a little adams and projects like this s o I would definitely just like at a little star in the middle kind of like we did yesterday and put that on the gift as well um on the vellum looks equally is pretty and we could even layer that and it's gonna look really nice same with the gold seekers the center as well so there's, just so many things that you can add another thing I really loved to add is our actual confetti so this is the christmas confetti, your holiday confetti and it comes in multiple shapes and patterns and these air really fun that so this confetti is really fun to add tio presentations, but it's also just really great to use as a center so I could just at that rate in and it would be I'm going to add it and it looks really good and it would be really fantastic on a gift you want to be sure the line up with where the holes are so ties straight but we look how cute that would be as a tag and you could even add just like a little piece of paper sort of like we did with the ribbon but just use a piece of papers you can write to and love and add it right to your gift and these would be really cute on cards to all right. Another thing that I really like to dio again these air the journal cards that that scrap bookers use a lot of times in their pocket pages, but I like to use them on presidents as cars or his tag. Um I like to layer them a lot of times and there's tons of different options and it's a really inexpensive way to create tax it's only a few dollars for the package of cards on dh you get tons that you can layer cut up use um and so you could do the same thing I mean you could even add one of these on and it would be really cute as well um so I'm all about sort of using things that I already have around that I've been using in other ways that would work for a president but I want to show you one of my favorite ways to use a card like this so I feel like this card on its own it's gold foiled it's double sided and it's really pretty I would love to use this on a gift and it matches are meant and if it's here perfectly but you could just as easily add it to this um maybe we'll even add it to our cream but I like to take a hole punch punch each of the corners just like that and then I will take some twine whether it's gold or my red baker's twine I use a lot and we're gonna have to take the end of this again so again that just another tip if you're using baker's twine especially a metallic it always unravels and is really hard to run through things so I was just wrapped a piece of tape around first and even then it's still unraveling okay but what I d'oh is then run it all the way through on the other side center, back up again, it's that right through and I would do it on the bottom as well and just tie it right onto the package. So it's like my center tie, it looks really pretty of the thais coming here and here, here and here and it's just a really interesting, fun way to create a tag or like title for your present and then on the back I would write their information. So I love using drilling cards like that. I also just love layering them on dh stapling with some of the mixed bag items or some of the stars that I have punched weii sealed this earlier, and I get it open. But I would later them just like that it so they're not perfectly centered, punched the hole, do it this way had a tiny bit of baker, swine and the sun, I would double it, but just run it right through and we have, like, really amazing tag and I always like it's off center it like that so you can see all the layering as you're adding it to your gift. So I think that's a really fun way to create tags, and again, that really an expensive way.

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