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Intro to Dioramas

These are our two diarrheal is we're going to be working on. I think a lot of us think of diarrhea, almost like it said earlier as elementary school project, just like with, like a dinosaur. And like the jungle in the backgrounder. Lou animals, they're actually becoming quite popular in home decor, circles and handmade circles, and you can create really beautiful little scene, so I've actually done whole entire can mantle of different christmas stiii, rama's, s o. We have one of those here for you today, and then we also have one doing my story that you could leave out any time of year and, I think, would be adorable and a little girl's room. But honestly, I like myself to really just give it in my family room somewhere until one of my kids knocks it over.

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Add panache to to your next paper craft project with unique ideas and expert tips from My Mind's Eye™!

CreativeLive partnered with the incredible designers over at My Mind's Eye™ to bring you, a collection of paper craft how-tos that are guaranteed to inspire. You’ll learn about supplies and techniques for making:

  • Pretty Paper Garlands and Banners
  • Creative Gift Wrap and Charming Toppers
  • A Stylish Soiree
  • Simple Instagram Albums
  • Perfect Little Paper Mache Villages
  • Delightful Dioramas
  • Franklin #PlannerLove

My Mind's Eye™ has been developing stylish paper products for over 15 years. In Creative Paper Crafts, you’ll learn how to create a variety of customizable party decorations that will lend all of your events a lovely, handmade touch.

If you want to create beautiful decorations and decor and throw lavish, Pinterest-ready events, join My Mind's Eye™ and CreativeLive for Creative Paper Crafts!