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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Paper Gemstone Banner

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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5. Paper Gemstone Banner


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Paper Gemstone Banner

This family we're going to be working on is the black and gold jim pander, and I really love this one. I think it might be my favorite, so the kid actually just comes with black card stock that is the kit, because this is such a simple project on dh, it really is just how you created that makes black card stock look amazing, eh? So we're going to start out with that, so you're going to start out with twelve by twelve black magic card stock on dh has a really great linen texture to it. This is our campus line, and we are first going to cut diamonds, so you just cut these individual will go back to our power point, individual diamonds, and what you need is eight sheets of black magic card stock and the kid I believe we put ten just in case, you know, you never know you're going to need I used blood brass paint from martha stewart. We just found out that they are not making that anymore, but really what's important is liquid leaf, so this is not actual, like it's, not the same as paint we...

're calling it paint, but it's like a liquid gold or brass in this case, leaf it's really, really stinky, so make sure that you do it in a well ventilated place or you'll be a little high by the end of it s so we're not going to paint a whole lot in here because it's enclosed and we don't want to all be a sixty eight it but we will show you one s so you need that paint we are going to be using a sewing machine with black thread and in this garland you do have to so even I can do it though so you can do it on dh then we're going to be using something extra special some jump rings you can buy at any kind of crafter jewelry supply store the size doesn't really matter I'm using seven millimeter, but if you wanted to use bigger or smaller, you could actually I would not use smaller but if you wanted to use bigger, you could and then we're going to be using some jewelry pliers to create this so it's deceptively simple but there are a few steps the first thing is to cut out the diamond shapes and it's just a diamond we do have the cut files for you, it will cut eleven diamonds per sheet and or you can just draw and cut a diamond yourself. The important part is that they are all exactly the same, so you do want to use a template or something consistent you don't want them to be different they need to be exactly the same again, you could just trace a diamond pattern if you wanted or we have the cut files available for you within the class, you can cut them on the silhouette, but it's super simple to cut diamonds by hand, it's all street straight cuts, and then the next step is to paint them. So I wanted these tohave a lot of times party garlands are really festive and cute. They're not really modern, andi, I wanted to kind of create something that had a really modern aesthetic to it, and right now, jim's air so big you're going to see them and all home to core shops, places like west elmore pottery barn. They're all using this kind of diamond geometric shape. It's been popular for a while, so I wanted to create something that had some dimension to it that had a modern feel to it, and that had this jump shape. So I decided to be really cool because dipped furniture is also really popular right now to create a dipped jem garland, but instead of dipping, it were actually painting it so here's, what you need to d'oh, I use just a piece of tin foil because I'm usually working on my kitchen counter or my family's table, and so I just want to protect the surface, and we just get that as flat as we can. And then I lay out all the gyms that I've cut, and I lay them out in a row with just some nice spacing in between each one, and I would do all of them at once, and you're going to need a lot for this because each jim takes three diamonds, so you're gonna have close to one hundred diamonds as you do this project, the next thing that you're going to need is painter's tape, and that is just so that you can get that sort of dipped straight line look without actually dipping them, so all we're going to do is go from point to point, just a nice straight line, and again, you want to try and be consistent as you can with this one because it is about being modern and clean. We want those clean, straight lines and really make sure that you kind of because of the linen texture quiet will you get that straight line that you really kind of rubbed down the tapes edge and because it's painter's tape it's not going to rip the paper, so you'll be fine with that. So you would do that on all of your gems and like, is that? I generally do line them up just like this, and then I'll line up the next road just below that, but we'll just paint one today. So that we're not all sick in this room um ok so I'm just rubbing that down nice along the edges I don't phone brushes are great for most things with this the phone brush will just take up that paint so fast so I like to just use a small paint brush for this and you need to kind of rule it or mix the paint um because it will separate it is an oil based paint or leafing I guess that's what we should say and you can see from above that you can see the shine and that it's really gorgeous definitely worth the smell and we're just going to dip our brush in and the trick is to go from the painter's tape on teo the diamond oh man I can already smell it and when you go away instead of towards the painter's tape it's going to give you a cleaner line now the fun or not so fun part of this project is that you do have to do both sides now this paint drives super super fast so by the time you're done with a row it's probably the beginning of the road will be dry s oh that's nice you don't have like a long dry time waiting before you can flip the's over but you can see this paint the reason why I love it so much is it really does give it almost a foiled effect um because it's a true metallica leafing we're almost done and it doesn't matter if I get on the back of the top of it because I'm going to be flipping it over and painting it in just a minute um again we're not going to do that because it is a really strong paint and I want to make it through the rest of the day okay? So once we get in and really the one side of smooth so that side will be pretty simple to paint just make sure you get in all the different textures on the limit and I can even we'll just take this off now so you guys can see the effect so see I have a really nice clean line and I would just turn this over I would use the same tape and mark it off so just to go faster so you're going to be doing that a lot of times on and so I just I just did it all at once I have my all my windows opened if you could do it outside even better laid everything out painted it all flipped it over painted it again and then we move on to our next step of the project so I'm going to go ahead and to drop that in here now it is an oil based pain so you're going to have to have paint thinner to clean your brushes after or just plan on throwing it away because it will get hard hard it'll solidify okay let's clear this she should have a nice keen space to work what that one dry now the trick to this project is that you do need three layers of each diamond and I personally like to have a linen and then a smooth side and then a smooth side so that the two outside edges have the linen I don't know if it really matters but I do weird things like that lining things up okay so here we have three all layered and ready to go now depending on how great of a seamstress ur will depend on if you need this next step or not my mom can sew a straight line perfectly I cannot and so a lot of times I'll just come in with a pencil and just really lightly sketch in a nice straight line so that I have something to follow as I'm selling if you don't it's okay and if you're really good at doing straight lines most people who know how to sew are I just have never been um then you don't need to do this stuff he could just go from here we'll do one more right down the center ok now we're going to go to our sewing machine we'll see how this goes I have mentioned many times I'm definitely not seamstress but this is a project that anyone can handle so you're gonna thread your machine with black thread you could do gold that would be really beautiful ahs well, some machines don't handle gold as well because it has, like, a little bit of a stretch to it, so just make sure that your machine can use the gold if that's what you want to dio but for me personally, I'm using the black because I feel like it hides it more so if I don't get that perfect line it's going to be okay hidden so all you have to do is just place I've pulled out quite a tale because I want to have just a little bit of leeway and especially when I'm selling other garlands that are stitched all the way through, I like to have something to tie the garland on the end, so we'll pull it out just a little bit and then I just place it right where I need the line and slowly start stitching and I'm just following my line that I already have and I'm guiding it right through, okay? Now, before I get to the end, I'm gonna grab my next one and just keep going on and I would keep doing that all the way until I get to all of them, so I'm going to this off so here's another kind of example of what that's going to look like but high if I can, if I could do a straight line on this project, anyone can do it, and it actually says I was worried about the three layers. We tried it with two at first, just to see it didn't look as good, the three layers air really necessary to give it kind of the fullness that you want and it actually so through really cleanly and really easily you might want to change out your needle later if you're going to be a sewing fabric, but other than that, it works beautifully. So yes, now using the same needle as a fabric needle. Yes, not a fact saying I didn't. I never sweat, I never such now because I never so fabric I on ly is my sewing machine for paper project question. Do you need space or stitches in between? I did like a couple in between. You don't have to, because you're going to be cutting it, punching it, but I just like to have, like, a little bit of space. You can see just probably two or three stitches in between, um now you honestly you could leave the whole garland like this you could just so it like this and go right from here but I wanted it to have a little bit more of an expensive feel and I wanted it to be unique and different so I thought it would be really fun to use jump rings like in jewelry since we are using gems to connect each of the diamond shapes um I just I don't know I think it would be really beautiful on a tree or even just with your holiday decor and um I find so my mom and I have this thing we call the anthropology theory which is that any time you put like hundreds of one item together it's going to look amazing right? Like any time you go in their store they have like five hundred plastic flowers and you're like normally that would be really cheesy but because they did five hundred of them it's like suddenly stunning and amazing I feel the same way so I would probably do like tons of chains of these and layer them and hang them whether it's in my tree or all together in a window display or whatever it is I'm doing because I just think everything looks better in multiple so the next part of this project is going to be using that punch again and it punches through three really easily I'm in a cut the's apart and we don't even need we can leave this string of the top if we want or we can add change at the top just depends on what you want to do, so the tricky part of this is punching the whole low enough so that you can get your jump ring through but it's not going to tear and that's a little bit tricky, but that is another reason why I like this smaller crop dial because you can see really well I'm going to stand up for this I can see over aah where you're punching your hole and you just want to center it and you want to make sure again that you're getting it low enough for the jump ring but it's not going to tear through the paper and because it's three pieces of card stock it'll be a little bit stronger than if you were just doing it through one piece of card stock so we would punch all of thes and I didn't do back sitting on this because I'm punching through the bottom and the top so back searching is kind of pointless um but if I was going to end and start a paper project I usually would thiss is and yes, ok and I almost punched through the bottom right there, so that is the tricky part is just paying attention to that and really being careful about where you're punching if you're really worried about it, you could just make your diamond a little bit father at the bottom two and it wouldn't be as much of a problem, so these air gold jump rings, you find them in the jewelry section they're meant to like using jewelry pieces, they're very inexpensive and they come with like one hundred forty four you could just do one on one, but I wanted the feeling of chain and so we've done five in between each jump so you can see that there are five rings and the first thing we did, and the easiest way of thinking to do it is to just do groups of three and let me show you how you add jump rings because if you've never done it before, it definitely has like its own little technique, we're going to dump some of those out. I hear I have two different pairs of jewelry players ones round knows one's flat if you have two flat that's fine, teo, I just didn't want to buy another flat one because I had around one, so what you do is you take the ring, look for this seem in it and you're going to hold it with one plier and then the other plier you can see land she and you just twist, so you're not pulling it apart, you're twisting it out if you pull it out it's not going to be a strong when he put it back and we're going to put that there I've already combined three so I'm just going to attach that and this is another this is another project where you know I have those friends who don't understand crafting that air like are you serious like you just sat there and did that over and over but again like one movie and it's done and what else was I going to do besides just sit and watch the movie and let's be honest I can watch pride and prejudice like five hundred times in a row so it's fine okay, so we've just added that to that end I mean it is it is really quick process that seems tedious but it goes by really, really quickly well connected to the next one and I think it's easier to flat but like I said, I just had around sure you're doing the correct end to end and this is why I also haven't like created the diamond shape yet because it's easier well it's flat it was that together now just make sure it's nice and tight ok? And now we have joined our garland together and I'm actually going to cut this and add it to our long one so you could keep going you could make this as long as you wanted tio um we are giving you ten sheets of card stock so you could do quite a few diamonds so as you can see, we've already done a bunch let's do one more and then show you the completed project how to fold them and this is definitely if you need uh reading glasses you'll definitely need them for this just dropping but if you talk to any jeweler they this is probably like half of their job combining jump rings and I certainly love like adding a little unexpected touches two things like this I mean it's not I mean, this is something that you wouldn't normally see that people wouldn't go to the extra effort for but it's noticeable people will notice it and they will comment on it and it's just fun to add those little extra kind of interesting details to your paper projects to just elevate them and make them feel just a little bit more special little more expensive and that is it it's just so simple but it looks so pretty oh gould foiled and all you have to do after that is just start to unfold here please and then you have a diamond so I would just keep going through and doing that until I create the shape and this is what I love about having one side that smooth and one side that's textured it kind of gives it like a really cool metallic gemstone field yes, someone had a question. What is the stitch length on the garland? Um, it's just like the very basic stitch. Like what the machine comes set on. I don't even know what that is. Okay, but I didn't change the stitches. Okay, thanks. So I'm not going to keep going, but the nice thing too is when you want to store it, they will just fold right back flat so then you can store it flat for next year. Um, you know, eventually they'll get wearing terror where the the seam is from the stitch and it is important not to do like a super small stitch. It might seem like you would want that like a tighter stitch you don't because it'll perforate the paper, so it would be just like, you know, cutting it, we're scoring it so you just want just a regular link stitch and you have this I really love this one, right? So that is our my colors card stock jim banner, which I think would be perfect for a christmas tree or any of your holiday decorating and you could do it in other colors, too. I mean, I think this and like a cream and a gold would be really, really beautiful ahs well, or even red and gold for christmas, yeah, so I picked this because it's, just like a little bit more modern and edgy. But I think if you wanted to go with christmas colors, you could totally do that one for many party, yeah, for a man's party. Yeah, so it is. It could be a little bit more masculine as well, and I also think so. The the metallic paint it comes and brass comes in gold. It also comes in copper and rose gold, which could be really, really beautiful, with different colors as well. Like if you did a mint with rose gold, that would be amazing, and you can buy the jump rings in those colors as well. So here it legal.

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.