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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Planner Love Intro

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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24. Planner Love Intro


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Planner Love Intro

Franklin planners really well known for their amazing organization system and especially in the business world, and I know, like starting out as a young business person straight out of college, I was using franklin planner planners sort of went away for a little bit when we all turn to our electronics, but there's been a huge movement and never went away for franklin planner, but there's been a huge movement in creative planners lately on dso, franklin planner and my mind zai partner together to create a really beautiful planner that you can use for both planning, planning and memory keeping and just being creative. Also, we're really excited about him. Sound super fun? Yes, we're going to show you where you can find these because they're actually not available on our site there, available through franklin planner, so to get to them from us, I think that's the easiest way he would just go to our shop and you can see we have an entire button made for planner love that is the name of the...

planner lives that we are planner line that we've partnered with, um, and you can go right to franklin player, and then you can see all of the different pieces that are available. Through our partnership so all the different lines and they're actually three different lines we're going to show you today and we're going to talk about some of the best practices and how we like to set up the planner on dh then some little additional things you can add in for fun, but the truth is, um that they're really so beautiful you don't need to add anything if you don't want tio, but like I said, a lot of people today a lot of women especially are using their planner for memory keeping as well they're not keeping separate scrapbooks and planners anymore they're kind of combining those and so their scrapbooks have sort of become their planners and I think it's just really great to have a really beautiful place to keep your to do list that you actually want to look at because we all know to delist can get a little bit overwhelming, but if I'm excited to actually look at it, maybe I'll do it. So we're going to talk about that and we've really loved working with them because they do have such a structured system that they've been using for so many years and they know works creates success s oh, we're going to go ahead and talk about those first I want to talk about the three different lines and the planner itself so the planner is their classic size you khun see it right here compared to me and this is the size it is and I pretty much have everything in here right now on I wouldn't necessarily keep everything in there all the time so it is a little hefty right now, but I wanted to show you all the different pieces has a really nice finish and all of the planner love planners have a really beautiful little gold heart detail on all of them, which is really fun um so it comes with just the planner you can buy them separately and there are multiple different styles I've brought three with me you can see our gold dot we have a confetti that's like a mentor turquoise with a confetti dot and here you can see exactly how it comes it's got really great pockets in the back and in the front you can keep your business cards or your credit card with you if you don't want to bring a separate purse or bag has the seven ring system that franklin covey is really known for on dh it's really, really well made and high quality and we also have our little pin holders on each side and you know that it's one of ours when you see the little tag in the back this is planner love and has franklin planner and my mind's eye on a nice little detail and then has a magnetic class so it'll keep together whether it's in your bag or on the go with u s so that is the mint with gold dot, and then I brought one package just like it would come to you on this one was my very favorite, probably because it matches everything we've been working with for the last two days, and I've already told you, I'm a black and white and girls, so I love comes with cuba through that, but the black and white striped planner, and it has the hard detail and the same interior with that really great black and white took it up, so those are some of the planners, they're even more available online on franklin planners website. Then, aside from the planner itself, we have the pages, and so we have our this is the heart of franklin generally these look a little bit more business e but we've added all these really fantastic patterns to them, so we're really excited about that, and I'm just going to open that up. So this is your cover sheet, and it comes with the plastic bookmark. We'll just take that off and you can see has the great gold dot as well. We're going to see all the same beautiful gold boiling and everything that my mind's eye does, whether it's party supplies or paper crafting and you also see it here with the planner line with franklin planner. So this follows the traditional franklin planner system if you understand how they organize and run things, but I wanted to go over that a little bit with you because I've actually found, um, I've had to learn all about it for work, and I've actually found that it really is consistently helping me get things done. So what they what the kind of key element of these planners are, we will add this right in to our planner. There you go, um, and I think I might. Yeah, there is a front page, and I almost threw that away, so don't do that, abdullah. What I really, really love comes right after the calendar, so every month. It starts in january twenty sixteen has your monthly calendar as you would expect in a planner, but what I really love are these two pages and these have been helping me a lot. So you have your monthly task lists where you have a personal column and a business call him and you can write down everything you need to achieve within that month. Those air bigger things like get my furnace checked could be a personal thing that, you know, happened every january or in texas that might be repair their air conditioner, even still in january, and then a personal or business items might be coming to creative life or little things, not little things. Big things like that that you want to be aware of that air coming up in the month. But the weekly tasks is what has really helped me. So this is some here is, you see there's a little abc column, and what you would do is at the beginning of the week, he would just sit down and write down everything you can think of that you have to do that week. Whether it's going to a doctor's appointment, we're sending out a specific email or what you have to do that week, and then after you just kind of like brain dump everything on to that page, you go back through and list priority level whether it's a, b or c so first priority is a second priorities be their priority sea and then after that out list a one, eight, two and so on until I have kind of a list, a structured list of everything that I need to get done and the priority order. So that's what's always been difficult for me as I'm organizing is keeping that sort of priority list going as opposed to just checking things off the list and feeling good about it because I picked the easiest thing to get done so I could check it off and feel good about it. But picking priorities and staying consistent with that has really helped me be organized. And then the really cool thing is, you see this little column with the arrow and at the top, it kind of gives you a guy and so that you can remember it, but you check it off. If it's completed, you do a little arrow, ifyou've forwarded it, like moved it to another time later, maybe another month it got moved. If you have gotten rid of it, you've deleted it from your list. You add a little x if you've delegated it that my favorite one it's a circle with the check mark, and if it's in progress, he just add a little dot and then that way, as you move to your next week, you can look what's still in progress, move it into the next week and keep going with your list. But it's actually been a really helpful system to me, and I didn't realize, you know, it isn't just for it is amazing for business people, but it's also really helpful as a mom to kind of keep organized that way as well. And as a person on ben, we have our days. So we go from our weeks to our days and there's enough space to kind of write everything in that you need for that day and it continues on so you'll notice that these don't actually come with tabs for each month and that's, because we have different tabs depending on what look or style you like. So we're going to go ahead and look at some of the different lines and the items that you can add into your planet.

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Add panache to to your next paper craft project with unique ideas and expert tips from My Mind's Eye™!

CreativeLive partnered with the incredible designers over at My Mind's Eye™ to bring you, a collection of paper craft how-tos that are guaranteed to inspire. You’ll learn about supplies and techniques for making:

  • Pretty Paper Garlands and Banners
  • Creative Gift Wrap and Charming Toppers
  • A Stylish Soiree
  • Simple Instagram Albums
  • Perfect Little Paper Mache Villages
  • Delightful Dioramas
  • Franklin #PlannerLove

My Mind's Eye™ has been developing stylish paper products for over 15 years. In Creative Paper Crafts, you’ll learn how to create a variety of customizable party decorations that will lend all of your events a lovely, handmade touch.

If you want to create beautiful decorations and decor and throw lavish, Pinterest-ready events, join My Mind's Eye™ and CreativeLive for Creative Paper Crafts!



Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.