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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Planner Love: Memory Keeping Pockets

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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Lesson Info

26. Planner Love: Memory Keeping Pockets

Lesson Info

Planner Love: Memory Keeping Pockets

I also wanted to show you some things that you can do to help with your memory keep being in your planner so something that a lot of people are doing are adding extra pages or pockets and ordered tio be able to like if you went on vacation in june and he wanted to keep the tickets or the photos or the memories and keep that they're so, then next year you're able to look back he knew exactly where it was and you have that sort of memory of it. So you're journaling and keeping record of all of the things in your life at the same time, so I wanted to show, um really cool page that amanda are blogged manager came up with to add to your planner and the really cool thing about these are that the my story scrapbooking line matches so probably so you can create your own elements to go in the planner and it's going to coordinate perfectly. So what I've done is just cut a square that is five and a half by seven and that's going to be the base. So this is the page we're actually making and it ope...

ns up and you would be able to like ad in photographs here on the side or maybe a ticket you khun tuck in any of your seats he needed to keep maybe like a brochure of somewhere that you I went and then other notes on this side and you could keep them all in just one little it's like a little mini album for your planner so I sort of love the idea of that and then it closes right up and this is where I was talking about adding the hook in loops so these air first sewing but I would just add a blue dot on the back of each one and put it right here so I can keep it closed within my planner so it's not going to keep popping open or taking up a lot of space eso these air really, really fantastic closures because you can continue to open and close them unseal really well so we're going to make this really quick so the base is this paper right here five and a half by seven so I've already cut that the next piece that we're going to add in is eleven inches wide by also seven inches tall and then I have used a bone folder tio here we go to sort of create creases and folds in the paper the first fold you're going to make is about two and a half inches you're gonna fold it in with whatever pattern you want to be on the outside the second fold is over five inches and then you fold it again and again I've done that with the bone folder and that's creating the interior of our little pocket page, and then I've punched a hole in the pattern paper to just add the tab and added a little piece of flare on top if you didn't want to take up so much room in your planner because the flare will take up a lot of room it's adorable, but it's going to take up a lot of real estate and you could just added shipboard button or sticker right on top have that decorative element, but not have it be so thick, so that is going to just be layered right on top, and we're just going to use the double stick. Ken, is there a couple of questions I went to how, first of all people love the planners think they're amazing and fabulous. First question is, are the papers that my mind's eye is created for? The planners? Are they acid free? So they got scrapbooks to, um, you know, that's a question I would have to ask them. I'm not sure about that, and we can find that out and include that in the class a cz time goes on, I don't believe that they are just the regular papers going in, but like these are so it just depends on what you're using, and is that line that my mind's eye is created for franklin planners is it on the my mind's eye website? It is not on our website, so if you click the shop and planner love on our website, it will take you to franklin planner okay, so people buy it on the franklin planner. What? Yes guys, thank you. Um ok, so they were going to add the additional pockets and it's really simple it is just let's measure this out nine inches long and then you just fold it in half. But before I did that, I just took, um my ruler and just ran a diagonal across cut a diagonal and here I'm just cut a little not you could also punch a hole like amanda did here with just like a little circle hole punch to make a little notch to make it easier to get things in and out on day we're just going to add that right on top and you could use glue dots you could use double stick wearing double stick for right now and I guess I could be doing this the right way. I'm gonna do this towards me and I would add that right into the interior and then I'm just going to run it right along the edge on the bottom really close to the bottom just like we created those secret pocket pages and now we've made a pocket here if I had left to the middle empty, we would have pocket there as well on dh, then we can just fold it close and add it to our planner franklin planner sells the punch so that you can punch the edges if you don't have that, though a lot of times what I'll do is just take one of my additional pieces so that I can trace and then punch in the right places to add it to my planner. So I think this is a really fun one for any time you're going on a trip or you have kind of a little event that you want to keep in one little section of your planner it's a really fun thing to have, we're going to create one more page and it's a really simple one, but also really helpful too you have to stay organized or to keep additional memory keeping items within your planner. So this is another really cool multiple pocket page, but it's just one piece of twelve by twelve paper and it's the way that you fold it, that makes that whole thing so it's really super simple. So I wanted to show you that so you would take your twelve by twelve paper and cut it down to eleven inches wide, which I've already done here and then you were we're going to fold three and a half inches up so you want a piece of paper like my lines either is double sided so that when you fold it up it looks good on both sections and the way I like to fooled again I'll just hold my ruler right across to unfold increased my paper just like that until I get a good fold and then I'll take the bone folder or you could even use a pencil but to give yourself again nice clean fold ok so we're going to go ahead and create the diagonal and so I've done that um right starting at eight inches is going up to the top of the paper and I've just cut a straight diagonal line and then I folded up on that three and a half mark and then we're just holding the paper in half and I like to just kind of press one end and then the other and use the boat folder again because it's starting to get thicker when you are using our paper it's a really high quality heavyweight paper so it is great for pocket pages all right so now you see that we have this really fantastic pocket page with multiple pockets and all we have to do is just it here right here right here and right here you can actually like stitch down the side to right the machine so it and it would be adorable and stronger so yeah, you could just stitch right up the side and that will keep it together and then again I just punched holes but its so cute and really really easy and coordinates so on and for those of you who maybe don't have a franklin planner but you love planners you could do that okay we're going to create one last page also out of one piece and this is just a smaller little pocket has multiple pockets as well so has this it has an interior pocket and it has a pocket on the back so it's really really similar the only difference is we're cutting a full angle on it I like having smaller pages in my planner that don't necessarily stick out or stand out but it's just a nice little addition in my month um to keep objects in and I used these little ones a lot for received in that much onthe so we're going to make it really quick so what I've done here I chose a pattern that already had a line so I just sort of followed the line as I went on the angle it really doesn't matter how severe steep you want it but it was easy on this one to sort of follow the line and then we're going to fold up on three and a half you can add the notches in if you want again just a circle punch or sometimes I'll just do a little triangle I'm going to leave this solid this time and then you just fold it in half and I had here at the bottom and the sides and he could stitch it as well, but now we have that interior pocket and that's just because I like to sometimes see what's actually in there the little or pocket I said that was the last one that I want to show a few more um just because they're really fun so this is another one that was just created out of one paper and we'll we'll include the instructions within the class, but we've actually embellished this land with some of the items on I think it's really beautiful and then we've added washi tape, which I haven't shown like my favorite washington ever but this is the planner love washington that comes with um all three of the lines so we've got the gold glitter, the gold foiled heart just a thin goal black and white stripes and the confetti dot in gold foil eso we've lined that to kind of reinforce it and that's another thing that you could do with all of these before you punch just run a line of washy to reinforce those holes so that it doesn't tear as you're using it but come on that's pretty adorable on dh the other thing that I really like to do just use those journaling cards and punch holes that match and have them in with little notes because I can take him in and out and I use those for just like little reminders just as well. So the journaling cards are really fantastic and then the last thing I want to show you I mean, we all know how to accordion fold, but I like to add in little things like this, I think this would be funded just like have one of your kids photos long inch of um in case you're like at work and you can show everyone how your kids are, but it is just a new accordion fold that we added in using some might colors card stock. Um, I wanted to do one more thing because I love adding christmas elements or holiday elements to that time of year just to kind of keep a reminder of holiday events and things like that. So we do have our paper clips searcher really fantastic um our page magnet page markers, but we are going to be making some cute christmas paper clips that we can add and bookmarks s o I'm going to use the grabs from christmas on market street and what I dio already plugged in my glue gun is just clip off the back of these again, see if you can do it made these scissors very dull um and a lot of times they'll just you can even just bend them are and I'm going to take two of the same size because I want them to be front and back, and we'll just take that off again on the franklin planner pages, a franklin planner rep got backto yeah, chat. So those pages are acid free. Oh, very, that can't be easy. Okay? Yeah, they're very good and they will watch and holding out on paris open stuff, so I'm glad they're here. That's great, eh? So we're going to just take and add a little beat of hot glue on this that these air, not acid for it once you ad hoc lou. So you know, don't put this by your memory keeping on ben, I'm gonna add another little layer who that came up fast on top. Um, and now I have super cute, little like page marker book marker for christmas if I want that. And the other thing I do is I use washi tape in my planner, but I also like to do little flags, so I'll just run through a paper clip and twist and just tape it right to itself take a second to get it straight, and then you have, like, really cute little flag paper clips that you can add to anything s so that is something that I really like to dio as well and then I think it's always great to have kind of the mixed bag set like we used earlier, I'll just punch holes on them and adam and little places little notes to myself or little page markers that I think are really fantastic, so that is how I stay organized, but I also get to keep memories at the same time and do it in a really, really beautiful way. We will have all the instructions on the measurements on different types of pages that you can add into your planner within the class, and all the planners are available on franklin planner you can get to them through our site or you can go directly there in search planner love, and they should come right up for you. Um, but it's sort of my favorite things right now, I really loved planning line were saying they loved the idea of the planner combined with memory book. Yeah, it's just a lot easier to kind of keep everything in place. I have. Like I said, the entire planner set up for the whole year right now, I probably wouldn't do that. I'd keep in like my whole year's worth of calendars and take out the daily pages until I get closer to that time, and then that way I'm able to keep a lot more of the photographs and the memories some of these extra pockets and extra tabs for different categories that way so it's not quite so big to take around, but I don't know I really love it. So it's been a lot of fun and it's kept me very well organized and I know it can help other people too well, it's great that is so flexible that way you can take it out, put it in a great and get different colors like a different person. Yeah, don't tell, yeah, and that does anybody have any questions? I mean it's pretty self explanatory system. So that's, what I really love about it, it's not too complex and even the fonts are pretty on although yonder yeah, the monster really pretty and the other thing that I love that I know is, um, knew it and you could see on that front page is that every interior has, you know, you don't have to, like add washi tape is we don't want to because they all have a pattern it's like a fun pretty pattern. Um, so that's one of my favorite things, but yes, they just fun to look at, even if you don't write anything, but you should write even a little like bad handwriting there still pretty to look at, so I think we're we've gone through so many crafts and so much great instruction, yeah, it's been it's gone by so fast, it's been wonderful, so I wanted to thank you, candice, for being here, a creative live or bringing all this wonderful product and giving us your great instruction on these really, really imaginative, creative craft. I also want to thank my mind's eye for sponsoring this workshop and the studio audience, or being here with us and working on the many albums with candace and all of you watching at home for being with us here today, we've got some great comments from online. I know we love to hear the comments. I love to share them with you, randi hallet says. Enjoying this class in julieta, indiana, so very much, and trace scholar says this was awesome. We need more classes like this, thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you back here on creative I very soon.

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