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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Simple Color Block Banner

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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2. Simple Color Block Banner


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Lesson Info

Simple Color Block Banner

The first project we're going to be making is the my story color blocked banner my story is one of our newest scrapbooking and paper crafting lines it's really beautiful has a lot of pinks like a mustardy yellow black and then lots of gold foiling and the reason I wanted to make this banner is because it is one that goes along with a banner we already sell with the line so we can see right here this's are celebrate banner for my story I love layering party products I think just one item hanging by itself kind of looks a little bit so hard sometimes you've gotta have like lots of elements together to create lots of depth and beauty when you're presenting a party and so we're going to be making a banner that goes right along with it and we've kind of designed this banner class to start out at him beginning level and get a little bit more advanced and intricate as we go along so this is a really simple banner as you can see here we're calling it the color blocked banner so we're going to ...

just start out by making this project so the items you need are this paper pad this is the my story six by six designer paper pad and this one is taped so do that and then we'll also need black magic my colors card stock so new this year to my mind's eye we've begun selling really beautiful high quality card stock that coordinates with a lot of our items so if you buy the kit will come with these things knowing you have to think about it but if you wanted to buy them separately those air the two items the nice thing about the six by six pounds is that everything is courteney coordinates together so you can mix and match any of these papers if you have a hard time mixing pattern or mixing color this kind of does it for you that's really nice and they're double cited so I find a lot of times you'll buy a banner you buy something you really love and you can on ly hang it on your wall because the other side is blank on dso these have been created so that both sides look really good so if you wanted to hang them over your table or over you know in trees if you're having your party outside it's going to look good on the front and on the back so that is another really nice thing about this banner so the first thing you're going to dio is just grab one of each of the patterns um and if there's a pattern you love more you can use two or less it's just whatever you love and then you're going to cut out each of the individual shapes so there's two base shapes to this banner the first has just has, like, a little notch cut out really simple clean cuts if you do decide to cut them by hand and then the other one is more like something you would see on a castle comes down to a point, so they're sort of see here opposite. So when you have your six by six paper it's just too simple cut and now you have teo banners, so we have those shapes and then in the cup files, we also have for you the triangle that fits perfect at the bottom just like that. But this way, and then we also have the rectangles cut perfectly the patterns for you, and we also have this smaller shape that fits right onto our other item. So, like, I literally just put one together right there, all I'd have to do is it hear it, and then we have it done, so we're going to do that, so we're just going to stick these down and again, you saw I wasn't even really thinking about patterns or anything like that because they all coordinates so well, and then you could leave them with both of the same pattern or we can take any of the other patterns and added a third and the nice thing again about this is there isn't a whole lot of like the pattern's themselves um, the scale that's really well together, so there just isn't a whole lot of, like questioning whether something's gonna look good together or not, because they all are meant to look at together already, so we're going to go ahead and just keep doing that, and I like to mix the black occasionally another the black wasn't necessary, but for me, it's nice to have, like, a neutral kind of resting spot for your eye any time you're creating something that does have a lot of pattern or a lot of color. And so that's why I brought in the black card stock just to kind of give it some neutral resting places within the pattern to give your eye that ease on dh two make it comfortable to look at, and I would just keep layering all of these until I've created a pattern that I really love, and so we're going to do that. I also try a lot of times to sort of, um, make sure that I am nixon color, so something isn't like really heavy on the black and that we bring in glass is a little bit and again, you can see the way that these air cut and the files that you will get, um, are really nice because you have mold. Ripples of everything to sort of mix and match, and they'll be extra pieces of the rectangles on the triangles, but I wanted you to be able to really, like, play with it and decide what you like together on give you lots of options. We'll attach a few more, and then we'll talk about how we added that would you leave any of them solid, like one solid piece of pattern, like a full, full solid? I think actually mixed in maybe, like every third or fifth would be really cool to depends on how many you want to make, so each paper pad comes with twenty four sheets, so you could make this twenty four long plus, it'll come with three sheets of card stock onda patterns that should the cup files on the tracing patterns are designed as six by six so you want to worry about, like fitting it on the page. They're designed specifically for that. So on the card stock, I just cut that into six by six squares and and then cut it from there. And so, yeah, you could mix in a solid every once in a while it would again give it your eye like a little bit of rest and some space. But you can see how if we hung this is like our main celebrate banner on dh these also come front and back so these can be hung over the table as well are in the center of your room and they're going to look good from the front and the back on dh then I would just mix in I would actually probably make too separate rows of these so you can you three because I think odds are always better than even numbers and displays so in this case in this garland I actually and I say I but I really mean my mom because I can't so but actually and I'm going to sew later so that'll be interesting for everyone me included I could I could barely got a straight lighted but these I actually just stitched together so I put it a little peace on this sewing machine and again by I mean my mom a little bit of tape on the sewing machine so I could measure the measurement between each one and then just stitch straight through so I do back such of the beginning and then just keep going straight through but I also wanted to show another option where you don't have to so maybe you're like me but your mom doesn't live nearby so let's put a few of these together a few more and then we'll make the garland or banner whatever you want to call it on I don't know not anything I really love about this project is I don't know about you but I have a hard time just like sitting still in like watching tv doing nothing so it's fun to have just like kind of a brainless mindless job that you can dio so that you actually feel accomplished when you're like sitting with your kids watching football I have three boys so I have to watch a lot of football and in between I make pink things to make myself feel a little bit better about life so that is that's kind of another thing that I really love about this project is it is so simple it's something that you can dio while other things are going on around you like you're trying to talk and think of the same time um and so we're gonna put a few more there's a question online windy and was wondering are these products available in australia? Yes so we have and you know I just said you can do it mindlessly understood that room so that's ok that's what kraft ings about yes, we have twenty five dollars international shipping fee but they could go anywhere in the world and with the discount totally worth twenty five dollars on everybody yes um and actually I know we have a large photography audience with creative life and our party supplies are used often with children photographers as photo backdrops um, the fans and all of those items work really beautifully with that, too, for anyone who's watching, okay, so we've done for, and we're going to go from here actually don't five let me do one more to fit in here, and then the other thing again, and I hope that the camera is catching this that I really love is all of this is gold foiled, so it feels like a lot more luxurious than just your average piece of scrapbooking paper and it's going to give that really beautiful sheen to your party. All right? So we've got a good number here, and you can see it. I mean, that just took such a short amount of time and it's really, really cute and looks custom, so I'm going to use a whole bunch this this is a funny looking hole punch, but this punches, this is called a crocodile, it punches through cardboard or chipboard really thick items, but it has two different sizes and has a smaller punch that I really like. But if you have a small hole punch at home, that works, and we're just going to punch holes in each of the corners again, you can stitch it really easy if I can do it, anyone can do it because I really of not great with sewing but if you wanted to avoid that you didn't have a sewing machine or you just wanted to avoid that sub completely then we can just just hang it. How do you get the string in between? Like when you so the papers how do you get the you just keep stitching so you'll just pull it and run it and we'll actually show you that in one of the banner's later but yeah, you just keep stitching and I put a little tape line to know when I should start the next banner so they're the right length apart, but honestly, I've done quite a few sometimes I'll just cut pattern paper stars or like my banner for my christmas tree my garland for my christmas tree I took one of our christmas lines just punch stars and did the same thing ran it through the sewing machine so there's just a little space between each one and they hang really beautifully and then both sides if they spend look really pretty and the gold looks really nice on the tree on dso super easy, but what I love about something like that is you don't even need teo space from the right leg the part they can be kind of sporadic, so if maybe you're not the best seamstress like me go with a more sporadic patterns that looks like it's on purpose that's what crafting is all about for me making things look like I did on purpose okay, so we're going to use baker's twine this is a gold baker's twine I think black and white would also be really beautiful and they have pink and white baker's point as well this comes from michael's so really easy to find and let's see we're gonna see if this double stick tape works but here's a little tip baker's twine especially when it has magnetic it will really like come apart ist and you try to do anything with it so usually I don't use double stick but I used just a regular peach a piece of scotch tape and I'll wrap it around the top just to keep it together and it makes it so that threating is so much easier on this might be a little bit tricky because it's sticky on the outside to but we'll see how it goes and again totally depends on how much you love what you're hanging the product with whether you go in the front or in the back if I was just using a plane string and I didn't really want it to show then I would start from the front to the back and the loop will be in the back if I really like it and I feel like it's adding an element to my project then I'll start from the back to the front and I I feel like because this is so shiny and echoes the gold foiling than I wanted to show a little bit more so I'll start running it through the front and you could even do every other one that so would be front and back if you wanted to also but because there's so much pattern going on, I think consistency here is good. So will this run through a few through here? And like I said, there are twenty four sheets of paper plus you can get four out of every six inch piece so you khun dio a banner that's close to thirty of these really easily on that depending on how much length you put through, you could run it through a whole room or you could make them really tight and compressed um and do it in a small space just depends on the amount of area you need to cover and that's the other really nice thing about making a banner yourself is you know, the space that you're putting it any you can decide how you want to fill that space. Ken is somebody wanted to know I think the name is rodley does the my story paper pad include any type of instructions when you purchase eso all of the instructions come within the class, so what we have on our web site is just the product that you need to make the projects and you will see we have our collection page but we also have all these items available to you in different kits under the paper crafting section as well so you can findem in different places if you just love one thing that I'm using you can find that and just that separately okay so we've had five year you can see it's just super cute really simple if I wanted to even go one more step um in this christmas on market street one of our other lines we have gold foiled letters that would fit this perfectly so I could spell out it's a full also that so I could spell out anything that I want to spell on we're going to show you that later and our gift wrapping section come back with these but that's it's super simple it's really quick it's not expensive because we're just using two items and it makes a huge difference in your party so that was banner number one and if I you guys can do it all right and so again this is not in the kit that you see it there but this is available in the my story section of our website on dh super cute celebrate on it and coordinates perfectly so I wanted actually as I'm putting this away to show you how I like to put away banners because the one backing about sewing is the's get so tangled, really, really quickly, and the next time you take him out, you'll be really sad. S o, I just fold front to back, so it creates a little loop, and it won't be tangled after that. And then I usually keep. You're actually seeing me pull everything, and you know them in little ziploc bags. But the nice thing about our banners that we sell in our party line is they come in boxes so that they can be restored. So our owner, I was, like, really conscious of the way people would use thes and being able to use the multiple times. So they come in boxes with, like, little handles that you can just put away really easily afterwards.

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.