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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Vintage College Banners

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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4. Vintage College Banners

Lesson Info

Vintage College Banners

So our next project, I feel like there's, a lot of party goods that are really pretty and girly and great if you have a little girl or if you're throwing a girlsnight out that's. Awesome, but it's a lot harder to find, kind of like teenage boys or men party items, but we still throw parties for them when we still celebrate them. So I'm always trying to create things that I can use in that way, just cause I feel like there's, not a whole lot of that out here, and we have some really general gender neutral party supplies, which is amazing. But this one, we're going to take it even a step further. Speaking of football, so we're going to go back into the shop and again in our creative life projects, and this is called the vintage college banner, and but at home, we're calling it collegiate affirmation. I feel a little bit. A little bit highbrow right for a party supply, but it's kind of fun to call it that on basically the concept was my husband got ten year this year he's a theater profes...

sor and we were so excited about it on we wanted to kind of have a little party for him because he's worked so hard and so I thought it would be really fun to do like a vintage college kind of banner and put all like little elements of him on it that the things that we celebrate that we love about him so we have artistic, cheeky, dashing to brilliant, humble kind you know, all those things on dh what? So what I really love about this is it could be adaptable to anyone and it could be easily a girl project as well if you wanted to do pinks and oranges or mintz and gold there, whatever elements you want ad in and also we ended up just hanging it are hanging a different one and our boy's room all the time and it just looks like an element of home decor. So it's really fun to do so um, we are using our my colors card stock again and we're also using a product that I love and that no everybody always is like I don't know how to use that, which is really wood veneer so they're twelve by twelve sheets matching scrap booking sheets of paper but it's actual wood on dh so it gives it that kind of like manly element and then we're also going to show you how to create pom poms to go with it because it just gives it that added fun element s o here you can see and again I cut out the words with my silhouette we have these particular words available for you if you just wanted to copy it but the fonts let's go back to the power points what we're going to be using for this is twelve by twelve maybe sheets of card stock two sheets of classic cherry and you actually again you only need one but I put two into the kit in case there's a little mystic um polar bear which is their white two sheets of necessities light wood and we use that for the letters it's actual scrap of paper but looks like wood and then for the base were actually using our wood veneer paper. You'll also need navy blue yarn white ribbon and baker swine which we do not sell so that doesn't come kit and there's a look at it all laid out you can kind of see what it looks like and again you could abbas many of these to it as you wanted to if you had more words to describe the person okay so the funds that we've used came from a freefall fought website, it's, different dot com, and we've views college and pacific. Oh, I just felt like that script looked really vintage, and then college is kind of what we think of for a varsity kind of football looking flag, so that is what I want to use in case you want to create, which I think you should create your own words to describe the person that you are celebrating, and your kid will come all together for you with the different papers, and I just want to show you the difference between the wood veneer and the light would so the wood venir, like I said, is actual, would it comes in a plastic for you? And the reason we do that is because if you've ever worked with one before, you'll know as soon as you kind of cut into it or get it wet with a little bit of glue, it'll curl up a little bit, so we keep it in the sheets to keep it nice and straight and flat. After I created this project, I backed the wood with card stock, just to kind of keep it straight, and then, for like a day while the glue was drying, I put it under a stack of books, and it's been fine since one um but we'll pull a sheet of that out because we're gonna be cutting it and I just feel like there are a million things you could dio with this wood veneer especially if you do have a cutting machine you could use just so many cool pieces of art for your house with it I don't wanna ruin the corners all right so you can see it's really what the light would is just a pattern so that's the difference between the two so we can actually work on it so the first things you're going to do is cut the banners to side and the way I do that is really simple so I knew I wanted the widest point to be six inches and then it needed to come to a point what I would do is just marketed six inches from the edge of my paper and then I know I wanted to come to a point so what I did in the middle is at three inches on the other end I marked it there I marked it six inches and then I market again another three inches over and because it's twelve by twelve paper it makes it really easy to create three banners with just a few cuts so what I do is I take that original six inch mark and I lined it up with the three inch mark and now I know the exact angle I need to create the banner and sort of like trying to calculate a banner edge and I would do that with a pencil I could see it a little bit better oh can I just went off and just cut straight along? Well that this is a little jagged but we'll do another one thank you but there you go so and then the other piece I can do the exact same thing I just take it from the corner I go down to my mark and so I can create three banners from each piece of twelve by twelve paper, so they've already done that with the red cherry and the navy color and you can see here we have all the banners that we need and then I create I cut one also from the wood and now with would I like to work with the grain of the paper as opposed to kind of fight against that? And so I'll do the exact same thing, but I'll make sure that the grain is going vertically but you can cut it just like you cut paper it's thin enough that it's not a problem to just use the rotary blade. What about a paper trimmer the paper chamber would work to? Yeah, it's it's a little bit like it won't pull through ass move because it have the grain so it'll catch a little bit but it'll still work um it's definitely thin enough. You can also use it with this letter with the cricket as well, and it will cut right through. You don't need anything special. Um, so as you can see, it cuts really, really well and in fact, it's not until it gets wet, really that it starts curling, so that was my mistake. I'm telling you only mistakes, right? That I tried to glue it down the first time and really I should have used glue dot or like in a piece of as opposed to wet glue, so we're going to try about this time, and that makes a difference. I think it will now I kept these pieces I love using like every little scrap and you can see on there I used these to reinforce the holes so that when the weight of it is pulling on the string, especially with the pom poms that the wood is holding those holes and enforcing them, so keep all your scraps don't get rid of them. Um is what I'm saying, here we go, I have pre cut the words because it would be really boring for you watch me free cup um, all of these words, but um, if you are going to hand cut and you're not going to use something like the silhouette or the cricket I highly recommend just sticking with the college thought because it's so much easier it's all straight lines it's very blunt funt and it's really, really easy to cut by hand it doesn't take very long it's another kind of tv program sort of job um the if you do want to use the pacific pacific oh font then you're going to probably need an exacto blade to be able to get into all the little areas and little tip on cutting machines you can do a function called weld um so just welding but weld and it will well that your curse of fought together so that it does it all in one cut as opposed to cutting each letter individually. I learned that the hard way after had done like five of these that you could do that, eh? So I've got all of our individual letters here and what I've done as I was cutting them is I made each font or each letter twenty less than whatever the font was before that. So when I put them on the word goes large too small to fit the triangle so if I started out at two hundred than this one would be one seventy five and so on until we get down to the smaller letters so you can see how each letter gets just a little bit smaller and then that way they all fit perfectly on okay and I actually did the red on the would cause I felt like it get out really well and then did the lighter words on the darker card stocks okay, now you could hear these in multiple ways but again with the wood as opposed to using like a liquid glue I would probably use a glue dot or just traditional scrapbooking adhesive in order to keep it from warping the wood as it got wet. Um and so I would just go in and add the adhesive wonderful is eireann sticker maker would work on the wood as iran yeah would be totally fine anything that's not liquid in fact, even a glue stick might be ok, but it still has that moisture in it so I would stick to like double stick scrapbooking adhesive for the most part and I know we have some of the other room, but I'm not going to leave a friend and get it, so we'll just use this for now and it here the letters my favorite kind of it, he said, for this is, um I don't even know the name of it it's like in a purple container and it's not like little pieces of tape it's actual likas eireann it's more like a sticker and so you can just run it over and it will only it stick to where you're running it over and that way you don't have to do like all these little tiny pieces here adding it on goes much quicker okay, but we would just keep going and adding until we get all of our letters in place and again you could add any words you wanted I mean it could be about your subject personality or it could just be about a specific event could be date maybe like you're celebrating an anniversary and you put all the important date in their lives when each of their kids were born or um you know how well they're how long they've been married you could do so many just really cool things to customize it yourself but I do want to show how we did the top so again I'm all about using scraps I know I wanted it to be about half a nin inch to just be a really good reinforcement for my project the other way around and maybe I'll try three quarters this time but it doesn't have to be a perfect measurement on this it's really just about having something across the top so that you can't reinforce that I would it hear it in fact let's do that it's funny how like when you're crafting at home you think like you're you're so quick and then when you're doing it in front of people it feels like eternity right? And these it also just cuts the scissors, the veneer and I just follow the line of the flag, and then this is another reason why I love this crocodile tool. I can just punch right through both the card stock and the wood, and now we have, like, the perfect whole reinforce, sir, so we would go through. We would do that with all of the items let's add at least one, and so then I cut some of the letters out. This is what the light would was for it was just easier to cut, like tiny details out of paper, as opposed to the wood and so that's. Why I chose the paper over the wood in this case, but I just really love the actual texture and feel of having the wood in the project. This would be fun for a super bowl party, too? Yes, and you could make it in the right colors for your team. Yeah, um, and we do on the web site have lots of my colors, colors so you could go in and pick out paper separately, okay? I'm kind of like mangling these gunshots to attach this, and in the next segment we'll grab some real it, he said, just they all don't think that I'm I don't know what I'm doing, all right, ok, so brilliant, right, um and we even have a little dot for the eye in here I think that was the first time I've ever said he all I've been living in texas for too long now, okay? And we would just add that right in where we want it to go all right, so the next part of this garland is the pom poms and I love making pompoms this is another fun little thing to do so I just use cheapest here and I can find at any hobby store um and you can buy pom pom makers I know that you can make them on your own but it is I had to make like hundreds of pom poms once and this is so much faster and just more consistent in the sizes there's two different types of pomp lawmakers this is kind of like a more complicated one the's smaller ones combine a set of four different sizes from hobby lobby so what, you d'oh they come in two different little plates you're just going to line them right up over each other and then open it like this? Yeah, we're going to be amazed how easy this is um and then you just hold the string and start rapping and you go it does not need to be perfect are all lined up sometimes I'll just push it over a little bit as I go along and you just keep dropping and you go from side to side so you make it to one end you go back across the top and depending on how thick you want your pom pom well depend on how many times you run it back and forth so we'll do one more around and then we'll go across to the other side to show you how to do that maybe we can make it with this yard this is where like all the knitters air like that's because you bought cheap you're sure it's true but on a garland I'd rather spend the money on the prettier items and then on this okay, so to transition it you just take a you don't have to cut it or anything you just go right to the other side and start winding I would actually do this a lot to get a full pom pom like this you probably want to go back and forth like four, five times a crossed it goes really fast especially when you have a good yarn um that you can just keep winding it across back and forth as you go see it. Maybe I was eating I was using wrong and um and just keep winding and lighting so we want to do at least once you guys can see how to finish it off so this one won't be as thick but you'll at least get to see how to do it and we're just going across and you want the whole thing to be covered, you don't want to be able to, like, see any spots of the item underneath, and, um so I tried it, I tried it making my own, which you can do like a little cardboard circle like this, and it just didn't work as well at all, and I just found to get the consistency this was a lot funnier and a lot more easy, okay, so you finish wherever you finish off what you do after that is you're going to close it so you take these little tabs, close it down and now it's in there nice and tight except for your one loose end and you take a pair of scissors and because there's a hole in there, you can just start cutting now normally it's so thick that it will just fluff up into the center and you don't have to hold it, but because I only did one really layer it's going to be a little harder and you just cut all the way around and you continue doing that this string and you're gonna cut another piece of string and you would cut all the way around, I'm not because I didn't do it thick enough, um, until I get this string in place, finish cutting it so I wrap that string all the way around between the two and then I just pull it tight ties square not and then the slide right off and I have a problem okay? When it's full it's like a full pom pom and then you just trim right around the edges to make sure that they're all nice and even it's like I don't know I can't cut hair but I really enjoy this so maybe I should be here you can see we just made kind of like a little funny one but no more you philip the fuller it's going to be and they will look exactly like this now I left the tie strings on long on purpose because it made it so I could just tie it right on to my baker's twine. So then that is how I applied all of them to the garland I just tied him right on in a bow so that later when I store it because these air so much chunkier than the paper and I want to start the paper flat I can just untie them and keep those in a separate box, then the flags himself. So the way that I attached the flags, I wanted to just add kind of one more element besides just the bakers twine um which you can see right here I just love the plane of red and white baker's twine so I could have just run all these through but I knew the pom poms we're going to be hanging from it as well so I wanted there to be like a little bit more depth so that it could hang down farther um and so what I did was just got some nice plane grow grain ribbon and you could add pattern here tio you could add the opposite color of your team whatever you wanted to do but I went with just a classic white grow grain gotta have a nice curved edge um sides and then I just round them right through and you could um at this point loop the string through if you wanted tio right through and so then they all hung with like nice little tassels hanging on top let's go back to the power point there you can see each of the little ties so I just used all the extra scraps to do our whole re enforcers the opposite color of whatever piece I was using I ran the bakers trying through and hung each one and then between that I tied on upon paul we're gonna tire funny little hump on today but just tied those on and it gives it that just like great vintage nineteen fifties college feel so that is my banner thirteen where husband boys men on dh again, you could really make it for anything. Got a daughter? That was a cheerleader. It would be like a super fun thing to do on homecoming at your house. Thinks like that.

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