Creative Post-Processing for Portraiture


Creative Post-Processing for Portraiture


Class Description

Post-processing offers a ton of ways for you to dramatically change, improve, and stylize your portraits. Unfortunately, most of us get into a post-processing rut, using the same tired techniques over and over again. Professional portrait photographer Jackie Jean Acosta will help you revitalize your image editing by demonstrating some of her most impressive tricks and inspiring ideas.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use various techniques to enhance the mood and create drama.
  • Add sun flare, haze, and streams of light to your images.
  • Extract your subject from your background.

Join Jackie for this exciting journey through creative post-processing and learn to have more fun and be more experimental with the process of refining your images.


a Creativelive Student

Absolutely loved this class. Jam packed with info. Jackie goes quite fast so it's one to repeat. My only criticism would be that I was looking forward to seeing how the profile image was done, and that's not part of the class. Other than that, wonderful. Thank you Jackie.