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Lesson 6/8 - Custom Wall-Hanging Project - Star Stitch


Customize Your Cross-Stitch


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Custom Wall-Hanging Project - Star Stitch

The next ditch? We're talking about this right here this is a star stitch again it just has a different variation so instead of vertical I went horizontal and again this is another place where you can make your own variation off the pattern you could keep it vertical you could do vertical and horizontal but the important thing is to remember that we're working off the same seven by seven so here again is the star stitch and for the pattern at this point the first time we did the star stitch, which was the second stitch down we were doing a vertical attack and this time I went ahead and I did a horizontal tack so again, you want to count seven out from your last straight stitch so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and then seven down and you can tack as you go along or you can create your whole row and then go back and talk in a different color the same color but for attacking again you're counting in two in from the ends for your attacking stitch no, if you want, there are cards ...

that you can buy these little rectangle cardboard cards that you can rat you can unscathed in your thread and then wrap it around his little cards and then write the code on it. I have never done that I would say probably, other people that create product, that air needlework artists, a lot of them probably do rap their threat around the little cards, but this type of the situation doesn't bother me, and I've never found it to be so naughty or chaotic that I can find what I'm looking for or use the thread. Where are you putting the tax again? You said jeffrey it's, the same as we were doing with a vertical we're going to in from the top two in front, one tio and then to and from the bottom ok, and you go seven hours straight lines yes, ok, so it would be too out from the edge. It wouldn't be the top and bottom. Now it would be the edge I'm gonna come around and see because have questions. I'll bring this so you can see what I'm not too okay when it in contrast it for their don't get attacking. Yeah, you know, I like what you did various you skipped, yeah, that looks good, that makes me pretty skip to that looks pretty.

Class Description

Don’t settle for the patterns and kits that come out of a box! Learn how to put your own spin on cross-stitch patterns in Customize Your Cross-Stitch with Lisa Shaffer

Lisa does incredible custom needlework under the moniker Zelma Rose, and in this class she’ll teach you how to: 

  • Pick patterns that lend themselves to customization 
  • Find or create custom supplies, like hand-dyed threads and special hoop sizes 
  • Transfer photos and designs onto a cross-stitch pattern 
You'll learn how to customize cross-stitch projects and use your skills to embellish your own creations. 

If you want to make truly unique cross-stitch projects, join the always-inspiring Lisa Shaffer for Customize Your Cross-Stitch