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Customize Your Cross-Stitch

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Custom Wall-Hanging Project - Zig Zag Stitch

Lisa Shaffer

Customize Your Cross-Stitch

Lisa Shaffer

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3. Custom Wall-Hanging Project - Zig Zag Stitch

Lesson Info

Custom Wall-Hanging Project - Zig Zag Stitch

So this exact stitch you can do two ways you can create all your exes first and then go back with the vertical stitch or you can move along as I'm going to do here it comes here here and then going to one vertical like that how are you guys doing? Yeah, you're also quiet serious black okay, yeah, I'm going to talk about that because I I didn't mention it but that's a really good point. So a couple of the students here mentioned something I brought up in the intro class, which is depending upon your eyesight, how you see colors, there's a million different things that make us all wonderfully special and unique people. But depending upon what works for you and definitely using a black fabric will make a difference. Sometimes it gets hard to to get some contrast to be able to see the holes through the fabric so one of the ways you can make that easier is to put a piece of white paper behind it. Sometimes that works, some people might like to use a bright colored pizza a paper that might w...

ork to another way to do it is if you have ah, something bright behind you you can have the light shining through, but a white piece of paper is a really good way to get some contrast similarly, if you're using a light piece of fabric you know something like this colored like this you can use a dark piece of paper behind it and that will have sort of the same impact now it's up to you with those exact stitch how you want to end it you khun begin and ended with a vertical stitch or you can leave it open on the pattern I've closed it with the vertical stitch but this is what it looks like if you leave it open just a slight variation you might like one more then the other so I'm just going to show you what the back of mine looks like, which is is not purists at all there's all sorts of stitches and knots and all this stuff this is the way that I work if you want to have a completely clean back that follows that has its own pattern on the back that great if that's your thing I not everything because I'm in the business of creating products so I don't want to have stitches that slip out or anything, so I not everything and I don't worry so much about with the back looks like, but in terms of nodding I'll just show you what I do here to not I just run the needle underneath a stitch and just like a not when your hand sewing I pull it through and you can do a double knot

Class Description

Don’t settle for the patterns and kits that come out of a box! Learn how to put your own spin on cross-stitch patterns in Customize Your Cross-Stitch with Lisa Shaffer

Lisa does incredible custom needlework under the moniker Zelma Rose, and in this class she’ll teach you how to: 

  • Pick patterns that lend themselves to customization 
  • Find or create custom supplies, like hand-dyed threads and special hoop sizes 
  • Transfer photos and designs onto a cross-stitch pattern 
You'll learn how to customize cross-stitch projects and use your skills to embellish your own creations. 

If you want to make truly unique cross-stitch projects, join the always-inspiring Lisa Shaffer for Customize Your Cross-Stitch

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