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Introduction to this Class

Well yeah, we're gonna talk about the design starter kit, design layout starter kit, I'll get it right. And basically, I just wanna talk about what a layout is, what I mean by that, and we're gonna talk about tools and processes along the way as well. So, what do I even mean by design layout? And I'm gonna assume most people that are watching are not designers by trade, and that's okay because a lot of people have to do design as part of their job but it might not be their main focus. And it can be overwhelming, so I wanna make sure that it's not overwhelming by the time we're done today. But what do I mean by a layout? So a layout is just the way we're going to take text and images and put them together in a manner that will convey the message that I want. So I just have a sample here, and we're gonna see this sample throughout the entire class today. So we're gonna work with this. Eventually, we're gonna build it at the end of the day so you'll be ready to do that by the time we get ...

there, but a layout is just basically taking all these different elements and putting them together. So we're gonna have copy from the client. We might have photos that are from stock photography or photographer, and we're going to put it all together in such a way that we can convey the message that we need to convey to whomever we need to convey it to. So we need to do that, we need to tell this story in a way that's consistent with the audience's expectations. And we're gonna talk a lot about that as well as part of the process is what are the expectations. How do we meet those expectations along the way? So my goal with the class is to make sure that by the end of it, that you have sort of, I've demystified and broken down some of the terms that we use in layout and design and also many of the tools. We're gonna be working with several different tools. We're gonna jump back and forth between them, but we're not gonna really focus on how to do everything in the tool but sort of what comprises, what it is we're putting into the tool and you can take that information and go to other tools that you might be using as well. So it's sort of demystifying that whole what is it I'm entering here when I enter this value or when I push this button, what is it I'm actually doing. And then to be able to take that and also learn about some of the processes that are involved as I say, in creating this layout and distributing it and putting it out there in the world however we're going to distribute it. So that's my goal for the end of the class, that you'll be able to do that and you'll be able to do that with confidence as well.

Class Description

Adobe Certified Expert Erica Gamet will walk you through some of the basic concepts used when creating a layout.

In this class, Erica will cover:

  • Design Terms and Type Terms, Options, and Tips
  • Incorporating Images and Graphics in the Layout
  • Color Considerations
  • Output Options for Print and Digital
  • Creating a Simple Layout from Start to Finish

Erica will be using standard layout applications like InDesign and Pages, as well as PowerPoint and Keynote.

This class is for non-designers—especially those who suddenly find themselves needing to create designs—who wish to better understand the tools available and how to create a layout using these tools.


trevor hutchinson

Really good explanations.I know powerpoint and indesign well but Erica working with all applications the same time gave me a different insight into how to utilise each of their resources. Great course.

Trang Le

I'm a graphic designer and this is a really a nice back to basics course. Nothing can replace the quality of explanation as demonstrated by Erica Gamet. However, I can see that certain steps are probably too fast for beginners.