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Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

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Add Final Touches on the Cover

Bonnie Christine

Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

Bonnie Christine

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Lesson Info

19. Add Final Touches on the Cover


Lesson Info

Add Final Touches on the Cover

Okay, so now we're ready to cover the insides, okay to do this. Okay, so this is my front cover, and I want to cover the inside with my decorative paper, so that would be this piece here for my front cover? Just that I think, um, so this is going toe nicely cover up all those raw edges that we had from the fabric that we just turned over on give a really nice. So this is the first page of my portfolio so it's going to open like that? Okay, so I do record you can't use ah, double sided tape for this. I think that it's not strong enough because you're hearing two fabric right here, so you should either use glue or I highly recommend the duo tech by color raid. Um, so I'm going to set that right there and I think that's okay, um show you how to use the do attack. So this is to set this is has paper on two sides and adhesive in the middle. So you just take off the back and the careful I, um, start laying this down. And, you know, the key is that if you get it started correctly it's gonna l...

ate it's going to lay down fine, so I'm going to focus on getting one, um one of my edis lined up and then the rest of them were going to be fine um except I went over a tiny bit so I'm going to trim this right here not it's not a big deal as long as it's not as long as it's not a big deal ok, so the next thing so this is not sticky on the side so you have to peel off one more piece of paper to make it sticky. Okay, now it's really sticky? Okay, so this is super sticky and I'm just going to make sure that it's squared covers up all my edges I have roughly the same amount on all sides and put it down and give it a nice smooth over um there's another great time where my bone folder comes and use so I just want to make sure the edges are down really well and this just gives a really nice all over seal. The one thing I want to do is score where my hinges so I'll use my ruler and just I can see the hens from where the fabric is from experience. The only thing you want to be sure of is that you don't puncture your paper right here because there's nothing behind it so you just want to very easily go over I punctured right through my paper the first time I did it and then this should bend really nicely? Okay, so that means when you open it like this it's gonna be good, it's a little tight, but you just working a little bit came front cover, finished that cover almost finished. So this is the print I have for the back cover, which also matches the back page of my whole portfolio. So that is the right direction, so I'll do the same thing with my other piece of do attack. Okay, one down and see if I can do this one at home. I get, like, on into way here and really study it that I think I can do it. That's fine, I'm a little off, but that's not a big deal. So, um, for whatever reason, the large sheets are are significantly more expensive than the small box this's the small dock box. This is seventy five sheets and it's super affordable to get the smaller sheets like that. Um, so I don't think that cut, um, but you can see how nice it is to have the large sheets. So even if you just use the large sheets for the front back cover, but if you're making your whole portfolio double sided and you want to use to attack, you can piece those together and it really doesn't take that long to make your sheets double sided you can cover an entire sheet with, you know, depending on your size, but three or four pieces, so it's, pretty easy to do if you need to do it. Okay, so this is going on like this. I'll peel the paper off again, maybe from this corner, make sure you have a trash can near because there's lots of paper, paper peelings when you work with this stuff, ok, so, really, the edges that are most important are not along the spine there, these other three that are going to be more visible. So these three, I can train these. I don't have scissors up here with me, but I could turn those little threads with scissors, so I need to, um, score this hinge again, being sure not to puncture through. Hopefully, ok, that works really well, and this, um, adhesive gets is permanent. It gets more permanent as it sets.

Class Description

No matter how beautiful your work is, it won’t sell if it’s not presented in a polished, professional way. In Design, Print, and Build Your Own Portfolio, Bonnie Christine will take you through the complete portfolio design process, so you’ll feel confident about showing your work.

Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and mother hen of the Roost Tribe, an inspirational community for creatives. 

In this class she’ll teach you how to:

  • Design your portfolio and develop your pages
  • Print, build, and bind your portfolio
  • Stand out from the crowd and contact companies
Designers, photographers, and artists will all learn about what belongs in a portfolio and what to leave out. Bonnie will help you design a portfolio that reflects your true style and helps you attract the kind of clients you really want to work with.

If you’ve been putting off putting together your portfolio, this class will help you get motivated to assemble a portfolio that showcases your work and demonstrates exactly how talented you really are.



Bonnie, I want to give a super big Thank You! You have helped change my life. I was recently laid off from my full time job. Due to your courses, I have dedicated my time to continue designing. You have helped my heart come out on the pages. Thank you sooooo much! :) thankful & very happy, Dawn Stratchko


I thought this class was engaging and informative. Bonnie Christine has such a natural way of presenting the information and never seems to lose her concentration. I really wanted to learn more about how to put together a professional but handmade portfolio and that is what you get. Thanks for the great class!

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely loved this course! I learned so much and feel confident now on how to present my company in a consistent and professional way.