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Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

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Printing Options & Digital Publishing

Bonnie Christine

Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

Bonnie Christine

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Lesson Info

14. Printing Options & Digital Publishing

Lesson Info

Printing Options & Digital Publishing

I want to, um, now discuss some printing options and also publishing digitally through the web. So if you can envision my margins over here, you can see that this book is made to flip one page of the time, which means the back pages air white um also in the course down loans, you also have excuse me, a template for double sided pages if I zoom out it's set up the same exact way, but you can see that the margins have to flip flop so few margins on the left, then it has to be on the right and back and forth, because as you print the back side, this will make I have an example to show you in the next apart, so it'll make more sense. But you should just know that your margins have to flip flop for every other page. Um, so this one that we just finished, where is it? We're here, um I should say this. Let me just say that. Ok, we're saving. Um, this one is ready to send to print with margins for one sided pages for your digital version. You don't need a margin, and I want to show you how I l...

ike to upload digital, so what I'm going to do is, um, basically take off the margin here, so there I was trying to debate on how best to show you this because there's several different ways I could do it, but I think what I'm gonna do is draw a box over my printable area here, ok? I'm going to change it to some wild color that I am not using anywhere in my art board that make your eyes hurt, okay? I'm in a command see to copy this and come up to edit and paste it on all art boards this what I kind of mentioned earlier so now it's on all the art board, I also know that it is twice there because it pace on the one you're on to something to delete that copy, andi what I'm gonna do is select everything if you remember my margins are locked, so those did not get selected and what I'm going to do is just copy this and paste it over to a brand new documents, so command in um this doesn't matter I'm gonna this doesn't matter, but I'm gonna change it to a little smaller and I'm gonna hit command be to paste it over to this new document, some in his own way out and now I want to turn these pink boxes into art boards and I made them pink because I want to select everything that the same color I know I didn't use this color on anything else so if I have that selected aiken select same art board phil color okay and then under object you can come down to art boards and convert these two art boards so now I have art boards and I have this one our board we started with that's not the right size that we don't need so if I come over to my our boards I can drag and drop that very first one see it's selected now I clicked on it to the trash okay so there's a couple of different options here if you if you work in in design then you can save pdf ce really well we're not working in in designed today but I'm going to show you how to save the pdf from illustrator so um from this document if I come up the file and save as actually I'm gonna yeah I'm just going to say that ok I'm gonna do see uh I'm gonna do portfolio for webb and instead of put it over here instead of it saving it as an illustrator file I want to say that as a pdf file um I want all the art boards to be saved and I'll hit save there's a bunch of different options for the web I want to save the smallest file size that I can uh so this is optimized for web view and I also want to view this pds after it saves so I mean it's safe and just click ok through this is that rgb? Then say that is earth deserve re I think there is it is argued be ok and that's what should be for the web? Yes, web. It should be arguably and the other one for printings. Cm well, yeah, you got um so I just want to quickly make sure they are just wanted to quickly make sure they're in the right order. What I want to do is check the file size so because this is really heavy with patterns a lot of times file size is really big it's twelve in the that's not as could be smaller, but it's not he is not huge. Um, so what I want to do is show you how I like to upload mind of the web I use issue. So issue is like online that actually I think our market is like a digital magazine publisher. But you can publish any pdf here and you can either make it public or you can make it private. So I make my certain documents public, but I make my portfolios private. There is a whole list of of resource is that you could also use online for public portfolios. I know what time and people loved used the hands. This is not something you would do privately, this is made to be a public source for your portfolio and it's almost like social media you have like followers and he post new work so that's an option teo you should check out the hands I believe it's a paid portfolio thing but I love how issue does showcases your work so I'm gonna come toe I've already signed into my account here I'm going to come up to upload and from my finder I'm just going to drag and drop my fresh pdf over here to um upload allow this upload I'm going to jump back to illustrator and just show you kind of a trick if you're poor if you're pfc huge I think the cut off for issues one hundred megabytes but if it's bigger than that or you just want to get it down and file size you can save each page as a pete p and g and then put it into your pdf documents so also you had to do that with this first document first art board selected you can use the keyboard shortcut for this but it's really long its command shift option s that brings up save for web um I'll cancel it's also under file safer web but I use it all the time so this brings up safer web I want to save it as a p and g twenty four the only thing that I usually do here is increase the percent you could also have increased your are bored but if you take this percent upto like five hundred percent it's going to make a very large png but this is one way to basically force flatten your your your document and all your patterns so I usually it will be our optimized unless it's really text heavy, you can change it to text and I'll come to save and say page one since we're uploading over on issue I don't think we're going to have an issue but I just wanted to show you quickly that now if I had up if I open this pdf um I could just drag and drop this pnd over here, okay? And it looks nice for some reason it has a border which would have been in my setting somewhere I've never seen a border, so I don't think you'll have that issue home but it looks just this clear it looks really nice on dh you can fill this with png save the same way of every page and your I bet that this would be under one megabyte if I if I did it for all the pages is that clear? I don't think I need to go through I didn't want to take the time to go through every single page if it's the same step for all of them that's just if you need to force flatten your document okay so were uploaded here I am going to name this um yeah, well, how about I name it about a name it many portfolio you can add a description if you want. I also want to publish this unlisted you can publish it listed that's public but if I publish it unlisted then that's private um can I think I just click on that so if I open this publication give it just a second right this think it's thinking here we go it's converting okay, so issue allows you to flip through and I think it does a beautiful job. Um this only happens the very first time that you do it because it's still converting I'm gonna keep going those patterns will load but I just wanna eat him primarily see how beautiful this is to flip through it looks like a magazine and then these patterns are just not loaded because it's even though it says and it's still converting I know it because these will load and they'll be beautiful that it just takes a little while after you upload your first publication we had a couple questions in here if you want to touch on these things you finished uploading here but before we wrap up we had a couple of people been voting on lots of people voting in the chat rooms and in the queue deck for this but one of them we have three votes on this one and I know it's a hard one to really summarize, but people want to know how hard it is to actually get comfortable using illustrator in that method that you just showed if you're completely new to it, you know, like how long did it really take you to get comfortable enough and illustrator to do something like this? Well, I when I learned illustrator there was no one teaching illustrator, there was no no, so had I had my last course, I think it would have taken me like a month, but I didn't and it took me a year, so I took twelve months to learn illustrator, but it was very much I'm not a succinct way to learn it, so what? I'm don't want to talk about my last course too much, but what I tried to do in that course is is specifically outline what exactly you needed to know and on ly what you needed to know in order to do this because when I learned I had to weed through a lot of the illustrator functions that I don't end up using today because illustrator can do a lot of stuff, so anyways I think that ah, I think you can get really efficient an illustrator really quickly definitely within like a couple of months, I would say especially if you have good instruction great on we'll end on this one. This was actually our most popular most voted on question originally posted by emerald villahermosa who says how many times you update your portfolio throughout the year? I know you talked a little bit about you getting some of the photos or little things, but people who are doing a lot of different work is there a good rule of thumb for how long? Yeah, so if you are, if you do a hardbound book like we're about to dio the's screw post, just come right out and you can add pages and I ad updated every time I have a new collection, which is twice a year if you're sending it and showing it to people, if you have an online version, you can do it a lot more than that. If you're on something like a hand, you can just upload every time you have a single new project, and if you're doing something like this, something like this I would also update the same time I do my hard copy, but I would say at least once a year, but once or twice a year, every time you have any work that you wanna show, which is also like a really good, ongoing motivator, toe wrap up those messy edges and get a completed body of work to include in your portfolio. Great. All right, well, I think we're ready as anything else. Don't add any final thoughts on this one. No, I think you guys, I don't know if this is the latest or not, but it hasn't. But I think you get a sense for how beautiful this flips, like a magazine. This is your link that you can send. You can also use something like tinyurl to create a customized, shortened version of this yarl's. That way you can give it to people, and I just think it's, a really nice way to present your work.

Class Description

No matter how beautiful your work is, it won’t sell if it’s not presented in a polished, professional way. In Design, Print, and Build Your Own Portfolio, Bonnie Christine will take you through the complete portfolio design process, so you’ll feel confident about showing your work.

Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and mother hen of the Roost Tribe, an inspirational community for creatives. 

In this class she’ll teach you how to:

  • Design your portfolio and develop your pages
  • Print, build, and bind your portfolio
  • Stand out from the crowd and contact companies
Designers, photographers, and artists will all learn about what belongs in a portfolio and what to leave out. Bonnie will help you design a portfolio that reflects your true style and helps you attract the kind of clients you really want to work with.

If you’ve been putting off putting together your portfolio, this class will help you get motivated to assemble a portfolio that showcases your work and demonstrates exactly how talented you really are.

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Bonnie, I want to give a super big Thank You! You have helped change my life. I was recently laid off from my full time job. Due to your courses, I have dedicated my time to continue designing. You have helped my heart come out on the pages. Thank you sooooo much! :) thankful & very happy, Dawn Stratchko


I thought this class was engaging and informative. Bonnie Christine has such a natural way of presenting the information and never seems to lose her concentration. I really wanted to learn more about how to put together a professional but handmade portfolio and that is what you get. Thanks for the great class!

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely loved this course! I learned so much and feel confident now on how to present my company in a consistent and professional way.